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Wear T shirts with a style

T-shirts have been every girl’s wardrobe staple at some point of time. However, there is no need to always wear them the same, old way. Tee shirts, even the most basic ones can look extremely smart if worn in different ways and teamed up with the right accessories and right pieces of clothing. With a lot of options to take your pick from, wouldn’t it be really nice if you had some kind of a T-shirt styling cheat sheet? Read on below to find some interesting ideas to wear your T-shirts stylishly.

With summer approaching soon, it is high time restock on some variously coloured and patterned tee shirts and go online shopping.

Team up your tee with a Summer dress

If you have a summer dress that has a rather plunging neckline appropriate only for parties, you can put a Tee shirt to use. Wear a tee shirt beneath to act as an inner beneath the dress. The tee would not only cover up but also add a stylish streak to your regular summer dress.

Trousers with tee shirts

We usually tend to wear Tee shirts with jeans but many tees look flattering even with semi-formal trousers. You can tuck the tee in the trousers and add a belt to look really smart especially, with the high waist ones.Comfortable, platform heels look the best for office wear.

Add a scarf

Adding a scarf is the simplest way to revamp any plain tee shirt that is lying idle in your closet. A scarf instantly adds some colour and definition.

Wear beneath blazers

You can make a single Black blazer look different each time you pair it up with a different coloured or patterned tee shirt. Adding accessories like scarves, chunky neck pieces etc is another option. If you are planning to wear this combo for office, make sure you avoid anything with Letters or messages that have pun-intended.

Skirts with Tee shirts

Pair up tee shirts with mini or mid length skirts. Who said tee shirts are for tomboys? Add a pretty neck piece or a scarf with smart heels and you would look very cute and feminine. You may or may not add a pair of stockings with this beautiful combo. Sport the look with smart heels or stilettos.

Tee shirts with Palazzo

Nothing beats the cool quotient of pairing up a graphic tee with a flared Palazzo.Do not forget to add a wide belt or a belt bag for that additional style factor.

Tee with Shorts

A funky and colourful tee shirt looks uber cool when paired up with a pair of shorts. Blue denim shorts or White, they never fail to make an impact. Tuck in your tee shirt snugly into the shorts and do not forget the sporty looking shoes and cute socks.

So, with these ideas, we are pretty sure that you shall be able to bring in a fresh spin to the most basic wardrobe item, ever!

Modi Jacket’s – Make a fantastic comeback at GES By StitchMe

The ongoing eighth annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2017 held in Hyderabad, India celebrates the flavour of unity with its- Women First, Prosperity for All campaign focusing on supporting entrepreneurs and fostering economic growth globally.

The summit was addressed by our hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi and US President’s advisor Ms. Ivanka Trump. At GES 2017, over 2500 attendees, including entrepreneurs, foreign & national delegates received the iconic Modi Jackets designed by StitchMe, a bespoke clothing start up by young entrepreneurs from Delhi .

These Modi Jacket’s have made a fantastic comeback in navy blue vest with electric blue GES logo and pocket square. Each jacket is hand-sewn by Indian artisans. All delegates will be wearingthesejackets through the summit as a token of respect, unity, and culture.

Emerging fashion trends and fads have created an audience eager for distinct and contemporary pocket friendly clothing and StitchMe is the one-stop shop which caters to all your fashion needs to make you stand out.

About StitchMe



StitchMe is an upcoming bespoke clothingbrand that provides the charm and convenience of made-to-measure at your doorstep with a styling session with one of our expert stylists and hassle-free delivery.

Our team helps you find your right fit, select the perfect fabrics and customise the design of your choice-all with the aim to provide a unique experience of creating your own made-to-measure clothing.

It entails a creative process which reinvents the way men shop for formal & ethnic wear providing them the right fit and trending designs. It helps you curate fabric and style for clothing of your choice and even request a designer to measure you while you enjoy an evening at home.

In future we look forward to expanding our sphere to Womenswear and opening a chain of retail stores.




The Beard Story…!!

There is a notorious group roaming in Manali. Their guilt: Growing Beard. Meet the people working in an adventure sports channel, 4Play.in. Most of them have nourished a beard, with some beards flowing long enough for others to gaze at them with astonishment. You ask anyone in Manali about the place where bearded men live, and they will point to the 4Play Hoffice.

Is it a company policy to grow a beard?”

Well, it’s a personal choice for everyone. It just somehow happens that all the beard fanatics are working together,” says Sukrit Gupta, co-founder of 4Play Media and Communication, and a proud owner of a bandholz beard. The company cites itself as a beard neutral workplace. No one is judged on the basis of their appearance and keeping a beard falls under the same category. Work is of the utmost priority and if that is not hampered, then everything is poised.

“What’s the biggest hinder it can cause at the work? Get dipped into your coffee? Soak all the caffeine required?

Don’t worry. We have three dogs who make sure to keep our mornings active each day,” jokes Prashant Bhatt, Creative lead at 4Play.in.

They do have a point here. Many corporate offices forbid keeping a beard. This is because, according to them, having a beard emits a laid-back attitude towards the person as well as the organization. You look like a ruffian as compared to a clean shaven person. This sounds very prejudiced and unfair in a world where we try to recognize someone on the basis of merits rather than appearance. Hence, growing a beard in an office environment seems to be another ceiling to break. And it looks like this company has got the right tools and attitude to break it.

They are progressing to become a trendsetter in this regards. Moreover, they challenge each other as to who can grow denser and longer beard.

Exhausted with the innumerable questions about their beard, the team decided to respond in a very funny way. By bringing their funny bones into the picture, they made a video explaining their reasons to grow a beard. The reasons are quite humorous and bizarre. This video sends two great messages. One, that they are not shy to make fun of themselves. And secondly, they teach us that there is always a lighter side to tackle trivial issues.


As if this video was not comic enough to circulate among your friends and colleagues for a good laugh, these guys decided to bring our focus to serious health issues regarding men, especially prostate cancer. Hence, for every share and comment on the video, 4Play.in will be sharing Re 1 to Movember Foundation, a foundation tackling men’s health on a global scale, year round. Watching a funny beard video (as rare as it sounds) on a No Shave November was definitely a great and, thanks to this cause, a noble idea.