Cake-Mixing Ceremony – VITS Mumbai

The ceremony which marks the onset Christmas season, is the legendary Cake Mixing Ceremony. The origin of cake-mixing dates back to the 17th century where it marked the arrival of the harvest season. And it’s this time of the year when countless fruits and nuts were harvested and prepared to go into the making of the traditional plum cake. Over the centuries, the ceremony steadily graduated over the centuries to a social gathering with family and buddies sitting together and soaking dry fruits in wine or rum with wish that the fine flavor fills the Christmas with scrumptious sweetness.


This season too, the cake-mixing ceremony commenced on an enthusiastic notes at VITS. The glass floor stage above the pool at VITS was adorned with white and silver drapes with tables set to marks the beginning of the much awaited baking endeavour in the industry.


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The cake mixing ceremony at VITS was a phenomenon to be experienced and event work saving it in the calendar.


The afternoon saw a wave of joy with the staff really bonding with each other, with guests and the patrons.


Donning gloves, aprons and the Chef’s cap, the ritual of pouring and mixing the liquor into the dry fruits was performed with great  enthusiasm and gaiety.




The event concluded on a sweet note with a special gift bag given by VITS to its patrons and guests.