The Navajo Guardian

The Cigar City of Cuba; Pinar Del Rio was spell bounded by the tropical breeze flirting with palms, steely grey shades adoring the skyline, the froth kissed white sands in the foreground and waves crashing across. Frank Carter was driving through this tropical paradise island from Havana Airport for cracking off a deal. Being 27 he successfully steered the business of repairing & selling luxurious yachts in Miami. Every deal he made was a success but never kept close contacts with his clients as most of them came either from the Hollywood with hell lot of snob or the mafias with litres of bloodshed. Frank was a man of words; he knew to keep the promises and stressed in getting transparency in the business. He loved working with people having transparency in their businesses but rarely met such individuals. This deal was an eye opener for him stating that there exist noble men just like Don Vito Corleone.

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