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Oxford Bookstore Connaught Place Celebrates The Twenty Second New Urdu Writings Series

Oxford Bookstore Connaught Place in collaboration with Hindustani Awaaz,hosts The Twenty Second New Urdu Writings Series,two recent books by Kishwar NaheedMutthi Bhar Yaadein (memoir) and Iss Aabaad Kharabe Mein (poetry collection). The session is being moderated by Dr Rakhshanda Jalil, founder Hindustani Awaaz with Kishwar NaheedProf Shamim Hanafi, eminent Urdu critic, and Kunwar Ranjeet Chauhan, Jashn-e Adab.The event comprised of book recital by Kishwar Naheed & discussion on modern urdu writings in comparison with earlier urdu poetry & writings. Richa Agarwal, an eminent classical singer gave a performance on one of the poetry’s by Kishwar Naheed, which was much appreciated by audience & the writer herself

Through its series of events for Urdu readers and book lovers, Oxford Bookstore aims to spread awareness about the literary and cultural relevance of the Urdu language, its literature and culture in India.


About Dr. Rakhshanda Jalil

Dr. Rakhshanda Jalil a writer, literary critic, translator, independent researcher, and much-admired blogger, is an eminent commentator on Hindi-Urdu culture, society, and literature. She has over 15 books to her credit, including the recent anthology, New Urdu Writings from India and Pakistan (2013). At present, she is engaged in a study of Indian secularism. She also runs an organization called Hindustani Awaaz, devoted to the popularization of Hindi-Urdu literature and culture, and blogs at and another at IBN Live.


About Kishwar Naheed

Kishwar Naheed is a feminist Urdu poet from Pakistan. She has written several poetry books. She has also received awards including Sitara-e-Imtiaz for her literary contribution towards Urdu literature.

Naheed has served major positions in various national institutions, as director general of Pakistan National Council of the Arts. She also worked and edited a literary magazineMahe naw. She established Hawwaorganisation (Eve). The purpose of the organisation is to support those women who have not independent income, providing financially opportunities through cottage industries and selling handicrafts..

Kishwar has written six collections of poems between 1969 and 1990. Her first poetry collection Lab-i goya was published in 1968, that won the Adamjee Prize of Literature. She also writes for children and for the Daily Jang. Her several poems have been translated into English and Spanish.


About Oxford Book Store:

Oxford Bookstore Connaught Place offers a carefully curated list of titles for booklovers to browse through and buy and perhaps the world’s largest assortment of teas in the hip Cha Bar, to create a holistic experience for book lovers. The entrance leading to the bookstore houses a big Neon Wall, a cloud of words in English-Hindi-Latin that envelopes book lovers in a universe of emotions linked to reading. Inside, in the tranquil space, hands-on staff, knowledgeable and highly trained book specialists, offer suggestions of handpicked titles from major, independent and indie publishers: a great selection of books, some exclusive to Oxford Bookstore. The selection features both emerging and established authors from India and the world. Shelves stocked with the best in Indian Writing, International Fiction and Translations take one into a spacious, elongated Reading Room which opens onto a dedicated Events Space. Well-researched sections on Languages and New Age books address issues of addiction, relationships, unexplained phenomena, and showcase the best of thinkers and Indian gurus. A wide range of titles in Travel Writing, books that showcase the very essence of New Delhi and a specially curated section of books on tea are other highlights. Children have an exclusive space for browsing, activities and reading and parents can look forward to the Top 10 Gift Books in each age group for a quick and easy pick. Amongst the best in books for different age groups are ones that help the young ones deal with experiences relevant to their age.


Radhika J Showcased Her Premier Shoe Collection For The First Time In The Capital Recently

Radhika Jain recently unveiled her premier luxurious collection of women’s footwear under her label name Radika J. in the capital. The eponymous designer, who has experimented with different styles,cuts,textures,embellishments and colour themes,  also retails through her online retail store

Priya Grover and Radhika Jain
Priya Grover and Radhika Jain

Her range of designs included a blend of various styles such as brogue, sandal and mojari styles, smoking slipper with mule  or even d’orsay pump, brogue and peeptoe style together.The most overwhelming styles, be that as it may, incorporated pointy-toe pumps, strappy-shoes, mules and clogs, mary janes, wedges and detailed flats.

There were numerous more appealing assortments like Folklore collection impacted from the customary footwear of different nations, for example, Netherlands, Japan , Mexico, her signature style double-platform high heels, and tango shoes style as she has devoted a whole line of her brand to the Latin dance community such as Tango, Salsa, Kizomba, and Bachata.







The corridor at The Kila was loaded with the visitors evaluating this new line of collection. Propelling the footwear under her own brand had evidently been on Radhika’s mind from the day she began shoning her knowledge on the peculiarities of footwear designing, and remained in India to complete her masters in Footwear Technology in 2014.


On the lavish launch of her collection Radhika said, “I am glad that my hard work is appreciated by the people.  I get inspiration from wherever I go – from street styles, fashion shows, to different cultures, places, books, objects, fabrics, floors, walls etc. I feel motivated to start my brand and I hope it will meet the needs of women worldwide.”


About Radhika Jain

Radhika Jain fulfilled her yearning to gain an international perspective on footwear design through a course in Fashion Design from London College of Fashion(Cordwainers),UK in 2012. She continued to hone her knowledge on the peculiarities of footwear designing, and remained in India to complete her masters in Footwear Technology in 2014. This time was a building ground for her own future brand, based on the sensibilities of Indian women. She additionally learnt Online Retail for Fashion Business from LCF, UK. All of this education coupled with a rich practical work experience in India and Italy lent her the spirit to start on her own. Her objective to become an internationally renowned luxury designer gave way to the inception of Radhika J, a label that brings together the expertise of designers from all over the country, all under one roof. She additionally also keeps herself associated with Parsons School of Design. Radhika’s thoughts on her trade are modernistic and simple. According to her, ‘The most admirable designs are made with a free mind. Design can be an idea, a thought, a minute detail, a feeling, a concept or a form, independent or integrated in an aesthetically appealing manner.’

‘Massage’ By Rakesh Bedi, a true massage for your emotions!

Massage is a play that really massages your emotions. No words can really express the roller coaster ride of emotions that one goes through while watching the play. From laughter, to the agony of struggle, love, betrayal, guilt, it has heavy doses of everything. The best and the most unique part about this play is that one single person portrays all these emotions and that’s none other than super talented actor Rakesh Bedi.


It’s a monologue and he enacts 24 characters in the play and each one of them is a treat to watch. The ease with which Rakesh gets into the skin of each character is commendable. His voice modulation, his walk, his gestures, his expressions, everything changes in a flash of a second as he walks in and out of one character to the other. I have been watching Rakesh Bedi in movies and TV serials and have always been an admirer of his effortless and spontaneous acting, but to perform alone, non-stop for two hours, without any scope of cuts and improvisations and play so many characters is another level. I truly respect him now as an actor after watching this show and I am sure anyone who ever watches this show cannot ignore the efforts put in by Rakesh to make this show a success. I saw the show last week and here I am writing about it after almost 10 days, because the show kept growing on me, there have been instances where certain scenes of the play just flash in front of my eyes and I long to see it again.

‘MASSAGE’ tells the story of Happy Kumar, a common man who comes to the big city of Mumbai with his pockets empty but dreams of becoming a hero. He passes through ups and downs, successes and failures, hope and despair, joys and sorrows, lanes and by lanes of the city. Rakesh Bedi’s enact of 24 different characters range from a Punjabi film producer to a South Indian actress and a Bihari politician. Happy Kumar leaves the film industry to become a gym instructor and then destiny takes a turn. The title MASSAGE refers to the massage of a person’s emotional state of mind. Though unable to realize his dream of becoming a hero, Happy Kumar is a happy loser. All his characters are noteworthy, but a few need a special mention. His portrayal of Kohli Saab, the producer with over the top Punjabi mannerisms, is simply amazing. The way Bedi changes his voice and his body language, you can actually visualize Kohli, a fat surd who talks loud, drinks a couple of pegs and gets emotional. Though Bedi doesn’t use a single prop to depict all of this, but you can see. His role as Minister’s PA, Pandey with his slurred speech is commendable and I think his best ever. The way he enacts scenes with so much finesse you almost forget that he is performing alone; you can actually visualize the entire scene and see other characters also. The scene where Heroine’s mother molests him in the music room, his walking up the stairs of his chawl, or massaging the back of Mrs. Kohli, every moment can be sensed, felt and seen.

Towards the climax, when Rakesh is reading a letter left behind by his wife Shanta, he exudes so much pain in his voice that your heart reaches out to him.

I feel privileged to not just have seen this show but also met this legendry actor in person where he shared his journey with this show that started 13 years ago. Check out what he had to say


Watching ‘Massage’ was really a massage for all my emotions and I loved it so much that I am eagerly waiting for it to happen again. I would like to thank and appreciate the efforts out in by 3 Bells Productions in getting best of the plays in this two day Mon – Key Shanti Theatre Festival and I look forward to many more events by them. Wishing them luck and 3 cheers for Mr. Rakesh Bedi.

It takes two to Tango..!!

Tango is a social dance from Argentina. It is a couple dance. It is very classy, sensual and sophisticated. Obama was recently seen dancing tango during his visit to Argentina. Besides football, Argentina is famous for tango.


Tango is very meditative and therapeutic. People compare it to yoga and zen. Art of living Guru, Sri Sri Ravishankar ji is also promoting tango under Sri Sri Tango. Our Indian Gurus are also realising its benefits.

It is not hard-core fitness activity. It is slow and gentle. Any age group can do it but a noted fact is that tangueros (people who dance tango, are referred as tangueros) are seldom unfit. There must be a reason. Like golf, it is an amazing socialising and networking activity. Tango is also supposed to be very addictive but in a very good way. Tango is healing and curing.

In Delhi, the only school to teach tango is New Delhi tango school- NDTS

They organise regular milongas (tango socials), tango festivals and tango workshops from world-renowned artists. The founder of the school is Kiran Sawhney.

delhi tango

Now Kiran Sawhney launches a new milonga in town. In fact, it is the only regular milonga in town that too in a 5 star property. It will happen every Friday at Eros Hotel, Nehru Place, a property that has an old world, vintage charm to it. It will transport you to the milongas held in Buenos Aires.


Milonga is a tango social. A place where everyone who knows tango, dances and only tango music is played.

So this Friday onwards, forget everything else and let yourself groove to the tango music and indulge in dancing, socializing and networking like never before.

tango in delhi-2

Exciting New Summer Menu at Plaza Premium Lounge -A delightful medley of light summer flavours

Exciting New Summer Menu at Plaza Premium Lounge -A delightful medley of light summer flavours

Summer is an amazing time of the year when there’s an abundance of fresh, delicious and healthy choices. Seasonal foods are punched with twice the flavour and are
extremely high on vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. Plaza Premium Lounge launches an exciting range of menu comprising of light summer flavours for the busy travellers.
Summer bearings provide an abundant of fresh juicy fruits, green vegetables and other fresh herbs. The new summer menu is designed to get the best of seasonal fruits and veggies in mouthwatering ways. 

Since summer dehydrates the human body and the energy level drops down, the human body requires cooling foods that helps in balancing the diet as well as maintaining the energy levels. The summer menu uses summer super foods like Yoghurt, Coconut, Watermelon, Cucumber, Mint, Mango, Lychee and other fresh seasonal produce.
Interesting dishes such as Sesame Chili Chicken with Spiced Watermelon salsa, Lasagna with Spinach and Ricotta, Basil Chicken and Coconut Curry, Watermelon and Coconut Panna Cotta, Mango, Tapioca and Coconut Pudding, Mango Pancakes are curated. The menu incorporates a variety of Yoghurt Salad Dressings, Mint accompaniments and even Mango dressings which are not only delicious but refreshing too. Variety of Herbs and Spice with cooling effects such as fennel seeds, coriander, cardamom, saffron, cumin and dill are used in several recipes.

All-time favourite thirst quenchers like Raw Mango Panna, Jaljeera and other signature ice teas are served to help beat the heat. Travelling makes everyone exhausted especially during summer, what can be more perfect then cooling yourself at Plaza Premium Lounge while lazing at the Airport.

                                                      What: Summer Special Menu
Where: Plaza Premium Lounge at Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad Airports
When: On till 15th July, 2016
Price: Lounge access starts at Rs.1200 plus taxes

About Plaza Premium Lounge
Plaza Premium Lounge, the world’s first independent airport lounge, gives travellers a haven away from the hustle and bustle of the airport, a home away from home, by providing a space with top-notch services and facilities for travellers arriving, departing and transiting at major airports including Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, London Heathrow, New Delhi, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto and Vancouver.
Comfortable seating, enticing food and beverage selection, showers with amenities, private resting suites, VIP rooms, recharging stations, Wi-Fi, computer workstations are but a few of the services offered to enhance the airport experience.
As the first airport lounge network to achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification, we are committed to consistently providing quality services and continual improvement for valued customers. By putting into action, the best ideas and practices from across the network and around the world, we focus on innovative and quality products and services.

On top of the sublime and opulent independent airport lounges that are in operation, we also manage lounges for leading airlines and alliances including Cathay Pacific Airways, China Eastern Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, United Airlines, SkyTeam and American Express.

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GoYaNo Presents Summer Cooler Festival & Beer Pong Challenge 2.0

GoYaNo Presents Summer Cooler Festival & Beer Pong Challenge 2.0

Post the massive success of Beer Pong Festival, GoYaNo is back with another interesting concept of inducing beverage trial at restaurants in Delhi-NCR, along with Beer Pong 2.0 challenge.
About The Summer Cooler Fest
There have been times when people wanted to try out the beverages at certain establishments, but couldn’t afford to pay the price, or say they wanted to try out multiple drinks, but they weren’t sure if the drink would be good enough to pay the price mentioned. Hence, to give users in Delhi-NCR a chance to explore the beverages at restaurants they like, GoYaNo has come up with this Summer Cooler Festival.
Come June 10, GoYaNo users will be able to experience the best cocktails, mocktails, brewed beers, and juices at flat Rs 99 [no hidden charges or taxes].

We have so far 30+ restaurants confirmed, and are in talks with a few more. The idea is to allow users experience excellent drinks at a cheap price, so that they know the original price they would be paying for the drink post the event is worth every penny. Also, we have seen how hard masterbrewers, mixologists, and restaurateurs are working hard every day to come up with innovative drinks, but most of the customers are not open to experimentation. Thus, this programme will be a good way for both the mixologists and customers to promote and try out the beverages, respectively.
Some of the interesting drinks that our users are really looking forward include Baga Beach at Ikka – The Ace Bar, Kala Khatta LIIT at Molecule, Dark Knight and brewed beers at Warehouse Café, Imli Patola at HotMess, freshly brewed Belgium beer at Hunter Valley, Power Stroke at BoomBox [multiple locations], Tequila Sunrise at Bollywood Bistro, among others.
Inspiration behind such a festival
Being in the food & beverage industry, we know the kind of effort & innovation mixologists & restaurateurs are putting behind drinks & food but somehow when we speak to our customers we realise that they are not aware of so many choices available & are not willing to try out something totally new at such a high price. They would prefer their standard beer, LIIT & Margaritas over creative cocktails such as Imly Patola, Aaam Panna Martini, etc. To bridge this gap we came up with a festival with an aim to induce trials for signature drinks amongst the masses and also allowing mixologists & restaurateurs to promote their signature drinks to relevant GoYaNo audience who love to party, dine out & have fun. Also with the rising temperature, it could not be more relevant than a festival for drinks.
How were the participants picked? What was the criteria?
Following were the criteria for picking up merchant partners:
1) Creativity in drinks [cocktails, mocktails or brewed beer].
2) Willingness of the mixologist & restaurateur to promote their signature drinks.
3) Feedback from GoYaNo customers about the quality of drinks & establishment
Other details:
Summer Cooler Festival organised by GoYaNo
Starting date: June 10, 2016
End date: A month long
Where: Multiple restaurants/pubs/lounges/breweries in Delhi-NCR
GoYaNo is here to take you on a roller coaster ride with a fun Beer Pong again.
Make new friends, drink as much as you can and play exciting games such as Beer Pong, Flip, Sip, and Sing, and Chug-In First.
Wait! Did we forget to say about the goodies? Well, there’s an exciting range of prizes too!
Our beer mantra for the day would be: Eat. Chug. Play. Repeat.
Beer Games
There are 3-4 Games [Beer Pong, Flip, Sip, and Sing, and Chug-In First] to be played on individual as well as team level on the event day.
With every game, the excitement gets double and so is the prize.
Food & Drinks
Unlimited Starters Package Veg || Non Veg @ 500 INR
4 Pints of Beer or Brewed Beer@ 500 INR
Things To Note
1) More exciting beer and other alcoholic deals will be available at the restaurant.
2) The event starts at 7:00 pm sharp but if you want to be a part of the exclusive photo booth shoot, then reach there by 6:30 pm
3) Winners of the games will get prizes worth 2000 INR.
4) Participants will also get vouchers from GoYaNo and the restaurant.
Other Details:
Where: Warehouse Café, Sector 29, Gurgaon
When: June 16
Time: 7.00am onwards
To Register,
Download the GoYaNo app from Playstore/iOS
#nofilter café feeds 21 deprived kids; organizes fundraising day for them

#nofilter café feeds 21 deprived kids; organizes fundraising day for them

Believing in sharing, #nofilter café cum bar in SDA Market, in collaboration with NGO Responsenet Development Services and Sampoorna organized a fundraising day for the kids who live below poverty line. During this event, they provided a lifetime opportunity for the kids who can’t even have a single full meal in a day by feeding some delicacy crafted out by the expert chefs at the café , which is otherwise only accessible to people who can afford.
A total of 21 underprivileged children from Kishangarh area were invited for nutritious lunch at the café that brought smiles on their faces. The menu was created keeping the taste buds of kids in mind. It included pasta, fries, pizzas, sandwiches and a few soft drinks.

During the event few artists showcased their live art that was sold out and the money collected was donated to the food bank. One painting made by the kids was purchased by #nofilter café for Rs 21,000 and the amount was donated to food bank directly. Also, the staff of #nofilter café contributed their bit and gave the amount to NGO.

Sharing about this noble thought Lakshay Mehra, one of the owners of café told, “You will be surprised to know that many in this world don’t have access to one square meal in a day. And this number increases many folds when it comes to kids. Another surprising fact is that a wholesome meal for an individual costs just Rs 21/-. So, it doesn’t really cost much if each one of us wants to help feed a child. NGO Responsenet Development Services has been working towards this cause and has come out with Delhi Gurgaon Restaurant and Bar Annual Fundraiser Campaign, So when its team reached us for the support to this noble initiative, we (other co-owners namely Ishan Kapoor, Kartik Tiwari and Rahul Arora) didn’t give it a second thought and agreed to participate in this wonderful opportunity to help and feed the food insecure population of Delhi and NCR.”

This day event was followed by a gala dinner night where some proceeds of the collection from the customers were collected and deposited directly to the feeding programs of Delhi NCR food bank executed by Responsenet. Delhi NCR food bank conducts feeding programs for several unprivileged kids across Delhi-NCR.

Angela Nar from NGO Responsenet Development Services said, “The Delhi NCR FoodBank is a non-profit program implemented by Responsenet Development Services. The Delhi NCR Food Bank brings together stakeholders from the private, public, educational and NGO sectors to support daily one nutritional meal sustained feeding to 7000 – 10000 vulnerable population in Delhi NCR. It acts as a hub to aggregate food donated from corporations, schools and individuals and delivers directly to those that need it the most.”

It was a great event done for a great cause, and it felt wonderful to see all these kids, though they have lack of resources in their life, but they have aspirations, they have abilities and they have far better clarity of what they want to be in their future and how to go about it. Given the right means, the future of our nation really lies in the hands of kids like them. I felt privileged to be a part of such an event.

HIVE Presents OWNAGE Featuring BO55 on May14th

HIVE Presents OWNAGE Featuring BO55 on May14th

Looking for the perfect Saturday night? Here is where you should be. Hive Kitchen and Bar to host one of the most talented DJ’s of Ownage Entertainment, BO55, this Saturday, May 14th.
For night life lovers, Hive being the only party place in the middle of the South Delhi Market, It boasts of never seen before interiors and European pub style seating. So, let your hair down and trip and twirl to loud music while indulging in a sip of a well-concocted cocktails and finger-liking food.

Come and see the musicians perform live on 14th May, 2016 at Hive, Green Park Market, New Delhi.
About HIVE
Hive- Kichen and Bar, is the latest entrant to the Green Park Market. It serves European and Mediterranean dishes with a mix of Indian fusion, and definitely has a locational advantage.
The restaurant spans across the second and the third floor of the building. The second floor has been done up to incorporate a lot of natural light, using large windows and a glass ceiling, which has water flowing over it, creating a natural effect. It is slowly becoming the new place for people to hang-out and enjoy a drink.
About Ownage Entertainment
Ownage Entertainment was launched in 2011 by Salim Bhat (Founder & Director), who started out with the aim of bringing International Acts to the Indian Electronic Music Scene and also promoting local artists.
Ownage has been at the paramount of artist and venue management with a history of executing and promoting exceptional gigs with famous artists.
About BO55
Salim Bhat aka Boss Of Ownage aka BO55, grew up to the old sounds of Tiesto, Above & Beyond and Armin Van Buuren. After the launch of his company, Ownage Entertainment in 2011, he decided to take his 5 years of experience off the stage and put it on the stage in 2016.
His sets are full of melodies and vocals, usually starting at 126 and ending at 138. He loves his build ups and a mix of big room sounds and hard hitting beats. He may be the new guy on the decks but he sure will surprise you.
Genres- Big Room/Commercial

For Table Reservations Contact: 011-41706637; +91-9582466454
Mighty Small- Restaurant Review

Mighty Small- Restaurant Review

Smaaash, India’s World Class Sports and Entertainment Arena, has announced its launch at the DLF Mall of India, Noida. Continuing with its spirit of providing complete family entertainment, the highlight of this gaming hub is its new quaint café & bar– The Mighty Small. Designed for ardent sports lovers, the café is an ode to iconic sports legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli and Cristiano Ronaldo, who are associated with Smaaash. Mighty Small is a humble and sweet way to thank these stalwarts for extending unconditional support to Smaaash.

The quirky name – Mighty Small truly exudes the glorious lives of Sachin, Virat and Ronaldo. With humble beginnings and petite frames, they all went on to exhibit extraordinary skills and became mighty in their respective fields. Just like its unconventional name, the café is also gaining immense popularity for being India’s first carnival themed restaurant. Decked up with vibrant circus posters, red and white seats and a huge selection of family favourites, this place offers a unique gourmet affair.
The cafe recently organised a bloggers meet and it was great fun meeting all food enthusiasts.

Like the several games and experiences available at Smaaash, the new cafe has a scrumptious food and beverage menu that will definitely score extra points. For ‘Quick Runs’, one could try ‘Volcano of Nachos’ or the desi ‘Makhani Fondue’. One could step up right with ‘Sachin’s Fav – Chakhna Salad’, ‘Rock Prawns with Srihacha Mayo and Chips’ and other such easy bites. From luscious pizzas to gooey lasagnas to claypots and noodle meals, there’s something for everyone. I personally loved their burgers and chilly chicken tarts.
For the one with the sweetest tooth, the place offers finger licking desserts like ‘Tequila chocolate mousse’ and ‘NYC Styled Cheese Cake’ amongst others. The food menu has been designed keeping the grab-and-go concept, where one could pick up their food and savour the games along with it!

The cafe aims at putting up a spectacular show to please all – the bar will specialise in larger than life cocktails, with signature sangrias and other cocktails – all served in small, mighty and mightiest avatars. There is a special sweet treats bar as well, called Big Fat Treats, which aims to please kids of all ages.

While you enjoy some games at Smaaash, savour your taste buds at Mighty Small and your day will be made.. head straight on!
Restaurant Review- Cinnabon and Aunty Anne’s

Restaurant Review- Cinnabon and Aunty Anne’s

If you are looking at indulging in some amazing cinnamon rolls and pretzels, head straight to Cinnabon, because no one does the cinnamon rolls better than them.
I was recently invited for a review to two of their outlets at DLF Mall of India, Noida and DLF Palace, Saket respectively. Cinnabon and Aunty Anne’s, these co-branded outlets operate together under the umbrella brand of Stellar Foods.

The place smells heavenly all the times, you just can’t miss out on the aroma of cinnamon as you even pass the outlet. It triggers you and urges you to try the cinnabon, as they fondly call their cinnamon rolls as.
I tried the chocobon, chocolate version of the regular cinnabon and also tried the classic cinnabon. Both of them were amazing, but I have to say that classic cinnabon wins over the chocobon. Eating the cinnabon is a mouth-melting experience and it makes you forget everything around you and just loose yourself and enjoy the moment.


I also tried some of their salted savouries, like the pepperoni pizza, and pepperoni pretzel, in this case, the pizza emerged out as a clear winner, the pepperoni pretzel was somewhat dry, and I didn’t enjoy it much.
Pepperoni Pizza

Perroni Pretzel

As for drinks, I highly recommend the range of their Chillatas, I have tried three of them and all were simply great. Mochachillata is for the lovers of chocolate, you just can’t go wrong with this, and for people who love fruits, there is Mango Chillata and Strawberry Chillata as well. Don’t think twice, just go for them, they are delicious.

Mango Chillata

Strawberry Chillata

It’s a mere coincidence that after conducting these reviews, I was at the DLF Mall of India for 5 consecutive days for some work and Cinnabon became my most favourite place for breakfast, everyday.
I went on and tried their cupcakes, the pretzel roll, the pecabon and a few other things and I can assure you that the place will never disappoint you.

I have become a fan of this place and I highly recommend it to all my readers, just go for it.
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