Helpful Tips On How To Massage Feet With Oil

Your feet are extremely important because they help you in moving to places.

Isn’t it unfair if you didn’t bother about its well being?

Yes, it is! You must give a good feet massage to your lovely feet once in a while. It not only keeps your feet healthy and beautiful but also relieves you from pain and other feet related ailments.

It is important because your feet carry the entire body weight. They must get some refreshment for functioning properly. A massage is the best thing you can give to your feet after a long tiring day. But, the technique is equally important.

You must know what is best for your feet while massaging it with oil. Here, we will tell you about helpful tips related to feet massage with oil.

Benefits of Massaging Feet with Oil

There are innumerable Benefits of feet massage and here we are listing some of them for your knowledge. Have a look!

  • Sound Sleep: When you massage your feet for some time or at least 15 minutes, you get sound sleep like never before. It calms down all the stress and stabilizes your blood circulation. Because of proper blood circulation, your muscles and bones feel relaxed.
  • Good for Diabetic People: After functioning and bearing a load of your body for an entire day, your foot deserves a kind gesture from you. Give at least 10 minutes of oil massage, especially if you are diabetic. People with diabetes often feel numbness in their feet due to poor blood circulation in that area. A proper oil massage will relax the nerves and make your feet feel light.
  • Relieves a headache: This is an astonishing fact that feet oil massage relieves you from a headache or a migraine. The reason is simple. There are points in your feet which can stop the inflammation and stress in different parts of your body. When you thoroughly massage your feet, all these points are activated and they reduce a headache to a greater extent.
  • Helps in neurological issues: When you are depressed or when you have anxiety issues, the best and simplest thing to go for is feet oil massage. It stabilizes your mental chaos and ensures that your mind and body are relaxed. Your stress and anxiety settle down and you can have a sound sleep. Doing this on daily basis will definitely help you in getting rid of depression.
  • Multiple benefits at one time: A foot massage gives many benefits to you and your body in just 15 minutes. It lowers down your blood pressure, ensures proper supply of oxygen throughout your body, and makes sure that blood is circulated properly in all parts of the body. All these things altogether help in relaxing your muscles, mind, and whole body.

Tips to Massage Feet with Oil

There are many things which are a part of feet massage and plenty of techniques involved. These are not too difficult or time-consuming. You can try these simple tips without struggling. So take a look.

  • Take a warm shower or just soak your feet for 10 minutes in warm water bath. For better results, you can add few drops of essential oil of your choice in a water bath.
  • You can combine two or more essential oils of your choice in a small container. Use this wonderful mixture to give your feet a relaxing massage.
  • It is always suggested to start massaging your feet and reach up to your ankles slowly. Use both the hands so that your nerves get relaxed symmetrically.
  • If you can massage on your own then it is well and good. You can move your hands in any direction as per the area which needs more massage. However, it is difficult for a diabetes patient to bend their body so they can always get someone who can readily massage their feet. The best option is spa and body massage salon.
  • Never strain yourself or keep your body stiff. If somebody else doing massage for you then always sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Only then you will be experiencing the results of massage.
  • Apply the oil all over your foot and always pull it upwards. This will circulate your blood towards your heart and will also open your blocked nerves if any.
  • Do not be too stiff with your feet. Start gently and increase the pressure slowly. If you start applying more pressure all at once, it will only result in more pain or uneasiness in your feet.
  • Give equal time to each of your feet. If you massage one foot for 10 minutes, do not leave the other one in 5 minutes. This will make the other foot feel sense heaviness and it will not feel relaxed. Also, it is advised to use the same technique for massaging both the feet.

Tips on Selecting the Oil for Massage

There are plenty of oils available in the market and each one of them provides different benefits to you. Do not simply pick random oil for your feet massage. Examine the requirements of your feet and choose the one which suits your skin as well as needs. In the below section, we have listed out properties of various essential oils which can be used for feet massage.

  • Myrrh is used in aromatherapy mostly. It helps in calming down your emotional imbalance and giving a sense of spiritual enlightenment.
  • For stress, depression, and anxiety disorders, you can use Frankincense. This helps in providing sound sleep.
  • To get rid of fungal infections like Athlete’s foot, you can thyme oil. It freshens up and deodorizes your skin. Peppermint oil can also be used for the same purpose.
  • Lemongrass oil is for those who get a lot of sweat in feet. This can also help in providing relief from swelling.
  • Rosemary oil is the best choice when you have pain or swelling in any part of your feet.
  • Tea tree oil is good for skin related ailments in feet. You can massage accordingly.
  • Grapefruit oil is used for boosting your immune system through feet oil massage.
  • Lavender and Geranium are best options for relaxation therapy because they help in maintaining proper blood circulation across your body as well as feet.

Follow the simple guidelines and keep them in mind while choosing the feet massage oil or technique next time.