Summer Cookshop by Chef in a box

CHEF IN A BOX (CIAB) is a new concept to re-create chef style dishes at home with the help of professional chefs themselves. The idea is conceptualized and curated by Gayatri Iyer, a young dynamic entrepreneur, who wants to express her love for food. The concept is one step ahead of the online delivery of ordering cooked food right at your doorsteps.
The idea helps consumers to order recipe kits that include all the measured ingredients and clear steps of instructions for cooking. The USP is that it comes directly from a Chef/restaurant’s kitchen to ensure authenticity and quality of the ingredients, so the Chefs do the shopping for you (literally!). Currently the market space that Chef In A Box caters to is Delhi-NCR (currently delivering in South Delhi, West Delhi and Gurgaon).  It aims at giving people a chance to cook exotic dishes such as Khao Suey, Mutton Kosha and Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins to name a few, just like the experts. They have the flexibility to simply follow the instructions or use their creativity to add some twists to the recipe.

“I want to change the way people look at food and break the monotony of eating pre-cooked food or takeout. People do love to cook and I want to give them a seamless experience in doing so by giving them everything they need (well almost, they would still need the cooking appliances etc.” says, Gayatri Iyer, Chief Creator and Owner, Chef In A Box.
The popularity of the concept of recipe kits in the US gave the window for the concept to grow and to bring this to India. The twist in this idea of not having your own kitchen but relying on the Chef’s, restaurant’s kitchen and expertise. Chef In A Box does not have its own kitchen and we are ensuring that the ingredient come directly from the Chef’s kitchen, because that way we ensure authenticity, freshness and quality of ingredients.
CIAB also conducts workshops under the ‘Chef’s Secret Series’name, which aims to bring together cooking, food enthusiasts and the Chefs face to face. The aim is to allow cooking enthusiasts get an insider view of how the Chef’s work their magic. They have successfully conducted a Chocolate Making workshop in February and on popular demand did a Healthy Baking workshop on 7th May. Now its all set to do a Summer Bookshop on 4th of June.

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Gayatri Iyer is a multifaceted dynamic young person and is currently the Chief Creator and owner of the platform whose love for creativity only exceeds her love for food by a small bit. One may think that in order to be in the food industry, you would either have a Godfather or be associated with food in terms of being a Chef or baker. But, none of that holds true for her. She was in a plush corporate job with American Express for 5 years, surrounded by the fanciness, which a corporate has to offer but that was just one part of her life. The other exciting part of her was the creative side who used her weekends and time off to author a book Life’s Macchiatio-A collection of your stories, learn traditional art like Gond and Phad art and is now a contributing artist selling merchandise on
The spirit to do something of her own and to channelize her creativity gave birth to Chef In A Box. Outside of work, she is physically active through Yoga, tennis and any other way to keep fit and also do her bit for animal welfare in the city by adopting and feeding stray dogs. 

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