The Trend Edit; Hot Accessories for 2023

As the seasons change and another year comes to a close, we naturally feel an urge to refresh, to reinvent, to reinvigorate. It is the perfect time to re-evaluate your wardrobe, and decide whether your clothes and accessories still “bring you joy” and fit your style. What better rainy Winter day activity than a full closet refresh anyway? To help you curate your current pieces and decide which changes you may wish to make we have compiled a list of some of the top accessories trends predicted for 2023;

  • Lovely Lavender – perhaps somewhat surprisingly lavender is predicted by multiple trend forecasters to be the colour of 2023. A soft lavender can be a complementary colour to a variety of outfits; it can make a beige summer dress pop, it can bring a black suit to life, and it can sit nicely along spring florals. A subtle lavender handbag that can be dressed up or down will take you from season to season.  
  • Technology Triumph – Although those that know the smart watch history will know that the concept isn’t as new as Tech giants would want you to believe, what is undeniable is that the wearable tech trend will only continue over 2023. Smart watches now come in a variety of styles to suit various aesthetics, long gone are the days of a chunky plastic watch ruining a smooth outline or sleek ensemble. Added into the mix in 2023 will be smart glasses and rings to name the top two. Consider which product type offers you the tech access you most need (is it business, health, social media etc.) and commit to one high quality piece that will work with the majority of your wardrobe. 
  • Shop Slow – One can only hope that the prediction is true and that the era of fast fashion will slow down over 2023 as we continue to learn the environmental and social impacts such industries have on our planet and worldwide communities. The trend of “shopping slow” means not buying cheap fast fashion pieces but committing to longer lasting versatile options that you can enjoy for years to come. This can mean buying higher quality items, buying lightly preloved items, or sticking with the items you already have, perhaps reworking them to bring them up to date if you have a creative flair! 
  • Vegan Virtues – On a similar ethical note we continue to see more “vegan leather” options in the accessories market. Veganism and Vegetarianism continue to grow in popularity so it is not surprising that these values are now extending from the table to the closet. Vegan leather handbags can be incredibly luxurious and long lasting, just as much so as their original leather counterparts. To truly extend your ethical “points” look for locally made, small business offerings for your new “all year round” handbag. 

Whatever trends play out over the coming year it is important to stay true to your own style and remember to prioritise whatever fits your lifestyle and budget; remember that authenticity never goes out of style.