Fall Trends 2019

Fall is upon us, and with that, the style and trends in fashion are changing. The usual oversized jumpers and jeans combo is, of course, a staple in most people’s closets, but what else is happening in the world of fashion right now? You may be surprised with some of these new trends, and might not have imagined some of the combinations. However, that’s the beauty of fashion, and everyone has their own style. You can take or leave what you like from the current trends and fads, but here are some of the things that are popular right now.

Photo by Allef Viniciuson Unsplash

Asymmetrical dresses

Whether it’s an edgy unusual patterned dress or a pretty tool off the shoulder creation. The asymmetrical neckline is very in at the moment, if you’re looking for something a little bit different but not too far from the norm, then this asymmetrical design, paired with a leather jacket could be the ideal outfit for you this for. Working out how to layer your dresses for the change in weather, is an art in itself, which can go wrong if you don’t choose wisely. But when you get this look right, it can be amazing.


A full leather trench coat, or leather on leather, could be one of the seasons most appreciated trend. It’s making its way through the catwalks, and into High Street stores already. You can get some fantastic photo leather trousers, to go with a leather jacket and mixed up with some natural material underneath, and you onto the attractive look. Not only is it warm, but it’s stylish and appreciated by many. Also since most people are now concerned about the environment, sustainable fashion and animal welfare, faux leather is almost certainly available for each style you choose.

Power suits

The power suit makes a recurring appearance quite often, it’s a traditional but very effective outfit, that works in many scenarios, such as for work, of course, an evening meal, or if changed up a bit even a night on the town. You can find a smart suit in pretty much any high-end retail store, or you can find custom high end mens suits online as well. But you can explore, and find your perfect match with little effort. The clean lines of a power suit given an impression that everyone respects, and you can personalise, customise, tailor your suit to you and your personal style.


An autumn-winter season hardly ever goes by without some plaid included somewhere, every year you’ll see a splash of it. This year people are looking at more unconventional ways to get this print into their outfits, a handbag or shoe with a bit of plaid added here or there, or even accessories with this print added can really brighten up an otherwise everyday outfit. Also, it doesn’t just have to be the red and beige option anymore, there are plenty of other prints being developed all the time. Why not choose something a little bit eccentric to brighten up your own fall outfits?


We aren’t talking about polka dots here, we are talking about the spots inspired by nature and leopard print. Leopard Print has obviously been heavily featured as a popular print over time. But this fall it is making a big comeback and being shown to be as versatile as ever. Leopard and leather combined are proving to be an excellent choice this year. With jackets and accessories that have some fantastic prints and colours (not just the usual brown/ yellow), as well as some fabulous sweatshirts that everyone can enjoy whether fashion is your ‘thing’ or not. 

Tiny bags

One unusual track trend for 2019 for the season, are tiny little statement bags, it’s not a practical item, it’s purely an accessory to add to your outfit. You could possibly fit a mobile phone in some of them, but it isn’t the point. You can now buy Micro bags from many designers such as the Frieda leather handbag which retails at $325. Is this something that will continue through to the winter season? And would it extend into a practical outfit in some way? Again It’s all about being unique, and showing your own individual fashion sense, but since these bags have shown up at New York fashion week, you’ll find they may become more popular than you might first imagine. Why not? These bags are cute and can be customised to match any outfit.

These trends are obviously just that, and we can take inspiration, copy directly, or completely ignore these altogether. But there is no denying that these trends are sometimes unusual, and certainly eye-catching. So if you’re looking for something to turn heads this season why not try some of these trends out.

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