How To Throw The Ultimate House Party

There’s nothing like a house party for a great time. Unlike in a bar or club, you have complete control over the music, the guest list, the menu, and the hour of ending. With great power comes tremendous responsibility, and if your house party planning is not done properly, your next invitation may be thrown out before it is ever opened. To help you even more, we’ve created this guide on how to have the ultimate house party – just don’t blame us for your hangover the next morning!

Pick a theme.

Great parties have themes. The process of selecting the ideal costume/outfit and having it ready for use on the day of the party also helps to generate enthusiasm among your visitors. When planning a house party that will be talked about for years to come, think outside the box and come up with an unusual theme like dressing up as an emotion. As a bonus, picking a theme for your party will also aid with conversation starters and provide you the opportunity to conduct a competition for the best-dressed. Nothing beats friendly competition among friends, and if you give your attendees the chance to win something, they will almost surely put in more effort!

When selecting a theme for your house party, you need also consider the location. If you rent a house in the country to avoid noise problems (and, let’s face it, the music will be loud), you might want to choose a country bumpkin theme or a rich ball dress code. There are countless options, so get creative!

Find something to do for fun.

Something that will make the party even more unforgettable is the addition of some unique entertainment for the evening’s festivities. Mix and mingle acts, such as walkabout close-up magicians and caricaturists, are particularly popular with guests, as they can entertain small groups of people and provide a keepsake. You could also set up 360 photo booth rental las vegas for yourself and guests to take memorable pictures of your amazing night!

Create your guest list.

You obviously want to invite everyone you know. However, it is necessary to consider those who simply will not get along. It’s not a good idea to bring your friend’s ex, who is currently dating another of your friends. Inviting people you’ve never met before, on the other hand, can help build long-lasting relationships, so bring that guy you went for a swim with on the coast that one time and try introducing him to your roommate! What we mean is, consider who you’re inviting and who might be affected.

Make the best playlist possible.

Finally, you’re holding a house party, so you’re going to have music playing for most of the night, even if it’s only for background noise. It is likely that a large number of guests will want to party, which means you will need to curate the best playlist for everyone to enjoy themselves. A potential issue here is divergent musical tastes; so, why not ask your visitors to submit you a short list of their favorite songs, which you can compile for the ideal playlist? That way, everyone is satisfied! Create a Spotify playlist to save and share with guests who enjoyed the music!

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