Goa is here…! Goan Food Festival at the Peninsular Kitchen brings authentic Goan food to Delhi!

We all know that as soon as Christmas and New Years are approaching, Goa becomes one of the hottest destinations in India. We all crave the crazy nights, dancing away, having fun with family and friends and most of all the amazing coastal food. But everytime its not possible to pack our bags and go to Goa, so how about satiating that craving for Goan Food right here in Delhi, yes its true. Peninsular Kitchen brings to you the Goan Food Festival from 9th to 23rd Dec where you can indulge in some amazing Goan preparations.

I was invited on the launch day of the festival to experience awesomeness, by Vickrham from Food Maniacs. It was a pleasant evening and a cozy ambience at the peninsular kitchen and my culinary journey began by trying out the very Goan Kokum Curry or Sol Kadi as it’s popularly called. It’s a natural digestive and serves as an excellent cooler for the stomach especially after the spicy Goan fish curries. It’s prepared with Kokum and Coconut Milk and spices like cumin and it was awesome. It reminded me of homemade Masala Lassi.

Sol Kadi

Next I tried some Rasam, after the cold and refreshing Sol Kadi, this was hot and spicy but equally tasteful.


For starters we tried Golden Fried Prawns, Butter Garlic Prawns, Chicken Cafreal, Cauliflower Cafreal, Butter Garlic Mushrooms, Fish Fingers and Prawn Rissoles from the Goan Menu. Golden Fried Prawns reminded me of the saying that somethings are best kept simple, this was one simple recipe and yet to tasteful. I loved it. The Butter Garlic Prawns went on to become my favourites and even the mushrooms in same preparation were drool worthy. A word of caution for the Cafreal preperations, they were hot and spicy. Especially the Cafreal Prawns and Cafreal Chicken was very spicy, it was coated with thick green chilies and coriander masala paste, undoubtedly delicious but definitely spicy. So if you can’t handle spices, give it a miss. Somehow the cauliflower and potatoes in the same masala tasted less spicy.

Golden Fried Prawns
Prawns Cafreal
Butter Garlic Mushrooms
Butter Garlic Prawns
Chicken Cafreal
Cafreal Vegetables
Prawn Rissoles

We also tried the Erachi Vada aka Mutton Vada and Fried Fish Koliwada from the regular menu. The Erachi Vada was completely new to me, I have never tried anything of the sort, a mutton cultlet made of minced meat along with dal, it was crispy yet tender. I really liked it and you must try this one. The Fish Koliwada was good too.

Erachi Vada

Moving on to the main course, we tried the awesome Pork Vindaloo, again thick gravy made with red chilies paste, spicy but delectable. Then there was the popular Goan Fish Curry, Chicken Xacuti, and Vegetable Xacuti and Cafreal Vegetables. I personally loved Vindaloo the most and its surely a must try. It tastes best with a Pav or Appams. The Fish Curry was delicious too, and served with Prawn Rice, it makes for a perfect combination. I also ordered for Chicken Ghee Roast, a very typical costal dish, fiery red, tangy and spicy with an unmistakable flavor of ghee-roasted spices, this authentic home-style chicken dish is not for the faint heart. Try it with Malabari Paranthas and thank me later, but do keep a glass of water ready with you.

Chicken Ghee Roast
Xucati Vegetables
Vegetable Vindaloo
Mushroom Curry
Fish Curry
Pork Vindaloo
Ghee Roast with Malabari Paranthas and Appam
Pork Vindaloo, Fish Curry and Prawn Rice

I loved the entire spread and at no cost one should miss it, so please make the most of it while the Goan Food Festival is there, and even after that keep visiting Peninsular Kitchen for their authentic coastal cuisine.

I brought my spicy culinary journey to an end with sweet caramel custard but I am already craving the spicy dishes as I write about them.


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