Summer House: A Tale of Gastronomy and Leisure by the Sea

Let me paint you a picture of this little slice of paradise I found at the edge where Vagator meets Siolim. It’s a gem called Summer House, and it’s got this laid-back, almost magical vibe that I just have to tell you about.

Imagine stepping out onto a sun-drenched patio, lined with tall, swaying palm trees that dance to the rhythm of the sea breeze. You’re greeted with an expansive view of the ocean, the kind of view that photos can’t quite do justice to, but still, you can’t help but try to capture it.

The place is decked out with these super chic rattan chairs that are just begging you to sink into them. They’re gathered around polished wooden tables that reflect the golden sunlight, creating this cozy, welcoming spot that’s perfect for a long, lazy day with your favorite people.

As you soak in the ocean views, what truly defines this place is the sense of relaxation it offers. And nothing says ‘relax’ quite like the lounging beds that dot the patio.

Picture this: sprawling lounging beds decked out in vibrant red, generously cushioned, waiting just for you. These aren’t just seats; they’re like plush islands of comfort, where time slows down, and all that matters is the softness beneath you and the calming sound of the waves. Whether you’re basking in the sunshine or enjoying the cool evening air, these lounging beds are the ultimate seaside throne.

And these beds are strategically placed to give you the best seat in the house—or should I say, the best bed by the sea? From here, the view is uninterrupted, pure bliss, with the gentle sea breeze as your constant companion. It’s the ideal spot to chat with friends, dive into a good book, or simply close your eyes and let the sounds and smells of the ocean whisk you away.

Now let’s dive into the food, because trust me, that’s a story on its own. We started with these mouth-watering Moroccan Chicken Kebabs that were seasoned to perfection. And there were these mushroom delights wrapped up in a crispy coating – honestly, the name slipped my mind, but the taste certainly didn’t. We also had ​​some spicy chicken croquettes that had the right amount of flavour and crunch, making for a perfect start to our feast.

As the afternoon mellowed further, the sea breeze grew cooler and more refreshing, wrapping us in this perfect natural ambience for dining. For the mains, my boy went straight for the spaghetti agli olio – a classic that was done just right, al dente and garlicky. I, on the other hand, decided to venture into the local flavours with a Kerala-style beef fry served with poi. It was spicy, and tangy, and the beef was so tender, each bite was a burst of flavours that are still dancing in my memory.

Then came the showstopper – the biscof seradura for dessert. It was creamy, crumbly, sweet, and simply irresistible. The kind of dessert that makes you close your eyes with every spoonful just to savor it even more. It wasn’t just a sweet ending to our meal but a moment to remember.

Looking around, it’s not just the food that makes Summer House special; it’s the entire atmosphere.

Summer House isn’t just a recommendation; it’s an experience that calls out to your soul. It’s a place where the sea breezes soothe, the culinary delights enchant, and time stands still. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil spot to escape, a taste adventure, or a stunning backdrop for memories with loved ones, this is where you want to be.

If you haven’t been here yet, you’re seriously missing out. Summer House is the spot to soak in the views, indulge in some seriously good food, and just kick back. It’s a place that makes you want to slow down, breathe in the sea-salt air, and let the world pass by just a little slower.

So, why wait? Let Summer House be your next destination. Find your favorite spot—be it a cozy chair or a luxurious lounging bed—and let the essence of the ocean, the delight of the dishes, and the warmth of the company fill your day with joy. Can’t wait to go back!

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