Day: May 30, 2016

Exciting New Summer Menu at Plaza Premium Lounge -A delightful medley of light summer flavours

Exciting New Summer Menu at Plaza Premium Lounge -A delightful medley of light summer flavours

Summer is an amazing time of the year when there’s an abundance of fresh, delicious and healthy choices. Seasonal foods are punched with twice the flavour and are
extremely high on vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. Plaza Premium Lounge launches an exciting range of menu comprising of light summer flavours for the busy travellers.
Summer bearings provide an abundant of fresh juicy fruits, green vegetables and other fresh herbs. The new summer menu is designed to get the best of seasonal fruits and veggies in mouthwatering ways. 

Since summer dehydrates the human body and the energy level drops down, the human body requires cooling foods that helps in balancing the diet as well as maintaining the energy levels. The summer menu uses summer super foods like Yoghurt, Coconut, Watermelon, Cucumber, Mint, Mango, Lychee and other fresh seasonal produce.
Interesting dishes such as Sesame Chili Chicken with Spiced Watermelon salsa, Lasagna with Spinach and Ricotta, Basil Chicken and Coconut Curry, Watermelon and Coconut Panna Cotta, Mango, Tapioca and Coconut Pudding, Mango Pancakes are curated. The menu incorporates a variety of Yoghurt Salad Dressings, Mint accompaniments and even Mango dressings which are not only delicious but refreshing too. Variety of Herbs and Spice with cooling effects such as fennel seeds, coriander, cardamom, saffron, cumin and dill are used in several recipes.

All-time favourite thirst quenchers like Raw Mango Panna, Jaljeera and other signature ice teas are served to help beat the heat. Travelling makes everyone exhausted especially during summer, what can be more perfect then cooling yourself at Plaza Premium Lounge while lazing at the Airport.

                                                      What: Summer Special Menu
Where: Plaza Premium Lounge at Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad Airports
When: On till 15th July, 2016
Price: Lounge access starts at Rs.1200 plus taxes

About Plaza Premium Lounge
Plaza Premium Lounge, the world’s first independent airport lounge, gives travellers a haven away from the hustle and bustle of the airport, a home away from home, by providing a space with top-notch services and facilities for travellers arriving, departing and transiting at major airports including Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, London Heathrow, New Delhi, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto and Vancouver.
Comfortable seating, enticing food and beverage selection, showers with amenities, private resting suites, VIP rooms, recharging stations, Wi-Fi, computer workstations are but a few of the services offered to enhance the airport experience.
As the first airport lounge network to achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification, we are committed to consistently providing quality services and continual improvement for valued customers. By putting into action, the best ideas and practices from across the network and around the world, we focus on innovative and quality products and services.

On top of the sublime and opulent independent airport lounges that are in operation, we also manage lounges for leading airlines and alliances including Cathay Pacific Airways, China Eastern Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, United Airlines, SkyTeam and American Express.

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Mind Blowing Interior Solutions from REHAU…!

REHAU, a brand that is known for producing premium products, recently inaugurated a new showroom in Delhi. One step in the REHAU showroom and you know what interior solutions you want your dream home to have. For a company that designs and manufacturers bumpers for Audi and Mercedes, luxury and class are synonyms, and when such a company forays into interior solutions one can expect nothing but the best.
I recently visited their newly opened showroom in Kirti Nagar, and one look at the place and I was in awe of it.
With a guided tour of the place I was shown around and explained in detail about each and every product provided by REHAU. It was one of the most interesting ways of engaging with a customer I have ever come across. Normally what we see is, that when we enter a showroom, we are only told about the things we are interested in, but here the fun part was seeing and knowing about everything that not only makes it insightful but also increases the trust in the capabilities of the company. Also each section was lead by a specialized team representative. I was first introduced to the section that dealt mostly with kitchen solutions, but the products can also be used in bathrooms, office cabinets, retail showrooms etc. This range included edge bands, laminates with a look of glass, shutters and plinth systems. Edge bands, now I never thought that edge bands could also look so cool and enhance the entire appearance of our drawers or shelves. The range of colours is so vast and vibrant that it will leave you confused which one to go for and also they come in different sizes to suit your needs.
Coming to their acrylic laminates, goodness, one cannot make the difference whether it’s a laminate or a glass, it’s just the ideal kind of finish you would want for your kitchen. The colours are fantastic and the metallic range has a real classy appeal about it, it will help giving your kitchen that premium and rich look. I have already chosen the colour I want to go ahead with.
The most exciting thing I saw in the showroom was the shutter solutions, now these have a long way to go in the field of both home and retail interiors. I am totally in love with them. They look so cool and happening, so convenient and interesting. They just change the complete appearance of your kitchen shelves. I liked both the metallic and glass finish shutters but definitely the ones with glass finish had more chic appeal. I personally found the hand sensor based which opens with a touch of a hand and closes with a gentle touch of a hand, just amazing. I am dying to use it for a bar at my home. How cool it would be if I have this shutter on my bar and utter a cool ”khul ja sim sim” and the shutter beautifully goes up and opens, I am sure my guests will have loads of fun watching it and be a little jealous too J. Oh boy, what an amazing moment it would be, I so look forward to do it sometime soon.
The other amazing section that caught my attention was their window solutions, I mean you just have to visit their showroom, see it for yourself to believe it. It’s just mind-blowing. The ease of cleaning, the safety, adequate lighting, adequate ventilation, everything has been kept in mind in designing each and every window at REHAU and you just fall in love with them, at least I did.
And not just the elements of beautifying the house or office or retail spaces, REHAU also boasts of some technologically advanced infrastructure features like rain water harvesting, controlling the inside vs outside temperatures through their windows and doors, and also the noise controls, they even have some amazing technology which keeps the temperature of the buildings in control. I was simply amazed by their sheer quality, technology advancement and interior and construction solutions.
Its definitely a place worth visit if you are planning a make over for your home, or even if you aren’t, drop in at REHAU and you will be compelled to make some changes for sureJ. Watch out this space for, as I would be detailing out a few things in a couple of blog posts to follow. changes my opinion of online shopping changes my opinion of online shopping changed my opinion of buying clothes online. Online shopping today is as common as shopping on ground, and it’s primarily due to the lack of time in everyone’s life. I am no different, juggling between work and family life, sometimes online shopping seems like a convenient option and since a couple of years I have been regularly making use of online shopping especially to buy random articles, groceries, house-hold items, electronics etc. but I have never been comfortable buying clothes and shoes online. 

Both these things mean comfort and comfort is something I cannot reassure myself by just looking at it. I always got attracted with the numerous designs and styles available online, especially in terms of dresses, but the urge to touch and feel always ended up acting as a resistance in buying the same, also I felt that buying clothes online was much more hassled than other things, as it usually takes a long time to deliver, whereas when you seeing clothes, you really wanna get them as soon as possible, and the possibility of size going wrong is also high, but this time,, beat me there.  There was this particular dress that I saw on’s site and I had an instant liking to it. It was a perfect summer things, cool colors and yet a very party like appeal, the material was silk. To me it seemed like a perfect weekend night-out wear. As usual I started contemplating the decision to buy, but this time the urge to buy was more, and my hands just moved towards the add to cart button, and following simple steps my order was placed. 

I was surprised with the ease of placing order on the site and also the swiftness of confirmation mail and message reaching my inbox, but the bigger surprise came when my dress was delivered in just 2 days, much before the expected date of delivery. 

My dress was very cutely packed and fitted me perfectly when I tried it. The material, the look and feel was as similar as it appeared on the site and absolutely correct as per the description. I could not wait for the weekend to wear my dress and head out to party. 

I am really impressed with the speed, the quality and variety of designs and styles on and it has definitely helped me overcome my inhibitions, so think no more, go shopping at

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Strands salon a synonym for style, opens one more outlet in Delhi

Strands salon a synonym for style, opens one more outlet in Delhi

Strands, India’s one of the best leading salon chain adding another icing on the cake by opening its new outlet at sainik farm. Strands has shown its chef-d’oeuvre in the field of beauty & health care by adding another wings in to its various salon units. It’s indeed great news for those who are fashion, makeup and beauty savvy. Ms. Rammya Singh, Miss Globe India Representative intensified the beauty of the event by her presence and said, ”It’s my great fortune to be the part of this opening ceremony. Strands has got its own brand n ways to work which is actually required in today’s scenario.”

The opening ceremony was followed by many activities Like Fashion shows where various model dressed  on to the ramp with their fabulous hairstyles and makeup. They showcased new hairstyles along with high sculpting and flaunted their stunning hair color for bridal, weddings’ and evening. They presented many innovative and classy braid and buns.

Mr. Stan Darren Newton, creative director of wella professional said,”I am delighted to be a part of strands as each of the expert has an extensive background and proven track record in their field, and continues to research and practice new technologies and technicalities in hair.”

Ms. Raman Ghai, VP Operations, Strands was also present & expressed her happiness on the new opening.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Amit Chawla, Head Business and Franchise Strands said, “This is an extremely pleasing and proud moment to launch, I am extremely happy with our latest edition of Studio Strands in Delhi. We are also in the process of acquiring a leading salon chain of North India, he added.”

About Studio Strands :

The salon at Delhi has a slick ambience and efficient staff. Strands offers the most current hairstyling and hair care techniques for every look, with world class products, highly trained experts and the kind of personal service that will keep bringing one back for more. The salon has appointed an efficient staff trained by Wella Professionals- the biggest salon brand of the world who have the passion for creating great and enviable looks. The capacious studio has defined sections for the beauty services. The posh interiors are beautiful and luxurious and so is the furniture. Their vast offering includes services like hair care treatments, haircuts, smoothening, hair spa, haircuts, colours, straightening, perming, body massages, scrubs, foot spas, facials, under eye treatments, skin care services, hair extensions, reflexologies, body polish, bridal service, pamper packages and more.

Summer Cookshop by Chef in a box

Summer Cookshop by Chef in a box

CHEF IN A BOX (CIAB) is a new concept to re-create chef style dishes at home with the help of professional chefs themselves. The idea is conceptualized and curated by Gayatri Iyer, a young dynamic entrepreneur, who wants to express her love for food. The concept is one step ahead of the online delivery of ordering cooked food right at your doorsteps.
The idea helps consumers to order recipe kits that include all the measured ingredients and clear steps of instructions for cooking. The USP is that it comes directly from a Chef/restaurant’s kitchen to ensure authenticity and quality of the ingredients, so the Chefs do the shopping for you (literally!). Currently the market space that Chef In A Box caters to is Delhi-NCR (currently delivering in South Delhi, West Delhi and Gurgaon).  It aims at giving people a chance to cook exotic dishes such as Khao Suey, Mutton Kosha and Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins to name a few, just like the experts. They have the flexibility to simply follow the instructions or use their creativity to add some twists to the recipe.

“I want to change the way people look at food and break the monotony of eating pre-cooked food or takeout. People do love to cook and I want to give them a seamless experience in doing so by giving them everything they need (well almost, they would still need the cooking appliances etc.” says, Gayatri Iyer, Chief Creator and Owner, Chef In A Box.
The popularity of the concept of recipe kits in the US gave the window for the concept to grow and to bring this to India. The twist in this idea of not having your own kitchen but relying on the Chef’s, restaurant’s kitchen and expertise. Chef In A Box does not have its own kitchen and we are ensuring that the ingredient come directly from the Chef’s kitchen, because that way we ensure authenticity, freshness and quality of ingredients.
CIAB also conducts workshops under the ‘Chef’s Secret Series’name, which aims to bring together cooking, food enthusiasts and the Chefs face to face. The aim is to allow cooking enthusiasts get an insider view of how the Chef’s work their magic. They have successfully conducted a Chocolate Making workshop in February and on popular demand did a Healthy Baking workshop on 7th May. Now its all set to do a Summer Bookshop on 4th of June.

Website Link:
Gayatri Iyer is a multifaceted dynamic young person and is currently the Chief Creator and owner of the platform whose love for creativity only exceeds her love for food by a small bit. One may think that in order to be in the food industry, you would either have a Godfather or be associated with food in terms of being a Chef or baker. But, none of that holds true for her. She was in a plush corporate job with American Express for 5 years, surrounded by the fanciness, which a corporate has to offer but that was just one part of her life. The other exciting part of her was the creative side who used her weekends and time off to author a book Life’s Macchiatio-A collection of your stories, learn traditional art like Gond and Phad art and is now a contributing artist selling merchandise on
The spirit to do something of her own and to channelize her creativity gave birth to Chef In A Box. Outside of work, she is physically active through Yoga, tennis and any other way to keep fit and also do her bit for animal welfare in the city by adopting and feeding stray dogs. 

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