Junglee Billee and Wai Wai- Foodies Meet

The capital’s newest culinary café and bar hosted a slurpy culinary affair in association with the CG Foods, the makers of the popular instant noodles, Wai Wai. The chefs at Junglee Billee showcased the Wai Wai’s versatility and taste edge by dishing out of the box recipes paired with the innovative drinks.

The menu was curated to showcase Wai Wai’s unique concept of Munch it, Soup it and Lunch it. The three course meal specially created for this occasion by the chefs at Junglee Billee was really something I looked forward to. The cooking session was moderated by chef Pawan Bisht.

The breezy, chilly winter evening made it a perfect time to savour these hot delicacies and the first item on the menu was like a god made match for the weather. It was a tomato and jasmine tea soup. Aah, the mere thought of having a cup of warm soup, sitting on the terrace of Junglee Billee, watered my mouth. I was anxiously waiting for the chef to start preparing it. This recipe was shared by Nida Mahmood, Founder-Junglee Billee, created with Wai Wai noodles, tomato broth flavoured with jasmine tea and seasonal greens.

It was really a very unusual combination of adding jasmine tea in tomato soup and it turned out to be really amazing.The wait wait crunch added on top made it even more delicious.
The participation of fellow bloggers and food enthusiasts was a delight to see. In fact every recipe was volunteered by some one or the other, along with the chef.

By the time we were served the soup, our next volunteer had already stepped forward to prepare the next dish. It was the Crispy Wai Wai, Aragula and Strawberry Salad. The salad was really yummy and yet again wai wai added that extra crunch to it. Such a simple recipe and so awesome to taste, I am definitely gonna try this at home 🙂

The way this evening was unfolding, it was truly delightful. The atmosphere, the preparation of dishes, unique fusion of tastes and presence of so many like minded people, made it one of its kind event.
The next dish seemed very very interesting and it went on to become my favourite, once I tasted it. It was the wai wai kurmure bhel. From now on my bhel puri at home will always be made like this, it was so so delicious. I throughly enjoyed watching the recipe, and enjoyed even more relishing it. Really sometimes, small twists with the ingredients add so much to the taste and enhance it to a different level. This was one of the prime examples of the same. I will be soon making this at home and share the recipe with you all.

These were the starters, but have to say, they were very fulfilling in themselves and made me look forward to the mains even more.
The first item in this category was Chicken Tostadas. The volunteers this time were boys and it was so much fun watching them struggle with cooking the chicken. While cooking, the aroma of chicken filled the atmosphere and it was becoming difficult to wait for the dish to get completed and served. But the wait was worth, the Tostadas was excellent, the chicken was so tender and full of taste. In the process I learned that to make good dishes you don’t need too many ingredients , you just need the right ingredients used in the right way.

The next was Junglee Billee Signature Keema Wai Wai. From the time, we were given the itinerary of the event, I was so looking forward to this recipe. Keema is an all time favourite, and any kind of twist to it was more than welcome.
I liked the overall concept of this recipe, and the way ingredients were used, but somehow, it tasted a little bland to me. May be the keema needed to be more spiced up, I don’t know if its a matter of personal choice or if others felt it too. But nevertheless I am going to try this recipe with my twists and see how it turns up. Will share with you all, if my experiment is successful 😉
The end to the scrumptious evening saw the chefs bring out a special desert, the wai wai sutarfeni, that left everyone surprised that how wai wai can be used for making a dessert.
It was a wonderful experience watching the entire process of making this dessert, though the end result wasn’t really something that I would fancy, personally. The aroma and taste of the rose syrup was too overpowering for my liking. But it surely calls for an applaud for the chef to think of something like this, may be a few alterations here and there, and one can adjust the taste as per personal liking.
It was surely that one dish that you prepare at home and it will leave your guests in awe, the moment they know its been prepared using wai wai.
Also present on the occasion was Mr. Nirvana Chaudhary, Managing Director, CG Foods talking about the journey of Wai Wai noodles and its immense popularity among the youth.
The innovation by the Junglee Billee chefs was definitely the highlight of the foodies meet, but what stole the thunder was the unconventional food and drinks pairing. Some of the mocktails showcased were Ginger Mint infused Green Tea with Chicken Tostadas, Junglee Smooch with Wai Wai Sutarfeniand Coastal Cooler with the Aragula and Strawberry Salad.

Wai Wai which is part of the conglomerate CG Corp. Global, is the only instant noodle brand that is pre-cooked, flavoured, seasoned and fried before packaging, which makes it a great hit among noodle lovers as it can be eaten straight from the package or cooked in soup form.

About Junglee Billee
India’s first, exclusively curated Boutique-Studio-in-Bar. The first, exclusive club bar for women members. A highly stylized, designer eatery and lifestyle destination dedicated to the deserving Divas of modern times. Almost every element in the resto-studio – (furniture, lights, table tops, wall art, curios, objects d’art) – are specifically curated and exclusively designed and are for sale. All of these elements for sale are limited edition designer pieces. A women only members club offering special privileges. A highly stylized, designer eatery and lifestyle destination designed for and dedicated to the deserving Divas of our times. The restaurant isTongue in Cheek quirky, Curated, crafted, cared, bespoke.

Overall, it was a great culinary experience and I cherished a lot. It was a great opportunity to learn new twists of tastes, meet fellow foodies and treat my taste buds. I really look forward to go to Junglee Billee again and try their existing menu too.

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