Costly Blunders To Avoid When Travelling To Costa Rica

Around the world, people associate Central America with the once powerful Mayan empire, magnificent temples, and natural wonders. It is therefore not surprising that even in the year of an active pandemic, there were 1 million tourists in Costa Rica. With an area size of 51,000 square kilometers, the country is smaller than the US state of West Virginia. Indeed, it is easy to make false assumptions about this country. Unfortunately, that can be costly to a tourist. Below is a list of things to have in mind as you become a smart traveler.

Assuming Costa Rica is cheap

According to news reports, a decade ago, the standard of living in Costa Rica was considerably low. Therefore, it became a haven for US retirees and, more importantly, the preferred tourist destination for revelers looking for long vacations. Today, the story is different, and you will be wrong to assume that living standards are still low. It is a sharp contradiction from what it used to be.

A single tourist will spend an average of $2000 monthly outside the city centers. Additionally, you will be surprised to know that many things are more expensive in Costa Rica than in the US, India, etc. For example, electricity, cars, gas, quality home goods, and beauty products are costly. They can only be afforded by persons who own a decent annual sum. There is also the belief that the country’s status as a preferred tourist destination in Central America continues to increase living standards. Therefore, if you have a pending trip to Costa Rica, you must prepare adequately with enough funds.

Booking too many activities in a day

Yes, the country is small, but you will be mistaken to think you can move from one location to the next to complete all your daily tourist activities. Unfortunately, this is a mistake many travelers make on their first-time visit to Costa Rica. Booking too many activities in one day takes away from the chance to experience and enjoy the country.

For this reason, booking a maximum of two activities in one day may be ideal. For example, if you book services such as Costa Rica Fishing Charters, be ready to spend at least three hours on this marine activity. Piling on different bookings will be tiring and not enjoyable.

Failing to make room for GPS or Google map driving times

With the help of technology, you can get information about the duration of a driving trip. As a tourist, this is vital in planning your daily schedule. Unfortunately, this may not be ideal on many Costa Rica roads. The truth is, Costa Rica has several bad roads, especially outside the city centers. Although, in recent times, there has been an increase in building an extensive road system, more can be done.

According to, travelers who go around the country in rented cars often come back with significant damage due to poor road conditions outside the city. For a first-time traveler, this can be intimidating. As a solution, you may want to stick with the local bus system or shuttles. Meanwhile, remember to give room to your estimated arrival time when traveling within the country and by road.