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Fusion Bistro- A true fusion of global cuisine!

With restaurants creating more confusion in the name of FUSION, its very hard to find a place which actually remains true to the word, but better late than never, I actually came across this wonderful restaurant that boasts of a fusion of cuisines under one roof rather than fusion of ingredients. Welcome to FUSION BISTRO, which is an amalgamation of cuisines from across the globe maintaining their authenticity in every way.


This place is loveable from the word GO, the moment you enter, and you fall in love with the ambience and simplicity of the place. Minimalistic, comfortable yet impactful décor, ample lighting and a huge space spread across 2 floors, is what makes this place different right from the start. These days we see an overload of theme decoration, concept restraunts, cluttered spaces and hence a lot of times the focus shifts from the most important thing FOOD to making the place stand out in terms of decoration only, but thankfully Fusion Bistro is truly different.





Now coming to the main thing Food, we started our culinary journey with Thailand and opted for Chicken Tom Kha Soup, it was a creamy coconut milk based soup spiced with ginger and lemon grass. Though I am not too fond of Thai, but I loved this one. To go along with the soup, we ordered Warm Chicken, Avocado and Fresh Leaves Salad and it was wonderful too. Loved the combination of chicken and avocado with garlic dressing and crunchy fresh leaves.



For drinks we tried Fruit Punch and Watermelon Lychee Punch and both of them were nice and refreshing.




Next on our table was Penne Pasta with Mixed Sauce and Marinated Stuffed Chicken Breast, a continental combination worth exploring. The pasta was just perfect and getting the tanginess of tomatoes along with creaminess of cheese was a culinary delight for me. The stuffed chicken with mushroom sauce and goat cheese along with mashed potatoes..mmm.. something I love completely. My mouth waters even while writing about it, it was yumminess overloaded. This is surely a must try.



Next we moved to trying some authentic oriental food and ordered Chicken in Soy Garlic Sauce and Chicken Hakka Noodles and I can say that they were easily the best hakka noodles I have eaten in a long time. The Chicken was delicious as well.


Settling for Indian in the last we ordered, Non Veg Kebab Platter, which comes with a generous serving of Dal Makhani and Raita as well, the Hyderabadi Biryani and Awadhi Chicken. The platter was simply amazing, it had chicken malai tikka, seekh kebab and fish tikka and all of them were succulent, tender and full of taste, and the dal was awesome too. I loved the way biryani was served covered with a hot tandoori roti; it just looked irresistible even though it was covered. After lifting the roti away, the biryani looked even more scrumptious and so it was. The flavours were perfect, it was served with a salan and raita and salan was the only thing which I didn’t quite like, rest everything was fabulous. Chicken Awadhi had rich gravy, which was similar to butter chicken in texture, but the taste was very distinct.







Now coming to my favourite part of the meal, desserts, they have a decent variety to choose from, but it’s my suggestion that they include some Indian Desserts in the menu and also more options of non-chocolaty desserts for those who don’t like chocolate much. Nevertheless I love chocolate, so for me it was good enough, we ordered a Tiramisu and Death by Chocolate. The tiramisu was extremely delicious and death by chocolate was true to its name, I can really die for it, it was so so so delicious. I loved it.




I overall had a lot of fun visiting this place and I highly recommend it, you must give it a shot and I am sure you will love it.

A special mention for the entire staff of Fusion Bistro, they were very friendly, warm and hospitable and knew their menu and recommendations very well. I also happened to meet Mr Arvind, owner of the place and he too came across as a very warm person.

I am definitely visiting them soon for another culinary journey and make sure you do it as well. Cheers !!

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Revisit the Addam’s Family at The Addam’s House and be Ready for a Spooky Gastronomic Experience..!!

“They’re creepy and they’re kooky,

Mysterious and spooky,

They’re all together ooky,

The Addams Family.

Their house is a museum

Where people come to see ’em

They really are a scream

The Addams Family”

Most of us are well aware of this theme song of the very popular series The Addam’s Family, and inspired by the same, we now have an interesting restro-bar in Gurgaon named the Addam’s House. I recently visited this place and I am completely in awe of it. The ambience, the drinks, the food, everything is just outstanding.





The menu is designed keeping innovation and fusion in mind in the true sense; I mean there are dishes in the menu that one can’t even imagine. For example, in starters we ordered Rajma Chawal Balls, now this was one of the most innovative dishes I had, I have never eaten anything like this, though a very simple dish, but I was amazed by the thought that must have went behind coming up with such a dish; truly remarkable effort by the chef to bring the simplest ingredients like Rajma Chawal and turn them into interesting crispy snack balls. This dish is definitely a must try.



The next dish too was full of surprise elements, it was called the Meri Wali Maggi-The Addams Way, but it wasn’t anything like the regular maggi as such, it was maggi in form of croquettes stuffed with shredded chicken and it tasted just yumm.


We tried Lamb Stuffed Chilly Poppers and French Onion Soup Shots. The chilly poppers as the name suggests were slightly spicy but full of taste and you should certainly give it a try.


Onion soup shots that are served with crispy onion rings are something that I am gonna definitely go back for. The soup shots were just amazing. I highly recommend trying it.



Next we tried the Golgappas, Chik in Balls, traditional puchkas served in molecular way stuffed with chicken bits and The Modern Classical Way, the traditional golgappas stuffed with maseladar potatoes served the molecular way. I personally loved the chicken version more than the vegetarian ones.


We tried Kulcha Pizzazzz the next, and they were simply mind blowing, I loved both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions of this kulcha pizzazzz, though the Farmhouse Kulcha Bites did have a slight edge over the Chicken Kulcha Bites, but nevertheless, its one dish both vegetarians and non vegetarians can relish.


As I am writing this post, I am thinking Gosh, how much we ate, I have already mentioned so many dishes, and I am still half way through.. J but that’s the benefit one has when dining in a bigger group, you get to taste a lot rather than settling for one or two dishes if dining in a small group.

So coming to our next culinary delight, it was the Horny Cowboy Pizza, and as the name suggests it was really horny 😉 go and try it for yourself.


Non-Veg Sliders (Chicken), Non-Veg Kebab Platter and Veg Kebab Platter were our last dishes on the menu (well there is a lot more for you to try, but for us, I think we already covered a lot).




Each of these dishes were truly delectable, though by this time my tummy was really full, but I polished off the veg kebabs platter which included mushrooms, soya chaap, paneer tikka and broccoli and licked my fingers off after having the fish tikka from the non-veg platter. There were Pulled Jackfruit Tacos and Drunken Chicken Tikka too, but I gave it a miss.



Coming to drinks, do try their signature drink Ghostbuster, which is a mocktail made of apple juice and cinnamon, its one of their best. A sure shot winner is their Water Melon Mojito, a perfect companion for summers, very very refreshing. Also highly recommended are their shakes, I tried the Red Velvet Shake and Hazelnut Cheesecake, and must say, they were mind blowing, smooth and very very filling. The most amazing part about the shakes is a small piece of cheesecake that comes along, one bite into it and you will want more of it.





For cocktails I tried Wonder Lust and it truly was wonderful, it had vodka infused with vanilla pods, fresh lime, passion fruit and pomegranate juice and an amazing pomegranate caviar topper.


Now saving best for the last, the desserts, they have a very selective dessert menu with just 3 dishes and hence I suggest you try all three of them, because you gonna be missing out on something if you skip any.

Winter Rose, a thandai gelato, Gulabari Cheesecake, a rose flavoured cheesecake on a bed of gulukand crumb and Chocolate Hazelnut Royal Crackle, a very rich chocolate hazelnut mousse with almond crackle. Don’t think twice before ordering these sweet sins, and you will rejoice them.






Spooky and Interestingly done interiors with some amazing music thrown in, will always keep you in an upbeat mood.

The terrace at Addam’s House will be your resort for a perfect relaxed evening filled with good food and company.




I am already hooked to this place and so look forward to my visit again, till then you and enjoy and remember to leave comments on your experience there.




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