Punam Chadha Joseph Launches Her Maiden Book of Poems- The Soulful Seeker

“Sometimes lost, sometimes found,
Sometimes silly, sometimes sound,
Sometimes straight, sometimes round..
Oh, the circle of Life.. ever so profound”
These lovely lines can only come from a poet who has experienced life very deeply, and is well aware of both lighter and darker sides of it. Punam Chadha Joseph, who recently released her first poetry book called ‘The Soulful Seeker’, writes these lovely lines and in a simple way presents the life in a nutshell.
The book launch event was held at an upcoming restaurant ‘The Lord of the Drinks at Epicuria, Nehru Place and it saw coming together of whose who of the Delhi social circle and also renowned Bollywood celebrities like Anil Kapoor, Kabir bedi and Yuri Suri.

The beautifully curated acts recitals by Anil Kapoor, Kabir Bedi, Yuri Suri, Maya Sami, Vivienne Pocha accompanied by the talented pianist composer Merlyn D’Souza brought alive the experience that the book of poems has to offer.
The Ageless man, Anil Kapoor recited the excerpts from the poem titled ‘Ageing’ from the book and his energy was something to watch out for. He is a live wire and it was just amazing to watch him recite this light hearted yet very soulful poem.
Some lines from the poem go..
“From being youngest in the room,
now I’m at times the oldest around,
accepting the brilliance of today’s youth,
it’s not an easy reality to accept,
since mentally I’m still sound”

Vivienne Pocha, Merlyn D’Souza and Kabir Bedi, gave voice and harmony to ‘Let’s Rise’, an emotive poem that revisits the 26/11 terror strikes on Mumbai.  It truly was a poem that gives you goose bumps.

Overall the book is a mix of some lighthearted poems and some very deep and philosophical.
Ajay Mago, publisher, Om Books International said, “The Soulful Seeker is a journey of self-discovery that is not limited to women alone, that embraces in its broad sweep friends, parents, children and spouse, lamentations and celebrations, failures and success, the past and present, and most importantly, the meaning of life lost, regained and reaffirmed with each passing moment.”
And here is what Punam had to say about her book..

To lend a even more personal touch, Punam has incorporated several of her sketches in the book, giving it a very striking visual appeal.

This book surely makes for a wholesome read and I highly recommend it.

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