Pattaya Day 2: Exploring the Sanctuary of Truth and Pattaya’s Best Rooftop Bar

Good day, intrepid globetrotters! After the amazing first day, the second day of our Pattaya journey was a deep dive into Thailand’s cultural heritage. Our morning began with a visit to the awe-inspiring Sanctuary of Truth, a majestic wooden structure towering above the skyline. A tapestry of intricate carvings, this place is not just a marvel to behold but a tribute to philosophical truth. A heads-up for those planning a visit—dress modestly, as respect for the local customs means knees and shoulders should be covered.

Wandering through the Sanctuary was an exercise in tranquility. After soaking in the peaceful aura, we indulged in Thailand’s famous street food—crispy chicken nuggets and fruit smoothies, concocted from freshly blended fruits without any added flavors or sugars. It was the perfect refresher to kickstart our afternoon.

Next on our itinerary was the iconic Big Buddha temple, where serpents guard your ascent, flanking the stairway as you climb towards the statue. The breeze here was as perfect as the spiritual vibe, making it a rejuvenating visit.

With time on our hands, we briefly sauntered over to the Pattaya Beach and checked out the Central Mall opposite it. As the day transitioned to evening, we prepped ourselves for another rooftop adventure—this time at the Horizon Bar atop the Hilton Pattaya. It’s an open-air bar that presents a mesmerizing view of the sea, especially at sunset. As night fell, the vibe shifted, bringing a new perspective to the beautiful seaside cityscape.

For a couple of hours, we basked in the evening glow and night views, sipping beers and nibbling on the crispiest fries. Oh, and if you’re ever there, Hilton’s garlic bread is not to be missed—it’s divine!

Our day wrapped up at the Jomtien Night Market, directly opposite Jomtien Beach. It’s a paradise for foodies, with an incredible array of stalls featuring Thai specialties, sushi, decadent desserts, and inventive cocktails. With a cool breeze and the comfort of tables and chairs, it’s the perfect spot to savor the flavors of Thailand under the stars.

And with full hearts (and bellies), we concluded our day, ready to rest up for the adventures that await. Till tomorrow, keep wandering and wondering! 🌙✨

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  1. Thailand is on my must-visit list.. and that golden Buddha is beautiful.. i am sure you had a wonderful time with those great views

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