Preserve Your Mommy Glow Post Pregnancy

If you are pregnant or have been pregnant in recent years, you are probably familiar with this compliment: You are glowing. The pregnancy glow is a real phenomenon, and it can happen for a variety of reasons. It is visible on your face, but it often extends to the rest of your body. 

So what does pregnancy glow actually mean? When people tell you that you are glowing, what they mean is that your skin appears plump, healthy, refreshed, and clear. While there is, of course, an element of happiness and excitement related to your baby, the pregnancy glow is, in fact, attributed to a variety of physical and physiological changes that occur in your body. And, let’s be real: Your skin looks gorgeous. So can you maintain the glorious mommy glow without any of the pregnancy side effects? How can you keep your glow after you’ve had a baby? 

Skin stretching boosts glow

The number one reason for the glow is your skin stretching. It happens around your middle area, where your pregnant belly is. But, if you put on a lot of pregnancy weight, your skin also stretches elsewhere on your body. Unfortunately, after the pregnancy, you may struggle to go back to your pre-pregnancy silhouette. Pregnancy hormones and blood flow supply nutrition to your skin. But once the pregnancy is over, the phenomenon stops. The body struggles to keep the skin healthy and firm in your post-pregnancy shape. That’s when sagging in some areas and stubborn fat appear, affecting both your silhouette and the appearance of your skin. Many specialists recommend a mommy makeover if your post-pregnancy body affects your self-esteem. Ultimately, when it comes to skin, the procedure can help prepare your skin for nourishment all over the body. 

Nourish your skin

Nourishing your skin is a no-brainer. Your skin requires even more nutrition after the pregnancy as a hormonal imbalance can occur, leading to dryness, outbreaks, excessive oiliness, rashes, etc. Additionally, you also want to help your stretched skin recover its elasticity. Therefore, it can be useful to upgrade your skincare routine and add some skin-boosting supplements. Pregnant women tend to pay a lot of attention to the nutrients they consume, but as nutritional efforts can drop post-pregnancy, the skin lacks vitamins and minerals to repair itself. 

Ban the tired look

The main difference between a pregnant woman and a mommy is nighttime. Indeed, pregnant women may find it uncomfortable to sleep during the third trimester, but, in general, they tend to get more rest than a new mommy! The baby transforms the pregnancy glow into tiredness. Can you look less tired and recover the glow naturally? You can help your skin heal and rest by reaching out to medical prescription products: dermatologist-prescribed vitamin C and retinol are effective anti-aging products that support skin renewal. 

Adjust your diet accordingly as well. Mommies are busy all the time with a baby. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain a balanced diet. Your skin needs plenty of water and healthy meals! 

The pregnancy glow is not a myth, and it is a visible phenomenon that combines increased blood flow, hormones, healthy routines, and skin stretching. While post-pregnancy will change your body, you can protect your skin to help it stay healthy, clear, and firm for longer! 

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