Push Past The Marathon Pain With These Awesome Running Tips


Running a marathon ain’t easy. Even the most experienced runners will tell you that getting to the finish line is a very tough challenge, and you will certainly need to put in enough training to be able to get there. Not only that, though, but you also need to come up with a plan to push through all the pain when it hits. And we’re talking physical and mental pain!

You can reduce the amount of physical pain you experience with sufficient practice. However, the mental pain is something that can be problematic. But as long as you follow these awesome running tips, you shouldn’t struggle with it too much!

Forget Pre-Race Nerves

Pre-race nerves can really mess with a runner’s mentality before the race. If the nerves really get to you, they could scupper your chances of beating your personal best. It is very important that you try to stay relaxed right before the race so that you can forget all about your nerves. One way to ditch the nerves is to focus on your strengths and what makes you a good runner. That way, you won’t be thinking about the different ways things could go wrong!

Use The Best Source Of Energy

If your body doesn’t get the right energy to burn during the marathon, there is no way it is going to make it to the end. But getting the right energy can help reduce the physical pain, which will help you stay motivated and focused throughout the race. Carbohydrates and sugars are packed full of energy and protein is necessary to help the body repair itself. Most runners pack a load of these food groups into their meals the day before the marathon. As well as preloading, you will be able to buy energy supplements that you can take during the race.


Think Of Pain Positively

Ok, so this might sound very hard to do, but if you manage to think of pain in a positive light, then it won’t bother you half as much. Try to connect your pain to a positive thought, as you will then feel it a lot less. Once you start to think all of the usual negative thoughts when you first feel the pain, it will make it a lot worse than what it actually is.

Keep The Finish In Mind

When you are running and start to feel the pain build up, you should start to think of the payoff that is waiting for you at the finish line. Once you cross the line, it will all be over, and you will have certainly achieved something amazing! Not only will you have completed a marathon but you might also be able to beat your personal best! Keep thinking of this personal achievement and all the joy you will feel once you are finished.

No one said running a marathon was going to be completely painless but, hopefully, this guide will help you push past it all!

Good luck with your next marathon!