A plant’s life

I don’t want to be a pet plant that depends on its caretakers for water, sunlight and air. Nature has given me the ability to make my own food and only by depending on the nature itself, my creator and no one else.

My life would not depend on any caretaker, that till the time he look after me I blossom and if he doesn’t, I just wither away, because then I won’t die a natural death, I would be killed because of his ignorance, negligence or sheer lack of interest in me.

I want to grow like a plant, a flower in the wild, get my energy from the sun, dance with the winds and get drenched by the rains, I want to be nurtured by my creator.
If I die in the caretakers home, I will be thrown away like a trash and my journey after death would also be denied, but if I die in the arms of nature, my death would find its purpose too, I would mingle with the soil and make it more fertile, and I will somehow germinate again for a new life.

I therefore deny to be dependent on others, my happiness, my blooming, my withering, my death, my rebirth, is all mine, for I am what I am, the perfect divine creation of the GOD.