Atlanta Healthcare’s N99 Cambridge Air Pollution Masks!

Tuesday Dec 13th , 2016 saw the awareness meet for bloggers of The Atlanta Healthcare as they introduced N99 Cambridge Air Pollution Masks.

As we are all aware of the deterioration in the air quality specially in Delhi and the hazards of smog engulfing Delhi, some really serious measures are needed to combat this situation both by the Government and Private organizations and individuals alike.
As we are also aware that there are n number of Air Purifiers doing the rounds of the market for homes, offices etc, but what about individual safety when one ventures out for work,or goes to the market or traveling etc.
Atlanta Healthcare, an air quality management company, was founded in 2010 with their focus on helping people breathe pure. Atlanta Healthcare has joined hands with Cambridge Mask Co Uk to bring you N99 Cambridge Air Pollution Masks.

The very first thing one notices about these masks is they are not the usual drab looking white or grey usually found in the market. They have been presented more like a lifestyle statement.
The masks are available in very vibrant designs and sizes to suit your face structure. They are available in 5 sizes catering to weight from 6 to 90 kgs n beyond. They are available in 3 options of No valve(1799/-), One valve (1999/-) and Two valve (2199/-) with an average usage of 340 hours.

Now about the masks, the cloth used to make the masks is woven from threads treated with carbon to enable the whole mask have a complete carbon treated cloth.The masks are triple layered.
The primary filter layer is designed to filter out larger particles such as dust and PM10.
The three ply micro particulate layer is designed to block particulate pollution such as PM2.5 and tested to filter particles as small as PMO.3. The textile is a three-ply non woven melt blow polypropylene,a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide range of applications.
The third layer is The Military Grade Carbon Layer made from a 100% pure activated carbon cloth,which was originally invented by the UK Ministry Of Defence and boasts of a series of activated carbon filaments, each about 2,000 nanometers in diameter.The pores in each filament are 25 times smaller than standard carbon materials hence more powerful and effective.

Another service they are providing is the customization of these masks as per ones requirement for bulk orders. The masks are available online on prominent e-commerce websites like Amazon, Snapdeal with increasing presence in Medical stores across Delhi/ NCR.

So go grab your mask Breathe Pure Stay Healthy.