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Virat Kohli ushers an exhilarating cricket carnival at Smaaash, Noida

Virat Kohli, the heartthrob of millions, visited his favourite gaming destination-SMAAASH, at the DLF Mall of India in Noida to announce the biggest participative cricket tournament in India- ‘The “SMAAASH Sachin ViratCricket Carnival’’. India’s leading youth icon and sport star was applauded by his fans who, turned out in huge numbers to meet the brightest star of the Indian cricket team.

Virat addresing the crowd at SMAAASH Noida_1575x1050

Gracing the occasion, Virat announced“Smaaash Sachin Virat Cricket Carnival”which is a nationwide eventand is designed to be a fun-filled cricket tournament that will bring together 2000 teams across India to compete against each other. The tournament will be played across five Smaaash centres i.e Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Hyderabad and the finals will be held at Smaaash, Mumbai. The highlight of this tournament will be the grand finale where the prizes will be awarded by both the cricket luminaries, Sachin Tendulkar and ViratKohli, at a glittering event at Smaaash in Mumbai.

The winners across categories can take home the Smaaash Sachin Virat Cricket Carnival Cup along with memories of being mentored by legends. That’s not all, the national winner and runner-up in the Open category will get Rs. 5 lakhs and Rs.3 lakhs respectively.

Prior to the event, a contest was held on Smaaash’s social media platforms wherein 3 lucky winners were selected. These winners got a wonderful opportunity to closely interact with their icon Virat Kohli over a scrumptious meal at the Mighty Small cafe. Mighty Small at Smaaash is the new concept café that has been launched at Smaaash properties across the country. The perfect complement to Smaaash, Mighty Small presents drinks and dishes that are perfect accompaniments to the exhilarating gaming options, and can be carried across the property floor.With an inviting bar and a relaxing ambience, it’s a great place to unwind with friends, family and loved ones.

Speaking on the announcement,Shripal Morakhia,Chief Imagination Officer, Smaaash Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., said:“The unique sensory experiences along with world-class activities and a full-service restaurant make Smaaash a preferred destination for the young and the young-at-heart. Having Virat as the youth icon of SMAAASH has given an exciting dimension to the brand. His energy and zeal for sports perfectly resonates with SMAAASH and its fans, and this particular association has been wonderfully well received by enthusiastic SMAAASH and Virat fans across Delhi. He is known for his pathbreaking performances. In a similar vein, Smaaash too has taken several pathbreaking initiatives in the gaming and entertainment industry. With Smaaash, we hope to continue to blaze a trail with pioneering concepts in the coming future as well.”

Mr. Ashok Cherian CMO, SMAAASH and Virat Kohli, Youth Icon of SMAAASH- Resize_1575x1050

Mr. Ashok Cherian CMO, SMAAASH and Virat Kohli, Youth Icon of SMAAASH 1- Resize_1002x1050

Sharing his excitement, the passionate cricket superstar, ViratKohli said, “Smaaash is a unique and cool, multi-sports entertainment zone designed to give you an adrenaline rush. It is an ideal place for individuals and families to spend quality leisure time. This Cricket Carnival is a larger-than-life sports festival that will be a perfect platform for all cricket enthusiasts to showcase their skills. The aim of this fun fiesta is to engage cricket lovers.I am very excited and happy to be associated with Smaaash and eagerly looking forward to the progress of the cricket carnival

Virat with Fans at SMAAASH Noida_1575x1050

Virat Taking selfie with Fans at SMAAASH Noida_1400x1050

About SMAAASH: Smaaash is a sports-centric immersive and interactive entertainment center. It presents an unmatched range of games that offer a superlative virtual-reality experience, and combines the best of sports, music, dining and bar into a highly interactive, innovative and involved entertainment experience. Smaaash is present across Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Noida. Smaaash offers a lot more than your run-of-the-mill banquet hall and gaming center. Smaaash has not only redefined sports entertainment, but also raised the bar for customer engagement. This innovative entertainment and active engagement is what defines Smaaash.

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It takes two to Tango..!!

Tango is a social dance from Argentina. It is a couple dance. It is very classy, sensual and sophisticated. Obama was recently seen dancing tango during his visit to Argentina. Besides football, Argentina is famous for tango.


Tango is very meditative and therapeutic. People compare it to yoga and zen. Art of living Guru, Sri Sri Ravishankar ji is also promoting tango under Sri Sri Tango. Our Indian Gurus are also realising its benefits.

It is not hard-core fitness activity. It is slow and gentle. Any age group can do it but a noted fact is that tangueros (people who dance tango, are referred as tangueros) are seldom unfit. There must be a reason. Like golf, it is an amazing socialising and networking activity. Tango is also supposed to be very addictive but in a very good way. Tango is healing and curing.

In Delhi, the only school to teach tango is New Delhi tango school- NDTS

They organise regular milongas (tango socials), tango festivals and tango workshops from world-renowned artists. The founder of the school is Kiran Sawhney.

delhi tango

Now Kiran Sawhney launches a new milonga in town. In fact, it is the only regular milonga in town that too in a 5 star property. It will happen every Friday at Eros Hotel, Nehru Place, a property that has an old world, vintage charm to it. It will transport you to the milongas held in Buenos Aires.


Milonga is a tango social. A place where everyone who knows tango, dances and only tango music is played.

So this Friday onwards, forget everything else and let yourself groove to the tango music and indulge in dancing, socializing and networking like never before.

tango in delhi-2

Gokarna- Where Pilgrimage Meets Fun

Burgeoned alongside the western coast of Southern India in the North Kannada District of Karnataka State, the quaint town is pilgrims’ paradise & beach-lovers heaven. Bestowed with pristine beaches and timeless temples of Hindu deities like Lord Shiva, Lord Maha Ganapati, Goddess Bhadrakali and many more, Gokarna is termed as the ‘Kashi of South India’.


Legend has it that Lord Shiva emerged here from Cow’s Ear – the cow being Prithvi1 And since then the temple town has been christened as Gokarna. The Mahabaleshwar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is constructed in a Dravidian architectural style. It houses ShivaLinga2 and a 1500-year-old idol of Lord Shiva. Since centuries the temple has been witnessing priests, pilgrims and monks submerging themselves in religious rituals, offering prayers, meditation or performing religious ceremonies. The temple is abuzz with holy hymns and chants that emanate somniferous spirituality. There is an air of peace and serenity in every corner of the temple and a visit is enough for the visitor to get the soul rejuvenated. On an average day, the tinsel town wakes up by early sunrise. The two main streets that connect the town with surrounding districts are thoroughly washed and the residents then adorn it with Rangoli3. Holy chants begin resonating from every household and the fragrance of incense sticks fill the atmosphere with mystic peace. It seem like the whole town has woken up from a deep slumber only to transcend in spirituality.

Sandwiched between the hills and seas, Gokarna is blessed with four scenic beaches namely the pristine Om Beach, the quaint Kudle Beach, Half-moon & Paradise beach. White sands, crystal clear water and serenity of Om Beach beckons every backpacker. Its two semi-crescent shores that are naturally joined together, resemble the Hindu religious symbol ‘OM’ and the only how the beach got its name. A short walk away from the Om Beach is Kudle beach that has graduated as a surfing destination and provides perfect waves for the surfboard to flirt with. The other beaches like Paradise Beach & Half-Moon Beach are nestled in a secluded location with fewer inhabitants.

The laid back nature, scenic locales, captivating ancient temples and virgin coastline places Gokarna in the bucket list of every tourist as a must see destination. And its epiphany sunsets, sun-kissed warm sands, breezy twilight, percussion of waves are a few daily shows performed by the Mother Nature that renders every traveler spell bound.



Jagermeister-“Master Class” with Nils Boese

Aspri Spirits, leading importers and distributors of some of the finest brands in the world of Wines and Spirits hosted a master evening class with Mr. NILS BOESE, Brand Ambassador- Mast Jägermeister SE, on 22nd June 2016 at Bandstand, Hauz Khas, New Delhi.



The evening commenced with Mr. Nils Boese taking the patrons through Jägermeister profile and sharing his experience with the brand. He took them on a voyage of Jägermeister history and shared some interesting insights about the company and the brand. He also demonstrated interesting ways of creating exquisite cocktails with the unusual spirit.

Mr. Nils Boese is a renowned bartender and has a rich experience of 25 years. He runs his own small bar in Hildesheim, Germany, which is close to Wolfenbüttel where Jägermeister is meticulously produced. He is working with Jägermeister since 2010 as a Brand Ambassador.

Jägermeister, recognized as a unique herbal spirit, is made from 56 different herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits, including star anise, cinnamon, ginger and a secret set of herbs. It is the world’s 8th best-selling premium spirit brand and it also ensures to remain the World’s favorite herbal liqueur. Best served as an ice-cold shot, Jägermeister is a versatile spirit, which can be used as a premium ingredient in cocktails and long serves.


Nils first made us all taste the ice-cold Jägermeister shot, and it tasted amazing, and I think being ice cold plays a very important role in enhancing the taste of the drink.

Nils then also prepared some unique cocktails, twisting the taste around with Jägermeister and each one of his cocktails was amazing. He prepared one particular cocktail with tea, and it had a very refreshing taste.

IMG_2708 IMG_2668



Matt Djokovic, Regional Director Asia mentioned “India represents one of the most important growth opportunities for Jagermeister, not only within Asia, but globally. With a booming young adult population – around 19 Million Consumers will reach legal drinking age every year in India – we feel Jagermeister is uniquely positioned to leverage the strengths which have made it the 8th largest imported spirit in the world”

And here is Nils talking about his bartending experience over the years and his association with Jägermeister.

It was great fun attending this master class and learning to make so many cocktails.

About ASPRI: Aspri Spirits Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2004. The company today represents some of the finest brands in the world of Wines and Spirits and is one of the leading players in the imported alcoholic beverage segment. The company with its commitment to ensure highest quality standards focuses on the sales, marketing and distribution of its diverse portfolio and is dedicated to building premium international brands in travel retail and domestic markets across South Asia.

About Jägermeister:Jägermeister was created by Curt Mast in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, more than 80 years ago. Now one of the world’s most popular spirit brands and rated the top liqueur brand around the globe, it is still produced in its original form by Mast-Jägermeister SE, the family owned business founded by Curt’s father, Wilhelm Mast.


Studio Strands- A world-class experience..!

I recently visited this newly opened salon called Studio Strands in Sainik Farms, and I have to say that, the class and quality of services one will get to experience is depicted right at the moment one enter the salon.

They have ample space and different sections as per different needs of services.

IMG_2475 IMG_2476 IMG_2481

I got the following services done at the salon and my experience was really great:




Head Massage


Blow dry

For waxing, they have rooms in the basement, very neat and clean, air-conditioned and spacious.


After waxing, I moved upstairs for my head massage. Head massage was given in a peaceful room, with dim lights and relaxed atmosphere. It was one of the best massages I got in recent times.

Next was my manicure and pedicure, and again it was simply awesome. In fact they have these big massage chair units, so while you get your manicure and pedicure done, your back gets a nice massage on the chair.




Then I got done my shampoo and blow dry.

Overall I had a very relaxing and fulfilling experience at Strands. The ambience of the place is perfect to spend a relaxing day getting your beauty services done.





The staff is very very professional, hospitable, dedicated and caring, they really make you feel very wanted and special.

So do drop in and experience world-class beauty and hair services at Studio Strands.

Father’s Day made special with

Father’s day has always been a very special day, but this year it was made much more special with the help of Surprise Someone. Surprise Someone is an interesting site, which helps you add value to your usual style of gifting, and also offers some amazing gifting ideas.

My first pick from the site was a very very interesting DIY Surprise Box. Me and my son has already bought a few gifts for my father, but this box made us present those gifts to him in a completely innovative and creative manner, which made the entire experience much more special. My father enjoyed receiving it as much as we enjoyed creating it for him.





The box comes with certain decorative materials like ribbons, motifs, cut outs etc. with essentials like glue stick, tape and scissors, and then all you need to do is let your creative horses run wild and make the box as interesting as you want.

We also picked up an interesting hand made photo frame from the site, which was covered in cloth material. It added a lot to that personal touch we wanted while giving the gift.


We also found very bright and vibrant hand made paper bags and guess they completed our presentation of gift in a very nice way.

Its an amazing amazing site and I am sure you gonna love their products, I am not going to stop my shopping with just this, I love making people around me feel special and surprise them and with Surprise Someone, Its gonna be a lot more easy and a lot more fun.

I am really glad to have discovered this site, as it made our father’s day very special and full of surprise elements.

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Water Leakage in Monsoons can be a concern for HEALTH..! Read here for solutions

Damp walls, leaking roofs, all signs of approaching monsoons but wait, do you think that these things are harmful just for your home in terms of interiors? No. Leakages and damp walls are harmful for our health as well. We are normally ignorant about the health hazards caused by these leaking issues and sometimes realize when it’s too late.
You may be tempted to put such issues on the back burner and not be really eager to get rid of them, but there is more than one reason to treat it with urgency. Besides the damage that leakage causes to roofs or walls, one of the most hazardous effects of dampness is growth of moulds/fungus and mildew.
Mould can spread throughout the home’s structure where it can spread on to the carpets, furniture and even clothing.


The most common type of mould is the black mould, though this one being toxic is rare but even the non-toxic one attacks wood framing, ceiling tiles, walls and floorings. It is quite cumbersome to get rid of black mould and is rather costly.


Lest we realize that these moulds can lead to severe health issues. The term mould is used for a group of fungi that grow on wet materials. Different mould species adapt to different moisture conditions and can be of different colours.

Researches have shown that moulds have been associated with respiratory issues the most. People with respiratory symptoms like asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, rhino sinusitis, bronchitis, and respiratory infections are highly prone to develop even severe issues with prolonged exposure to dampness.

Dampness also gives rise to breeding of mosquitoes and other insects, which again proves to be harmful for the health. Apart from diseases like malaria, and dengue that result from mosquito bites, insects like mosquitoes and flies are generally responsible for contamination of water and food, which then lead to gastrointestinal diseases.

Now let’s understand how can we control this damage and what can be done to prevent the hazards all together.

Check for leakages

-When it comes to walls and ceilings, one must look out for wall discoloration or paint and wallpaper peeling off the walls.

-The flooring tiles can also have water seepage or dampness especially if the home is situated at ground level.

-Bathrooms could also be affected from too much condensation due to showering, bathing and the use of hot water. Condensation in bathrooms often leads to a rapid and unhealthy spread of black mould and other fungi.

Some tips to avoid leakages in monsoons


Fixing it

Water seepage does not have to be a universal phenomenon; it is easily preventable and remedied. The important thing is to know what products to use, and get the right professional advice on dealing with water leakage and preventing it in the future. Employing trained labor is also an essential factor to keeping seepage issues at bay. It is for this very purpose that companies like Dr. Fixit provide a team of dedicated technical experts for site inspection and timely solution with recommendation reports.


Dr Fixit has also trained applicators who are ambassadors for good waterproofing workmanship. Get the best possible solutions for your seepages issues; the benefits far outweigh the costs – both in terms of money and health.


Guest Post- City of Refuge, Hawaii by Rebecca

Travel always fills me with lot of energy and kind of gives a fresh perspective of people, places and things. It most of the times is the best rejuvenating experience and brings back a person refreshed and recharged with lots of memories for life. Traveling allows us to discover facts about a place which are sometimes unknown or lesser known.
Here is a post on Hawaii by Rebecca from Where to this time and it’s totally worth a read
In Hawaiian culture, the City of Refuge or Pu’uhonau was a place where no blood could be shed. If someone had broken a law and they reached this refuge, they were protected and avoided certain death. Then they were absolved by a priest and freed to leave. Defeated warriors and non-combatants could also find refuge here during times of battle.

Some of the laws, or kapu, in old Hawaii, that resulted in a death sentence included:
a common person couldn’t get close to the chief
couldn’t walk in the chief’s footsteps
couldn’t touch the chief’s possessions
couldn’t let his shadow fall on the chief’s palace grounds
women couldn’t eat foods reserved for offerings to the gods
they couldn’t prepare meals for men (I don’t know why any woman would want to break that law, rotfl!)
couldn’t eat with the men
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Qureshi Kebab Corner, Jama Masjid- Out of the world culinary experience

Making most of Ramzaan Time, we headed to Jama Masjid to discover some culinary and gastronomic experiences, we had no plans in mind as in where and what to eat and left decisions on impromptu gut feels. As we started walking down the lane, it was bustling with people and the aroma of kebabs and quorma’s was in the air and almost every shop seemed to tempt, but this particular outlet had most rush and that increased our inquisitiveness and we thought of giving it a try. They were serving only seekh kebabs both beef and chicken and we started by ordering just 2 pieces of chicken seekh and what a pleasantly delectable experience it was. The kebabs were mouth watering, delicious, scrumptious, amazing, awesome and just out of this world. Very soft, tender and succulent, they were literally melting in the mouth. From 2 seekhs for just trying, we ended up ordering 4 more and relishing it with roomali rotis. I highly recommend this place, one must visit and try their kebabs and you will want to go back every now and then.

Qureshi Kabab Corner Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Guest Post by Lexhan Menkiti- The Cycle of Maturity

Man A: Hey you!, take a seat there and sit tight for your turn to venture forward.
Man B: Try not to address me in that tone and way next time, you ought to get your words together before you say them.
Man A: Hi! it would be ideal if you can have a sit and sit tight for your turn before you venture forward.
Man B: O!, sorry, I didn’t know I needed to do as such, much thanks for telling me.
Who was discourteous?
Who acted matured in there with their reactions?

A sneak peek