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Sports That Can Turn Into A Career (If You’re Any Good!)

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If you’re a sporty one that loves to keep active – brilliant! Your body is going to reap all the benefits, and so will your mind. Remember that being active doesn’t just keep you fit and healthy by burning fat and preventing disease. Your mental health greatly improves too, by releasing endorphins into your brain making you feel oh so good, even when you don’t.

But what if that favorite hobby could be turned into a full-time career? – All that is down to you. With the right training, hard work and dedication, you will open more opportunities to reach the top.

Here are some examples of a sporty hobby that can be turned into a successful career.


Who doesn’t love to dance? Whether you’re actually gifted is a whole other story, but dancing is a wonderful way to let your hair down and throw away all your worries and concerns. Making it into a career all depends on the style of dance you’d like to do. While most dancers will be taught a lot of different styles – as your progress, you’ll most likely focus on one more than the other. If you enjoy ballet, then you will want to go in the theatre direction, whereas if you practise more modern dance like modern jazz and contemporary, your best bet is being part of a dance team that has a manager to find you bookings and auditions.


As seen on tv, wrestlers like the men and women from WWE managed to transform their dream into a reality, and now they tour around the world selling out arenas full of their dedicated, lifelong fans. If wrestling is something you’d like to get into, the best place to start is to look for a local group that trains together and can teach you the basics. From there, the more experience you get, the further you can go. To begin, you’ll need your own wrestling uniforms to change into so you’re more comfortable when fighting, along with the suitable footwear to give you the right support.


Gymnastics is one of them sports that takes up a lot of time in your life, making it very demanding and having to have a very disciplined lifestyle. Having said that, the rewards are amazing. Your body will be sculpted like a goddess, and your ability and power that you have will impress many. If you want to make a career out of it, it’s important to train every day getting as much practice and experience as you can. Then you will be entered into competitions that will increase in skill every time you win. If you’re lucky enough to get spotted at one of these competitions, you may be offered a position to represent a professional team of gymnasts.

So as you can see, as long as you don’t give up, you can really make any one of your passions into a successful career. All you have to do is try



Top 5 best Female wrestlers of WrestleMania

WrestleMania being one of the favorite indoor sports on television has come up with variety of matches ever since 1985; they were erratic with their matches and tag teams. WrestleMania has always offered more than expectation to their fans. Women wrestling are one of them; it is the best when it comes to WrestleMania. Here is the list of top 10 woman wrestlers of WrestleMania, who won diva awards, were cover girls of top magazines and played WrestleMania like a pro.

  • Trish stratus – one of the most beautiful diva of the WWE. Though she is in WWE only from the year 2013, she yet has managed to win around seven WWE Women’s championship. She is considered to be the diva of the year because of her natural looks. Trish has won one time WWE Hardcore Champion and has won the WWE Babe of the year for three times. She has been the cover girl for many magazines as well.


  • Lita – one of the best female athletes Lita, her ring name is Lita, though her real name is Amy Christine Dumas. She was lately in limelight because of her involvement with the Edge and Hardy Boyz. Lita won her hall of fame induction in the year 2014 and was four time Title winner. Lita has won the WWE Women’s Championship four times in her career.


  • Chyna – Tagged as the best diva of the WWE, Chyna has achieved a lot in her journey. She has changed the divas perception regarding wrestling of many women wrestlers. Chyna was tagged as the world’s Ninth wonder of the world. Chyna was the one who twice held the WWF intercontinental Championship and the WWF’s Women championship once. Chyna was also the first ever woman to participate in the King of the Ring and Royal Rumble. Chyna was named as the lasting legacy of the WWE, called a lasting legacy and was tagged as the most dominant female contender of all the time. Chyna also featured the playboy magazine twice in her career and won many other awards meanwhile.


  • The fabulous Moolah – Moolah entered her wrestling career in the year 1949. During her wrestling career, Moolah won Women’s Championship five times. During the National Wrestling Alliance Era, she won many championships until she entered the WrestleMania. Moolah was the first woman champion as well as the youngest champion in the wrestling history.


  • Sunny – Tamara, a professional wrestler and a pornographic actress, she is famous as her ring name Sunny. She is tagged as the first diva of the WWF. Sunny was inducted in the Hall of Fame back in the year 2011. Sunny also won the Pro wrestling illustrated manager of the year award and no doubt her presence and the game was the best. Sunny even performed in the Extreme Championship Wrestling and Ring of Honor and World Championship Wrestling.

These were the top 5 female wrestlers, who were divas of the WrestleMania and have won many championships in their careers; they have given best to the WrestleMania. In spite of everything they are still the legends of the wrestling world and will always remain.

SOURCE: http://wrestlemaniavideos.com/top-10-best-women-wrestlers-of-wrestlemania/

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