What about the after quarantine?

It’s hard to imagine life could go back to normal during the quarantine. But, the truth is that at some point in the near future we will be allowed to travel the world and hug our friends again. As for now, you focus your efforts on managing day after day. Staying indoors can be challenging for a lot of people, especially if you’re used to leading a busy and active social life outside your home. 

As you focus on living every day indoors as calmly and peacefully as possible, you shouldn’t let your quarantine habits stop you from planning for tomorrow. Indeed, you can declutter and clear your home, and as you do, let it also affect your mind. Clearing things away and asking yourself which thoughts do you want to keep for the day. More importantly, which thoughts are going to influence your post-quarantine life?

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Consider learning new skills with others 

As silly as it might sound, quarantine is a time for brushing up your skills. A lot of people are taking on new DIY skills or creative skills. But what will happen to those once the situation has cleared out and we can safely go out again? Will they be forgotten? It’s hard to tell. We all hope that life during quarantine will change us for the better, but we might just go back to our old habits once we’re allowed outside again. So, to stay on the positive side of things, why not plan to learn new skills, directly with a mentor, when life goes back to normal? If you admire martial arts, why not pre-book a space at a Shaolin training school to improve your flexibility and strength? Not your cup of tea? Look for dancing schools that could teach you to move your hips like Shakira! In other words, use the quarantine time as motivation and promise yourself to learn something new once you’re out!

Plan a holiday 

Ah, finally, a holiday! With the current travel bans, most holiday plans have been cancelled. So, make the most of your time at home to plan your next trip. Where should you go? If you dream of seeing the world, stop postponing it and check on the destinations you should have on your bucket list. Jordan is home to a rich heritage culture, regardless of your faith. Petra, the Dead Sea, and the mesmerizing Bedouin camps in the desert, it’s hard not to fall in love with the mystical landscapes. If you prefer sandy beaches and blue sky, Indonesia, and especially Bali, is a must-see! In short, use your time indoors to research your favourite destinations and plan your trip.

Hug your friends and relatives

When was the last time you received a hug from a friend? Reach out to the people you love and organize a gathering to celebrate the end of the quarantine. It might not happen before a few months’ time, but who cares? It gives everyone something to look forward to and to plan. Make it a huge BBQ party with drinks and music or a cozy buffet and games between mates. Now’s also the time to reach out to an old friend you’ve lost touch with and start the conversation again. 

Staying indoors is not easy. We all crave social contracts and the freedom to go everywhere when we want. But these days will be coming back. For now, you can plan for them and imagine what you’d like to do when you can!

15 thoughts on “What about the after quarantine?

  1. This isn’t too hard for me because I’m an introvert. But it’s tough on my daughter, who is an extrovert. She’ll probably talk to everyone when this is over. I’m not into hugging, so I won’t be doing that, but she will!

  2. Things will never be the same right away. And I agree that we can use the quarantine as a time to hone our skills. And yes, listing down future plans and goals is a great idea, too. The future has always been uncertain, pandemic or no pandemic, but we can always make the most of today.

    1. It will definitely been different after the quarantine but I appreciate the tips you provided. It is important to find connection after this time. Great blog!!!🤗

  3. I live in the state of WI in USA and our governor extended the stay home order despite declining cases (I have yet to know a single person sick). It was recently overturned by the Supreme Court but now he is starting the process of creating an administrative rule allowing social distancing orders up to 5 months without permission from legislature. Hoping it doesn’t go through…and that this alleged “second wave” in September isn’t true.

  4. I like the idea of learning new skills with other people. And get to know other people, be more social we have to start doing it after quarantine.

  5. It is hard to see that there will be and end, but I am sure time will continue to pass and it will be here before we know it. I have been tackling a lot of DIY projects and it has been a great thing to do around the house to pass the time!

  6. What I learn about this difficult time is to always stay connected with your family. Also, learning about new skills, and having a hobby helps a lot.

  7. Things will inevitably be different after lockdown is over. I’m hoping that working from home will become the norm, so that we can enjoy good family time too.

  8. I am ready to see what happens when this is all over. I am already planning a trip for December and can’t wait to just be back to normal again.

  9. This quarantine teaches us a lot….its true that it is the best time to identify skills of ourself…And planning of future is somehow good coz it gives us hope that soon this is going to come an end…Soon we are going to be freed…It was a great post…..

  10. These are lovely ideas to help us to start planning our life after the quarantine is over. I have to say that it is quite difficult to decide what to plan since you don’t know what we will be allowed to do later this year.

  11. I am sooo excited for life after quarantine. There is a lot of fun to be had.

  12. I really just want to see my friends and family after lockdown. I’d love to go on vacation but I doubt there will be many opportunities. We’ve already lost money on a holiday we were meant to be taking in September.

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