Fine Fragrance Home Collection by Niana!

Niana launches its luxury Fine Fragrance Home Collection. The fragrances have been created in collaboration with Givaudan, the world’s leading fragrance and flavour company. In addition to soy candles and reed diffusers, this collection includes the introduction of two new products, room sprays and scented sachets adding to Niana’s present signature line.

Inspired by fine fragrances, the two new fragrances exude sophistication and sensuality. Enigma is fresh and vibrant with lime, peony and amber notes while Luminous is a soft, white musk blended with sandalwood. Peonies are one of the rarest, freshest and most radiant of flowers in the perfumery palette. Sandalwood of course needs no introduction. Its woody and milky facets make it one of the softest woods in perfumery with a lot of character and signature.

Both these fragrances appeal to both men and women. “Our work is greatly influenced by people we meet, memories and associations, travel, and of course, nature. These fragrances are engaging. They have a history, they tell a story and communicate more than just a smell…” says Leena Labroo, Founder, Niana.

Each product within this collection is distinct in itself and is designed to appeal to a personal choice. Candles for example, create a sense of warmth and bring comfort and nostalgia. They are romantic, rejuvenating and relaxing. When you enter the room, the fragrances evoke long term memories and deep associations and the sillage trails you as you leave the room.

Reed diffusers are best used in compact areas as the fragrance envelops and surrounds one’s space. Fragrances from Niana’s room sprays diffuse immediately to create the desired ambience. Moreover, they can be used on linen, on stationery, towels and just about anywhere. Similarly, the intricately hand embroidered rice sachets can be slipped into lingerie, drawers, gym bags, cars and shoes to delicately perfume your intimate belongings.

All Niana products including the new collection are handcrafted. The two wick soy candles are painstakingly poured by hand at the studio, the diffusers are blended and mixed at regular intervals and finally the sachets are also scented and filled by Niana’s trained team. All products are then finely finished, labeled and packaged with care. Black and gold, simple, stark and elegant, the range has been designed to resemble a perfume. Priced from 1100 to 3000/- the Fine Fragrance Home Collection is available online and in leading, select stores all over India.

Niana entered the home fragrance industry in 2011 with a range of hand poured, scented soy candles. Their fragrances are inspired by aromatic flowers, exotic spices and luscious fresh fruits. Today, they have over 35 blends and a range of collections. Their products are available on and through multi brand boutiques across India. With exquisite packaging and customization options, Niana’s luxuriously textured products make attractive gifts for all occasions.

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