6 essential things that deserve a place in your bag, ladies!

It’s always a mystery what is in a woman’s handbag. While men don’t need to decode this mystery, women must always keep essentials in their purses, just in case of an emergency. 

While many things are to be kept in a woman’s handbag, the most crucial thing is sanitary pads. Sanitary pads are an essential item that must be there in a woman’s purse at all times. If you’re an office going woman, you must have at least a couple of pads in your bag all the time. On the other hand, if you seldom step out, you must have at least 1 or 2 sanitary pads in your purse, especially on days when your menstruation date is nearby. 

Even when your menstruation date isn’t closer, you must still have sanitary pads in your bag to offer one to another woman in need. Today, there are different kinds of sanitary pads available. If you’re comfortable with the regular disposable ones, it’s good to stock them up in your house, so you don’t have to rush about at the last minute. 

However, if disposable pads give you rashes, you can opt for reusable cloth pads after washing. After using these pads, you must thoroughly wash them and dry them before using them again. Other than the pads, let’s take a look at the other essential items that are a must in a woman’s handbag.

  1. Wallet or cash: This goes without saying; having cash in your purse is a must. No matter where you go, even if it’s only near your home, you must carry enough money for your safety. 
  2. Phone and charger: Don’t leave your home without carrying your mobile phone. While a phone is something that most people don’t forget to bring when stepping out, one must also carry a charger just to be on the safe side. If your phone’s battery is draining and you find a plug point somewhere, it’s great to make use of the opportunity. A power bank is also a wise option when you’re going to a place without an electric outlet to plug in your charger.
  3. Hand sanitiser: Maintaining one’s own safety is crucial during the pandemic, so you must carry a hand sanitiser in your purse. A small bottle of hand sanitiser will be useful to clean your hands before you eat something, after you’re done eating and even after you’ve touched any surface.
  4. Wet wipes: These are a must-have, especially on hot days when you want to wipe off your sweat or feel refreshed. Wet wipes are also ideal for removing your makeup when you’re running out of a proper makeup remover like micellar water.
  5. Notepad and pen: When you want to take down notes in a jiffy, a notepad and a pen are a must-have in your purse. This is an ideal option for ladies who don’t have the habit of jotting down things on their phones. 

These are the list of must-have essential things in your purse. 

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