Why Natural Medicine Demands More of Your Attention

Most of us take some form of medication at some point in our lives. Be it some painkillers to stave off a headache or some stomach medicine to deal with last night’s heavy dinner, medication is a normal part of our lives and we try our best to only take medication when needed. However, synthetic medication can come with some unwanted side effects especially if they’re much stronger and designed to be used in large doses. In addition, you may be allergic to some of the ingredients which can cause adverse reactions if you aren’t careful. Many drug manufacturers are usually oblivious to the dangers of having an adverse reaction, so they don’t exactly make it clear on labels.

Modern medicine is a wonder that everyone makes use of, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t alternatives. Natural medicine has been practised for centuries before synthetic drugs were invented. Doctors had to rely on what mother nature provided in order to create effective drugs, and these techniques have mostly been lost to the surge of modern medicine. Fortunately, as more people are being made aware of the possible side effects of modern medication and the many benefits of going natural, more and more pharmaceutical companies are making use of natural ingredients in their medication. 

So to get you started, here are a couple of reasons why natural medicine demands more of your attention, and why you should slowly start making the switch over.

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Natural medicine comes with less harmful side effects

Natural medication isn’t free of side effects, but there are many herbs and naturally occurring ingredients that are far less likely to cause an adverse reaction in users. For instance, Shilajit is an incredibly powerful substance that is used to promote full body health. While it might seem strange to consume tar, the black, sticky material doesn’t come with negative side effects if used correctly. The one thing to note about natural medicine is that it often comes with lots of positive side effects, such as being high in iron. As a result, you may need to reduce your iron intake from other sources so you don’t go over your recommended daily limit.

Natural medicine strengthens your body

Natural medicine is a holistic approach to healing your body because it focuses on boosting your body’s natural functions. For instance, if you’re feeling pain, then painkillers will typically target the source of pain and try to reduce it so that you can continue your day. Natural medication, on the other hand, is much slower to act because it promotes healthy bodily functions, not just the pain itself. If you have a stomach ache, then most people reach straight for painkillers or stomach medication. Instead of targeting the pain, try to reduce the effects and promote healthy body functions by drinking peppermint tea, adding ginger to your tea or even chamomile. These are natural herbs and ingredients that can soothe stomach aches and reduce the inflammation instead of just targeting the pain.

Natural medicine is usually cheaper

Alternative medicines are typically far cheaper than synthetic medication that you would buy from a store. This is because the ingredients are mostly naturally occurring instead of being produced in a factory somewhere. This gives natural medication an edge over modern medicine and many natural remedies can be made from household ingredients and items. If you find that paying for medication is getting too pricey, then consider replacing your synthetic medication with affordable natural alternatives. It’s important to note that high-quality ingredients will always be more potent, so you may need to spend a little more money and stay clear from the cheaper imitations. It helps to do your research in this situation.

Synthetic medicine is made to copy natural medicine

When you consider the fact that most synthetic drugs are made to copy the effects of naturally occurring herbs and ingredients, it makes sense to invest the source of the medication instead of a copy. You wouldn’t buy copies or fake ingredients to make your meals, so why should you settle for anything but the best when it comes to your health? Natural medication is seen as a wonderful alternative to modern medicine, but the reality is that it should be the norm and synthetic medication should be seen as the ugly copy that is mass-produced to make pharmaceutical companies more money. Although convenient, it ultimately doesn’t come with the same benefits as natural medicine.

So the next time you’re feeling ill, think twice before swallowing pills and look at natural remedies instead.