Pattaya Day 3: From Tiger Encounters to Tranquil Island Retreats

Hey there, wanderers! After a wonderful Day 1 and a very happening Day 2, Day three in Pattaya brought a mix of excitement and reflection. We started our morning with a visit to Tiger Park Pattaya, an experience that, in the moment, seemed thrilling. However, we later learned about the possible sedation and mistreatment of these majestic creatures for tourist interactions. This realization cast a shadow on our earlier enjoyment, and we left with heavy hearts, hoping for more ethical treatment of wildlife in the future.

Shifting the mood, we headed back to the bustling Central Mall opposite Pattaya Beach. A shopper’s delight, we wove through the stores picking up souvenirs and ended our shopping spree with a quick and tasty lunch at the food court.

The highlight of the day was our move to the island hotel of Novotel for our final night. Opting for economy over extravagance, we chose public transport—a boat to Koh Si Chang Island. It was a wise decision, costing us just 1200 INR compared to the hotel’s steep 5000 INR offering. The journey was smooth, about 45 minutes, and included a scenic tuk-tuk ride from the hotel to the pier and then to our island hotel, both ways.

Koh Si Chang greeted us like a serene alternate universe. Our tuk-tuk whisked us to the hotel in 6 minutes, and what a sight it was! A stunning property complete with an inviting infinity pool and rooms with mesmerizing sea views from the opposite side of Pattaya.

This day was dedicated to relaxation. We took a leisurely dip in the pool, watched the sun dip below the horizon, and soaked in the evening ambiance. After a refreshing shower, dinner awaited us at the hotel’s restaurant. I indulged in a succulent roasted chicken in wine sauce, while my son went for a comforting bowl of noodles.

Retreating to our room, we spent the night soaking in the panoramic views and the symphony of nature from our balcony—a truly serene end to our Pattaya stay.

Rising with the sun, we plunged into the infinity pool once more, basking in the early morning tranquility. Soon after, we made our way back on the boat to Marina Si Racha, then caught a cab to Bangkok—our hearts full, our spirits high, ready for the next chapter of our Thai adventure. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Pattaya Day 3: From Tiger Encounters to Tranquil Island Retreats

  1. Meeting a tiger seems like so much fun! So glad to see you’re enjoying 2024 so far.

  2. Your pic with the tiger is everything and I would so love to experience that as I find them so amazing! What a cool trip and an amzoing time you must be having! I love it and enjoy yourself!

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