Discover Pattaya Day 1: A Complete Guide to Novotel Marina Si Racha & Local Attractions

Welcome, avid explorers! Join me as we unravel the delights of our first day in Pattaya, a tropical paradise. Our adventure commenced with our arrival at the bustling Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, with the dawn at 6 AM. After navigating through immigration, we secured a comfortable cab via Grab, an economical choice at approximately 2000 INR.

En route to Pattaya, we were treated to an enchanting 1.75-hour drive, graced with Thailand’s rustic countryside vistas, an authentic experience with farm vehicles adorning the roads more than the usual city traffic. The weather was welcoming, with overcast skies and a gentle breeze, setting the stage for the scenic marvels that greeted us as we approached our destination.

Our abode, Novotel Marina Si Racha, nestled just 30 minutes from Pattaya’s vibrant city center, boasted breathtaking aesthetics—an oasis of serenity equipped with modern conveniences and close to local marketplaces. Finding transportation such as Grab or a tuk-tuk was conveniently effortless.

Upon our 9 AM arrival at Novotel Marina, the hotel was at full capacity, which meant early check-in was off the table. No matter, the hotel cafe’s delectable breakfast offerings provided ample consolation. Post-breakfast, we indulged in the tranquility of the hotel’s terrace infinity pool, a spectacular vantage point offering panoramic views of the cerulean sea and the horizon’s islands.

Securing our room at midday, we were captivated by the majestic sea vistas through our room’s expansive windows, a sight that urged us to rest and recuperate from our travels.

Rejuvenated, we ventured to Ana, Anan Resort’s rooftop dining experience at Over the Moon, a sought-after venue for its exclusive ambiance and picturesque sunset views. Our gastronomic choice was the succulent fried bucket—a savory assortment of french fries, prawns, and calamari. Coupled with the serene sea backdrop and the resort’s unique water-surrounded seating, it was a feast for both the palate and the eyes.

As dusk settled, we explored Terminal 21 Pattaya, a shopping extravaganza with themes encapsulating global cities such as Paris, Tokyo, and London. After some light shopping, we treated ourselves to Italian cuisine—my palate was warmed by a rich tomato soup while my son indulged in a classic spaghetti.

Our day culminated at the hotel’s Silver Moon Sky Bar, where a balmy breeze accompanied our refreshing beers, complemented by the city’s twinkling lights on one side and the soothing view of the pier on the other.

Stay tuned for more Pattaya stories as we delve deeper into this vibrant coastal town. The journey continues, and the best is yet to come! 🌴✨

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