Providing Support To Someone Who Is Injured

While suffering an injury yourself can be a harrowing experience, equally dismaying is when someone we know and love suffers in the same way. If we’re in proximity to them at the time, the onus is on us to make sure they receive the help they need.

Of course, calling emergency services is an essential place to start. They can give you direct advice over the phone, such as gently helping them assume the recover position, or to make sure that they remain calm while help arrives. 

This is why skills such as learning first aid in advance for a scenario like this can be so helpful, because you won’t be a complete novice and will feel calmer in the situation. When help arrives, there are a few things that we can do in order to aid them, aside from going along with them to the hospital and making sure they have a friendly face nearby:

Contacting Family & Friends

One of the first things to do while traveling to the emergency room or medical environment is to contact further family and friends that they may have. This can help them begin to make their arrangements and process the news, such as bringing in clothes to the hospital or simply to visit them when possible. The more we can do this, the better. It might also be that your friend has advanced medical needs, which you can direct the paramedics to (such as a bracelet or necklace that showcases prior medical conditions). With that in tow, you’ll set them up for the best success and support.

Helping Them Attend Vital Appointments

It can be helpful to make sure that they attend vital appointments, such as attending an emergency dentist where appropriate after the mainline health considerations have been attended to. This can help them get the corrective work they need more easily, provided it hasn’t been taken care of by the hospital or broader medical reference system. Not only will this allow them to keep those appointments, but to make sure they have moral and in-person support along with them the entire way. Anyone who has ever suffered an injury knows just how valuable this support can be, and how appreciated it is.

A Kind Word Of Encouragement

In the effort to be as maximally helpful as possible, it’s not uncommon for many to almost become a guardian to their injured friend or relative, such as reminding them every single day about their medication and continually telling them what they should do. It’s important not to smother them unless they ask for it. It could just be that instead of being a superfriend, they just wish for a quiet and kind word of encouragement from time to time. Sometimes, the little ways in which you help can speak louder than all of the other efforts you’re willing to go to. It’s important to have that range, knowing that your friend would do the exact same for you.

With this advice, you’re certain to provide support to someone who is injured.

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