BBQ Sun Downer At Junglee Billee..!!

Junglee Billee, the hot and happening restaurant in M-block, Greater Kailash 1 Market, adds another feather in their menu as they introduce BBQ specialities for sundowners every Saturday and Sunday.
It will be the first time that city will witness live grills on lave stones.

The menu has a lot to offer and has choices for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people. There was Cottage cheese and exotic vegetable skewer, Chargrilled mushrooms, Seared polenta, Double cheese chargrilled vegetarian sliders, Garlic thyme marinated fish, Cajun spiced chicken skewer, Grilled chicken sausage, Lamb kibbeh were some of the things on the offering. There were a few pass around snacks as well, like the Fresh tomato pesto bruschetta, Spinach and mushroom quiche, Dips and chips, Chicken and cream cheese tart, Dill and fish canape and Rosemary lamb pastry puff.

I happened to be present at the Launch Event of this BBQ Sun Downer, and have to say that Junglee Billee never fails to surprise me. The look and feel of the place in itself is so welcoming and every time I visit, I discover newer elements which leave me in complete awe of it.
The ambience was perfect, the terrace, the weather, the music and most importantly the food and drinks. 

The sangrias were amazing and were the highlight of the evening, though there were other drinks available as well, at the open bar. The chargrilled mushrooms were something I can go back anytime for.
The cottage cheese and exotic vegetable skewer was more than perfect. The cajun spiced chicken skewer and garlic thyme marinated fish, were a mouth melting experience. The spices were just right and both chicken and fish very tender.
From the pass around snacks I tried the rosemary lamb pastry puff and it was excellent, slightly on the spicy side, but great to taste. The chicken and cream cheese tarts were delectable too.

I have a special mention for the entire team of Junglee Billee, their hospitality is top class. Nida Mahmood, the brains behind the quirky design of the restaurant was seen attending to the people personally, I had a long chat with their head chef Pawan, who went on to explain the concept and dishes and the handwork gone behind developing this special menu and the way entire team looks after the guests, its truly commendable.
The place was bustling with people and yet, at no times the staff made you feel left out. They were constantly on their toes bringing one delicacy after another and personally looking into the requirements of the guests.

Pawan, also took me around the place personally, and as I explored each floor, with him explaining the details and showing the things, my jaws dropped. The swarovski jeweled posters were simply mind blowing and so is the collection of swarovski jewellery, displayed there. Nida has done an exceptional work with the place, each art work is like a story in itself and I still feel there is a lot more yet to be explored in this amazing restaurant and I can’t wait for the moment when they open their retail and I can treasure some of these artworks with me. The real show stopper was the Junglee Billee logo unit made in swarovski crystals, its a must watch whenever you visit the place.

A place that has such great interiors, a perfect ambience and amazing food & hospitality, what else can one ask for. So don’t think much, just head straight to Junglee Billee and enjoy live grills as you explore and fall in love with the place.

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