How To Give Your Home A Coastal Decor

Living in Goa has given me enough and more insight on how can one give home a coastal look. I totally love the cool vibes that coastal homes exude, the pastel shades, the use of jute and cane, the wooden floors, rustic lights, I love everything about this kind of decor. I thought of sharing the same with my readers and whether you live near a sea or not, but you can always give your home a coastal feel. The coastal look has a sense of calmness to it that is unmatched and with my décor tips, I am sure you will definitely be able to achieve a perfect coastal look home, which would imbibe warmth and peace.

Mix Bold and Pastels

Neutral tones mixed with bright, vibrant statement areas are iconic on the coast. From bold red, to Hawaiian pink or turquoise water and palm green leaves, the coastal areas have a lot to draw inspiration from.  While you can choose to color your walls in neutral tones or pastels, pick a statement area to go bold with color. The overall color palette could be in the hues of ivory white, sky blue, light green and shades of grey. You can choose to give your door a bold color like pink, green or navy blue, which will have a huge impact on the overall light décor. Or you could color one wall in brighter hues and create the same impact. 

While all-white rooms are very costal and very charming, infusing them with shades inspired from the outdoors work just fine. Pairing green and blue could be a win win as we are used to seeing the colours of the grass and sky together. For a foolproof look, choose a standout pattern that incorporates the two hues and translate the solid shades elsewhere on furniture, rugs, or walls.

Natural Fiber

 A coastal feel would remain incomplete without using the lush textures of natural fiber. Whether its sea grass, jute or sisal, these natural looking woven materials are perfect to bring the beach outdoor feeling inside the house. You could either chose to give one of your walls a natural texture, or a big fiber rug could do the trick.


To further give the room a more connected feeling with the outdoors, greenery is imperative. To gel with the coastal feel, opt for palm fronds or banana leaves, which would add both structure and life to your room. You can also create a miniature garden by planting some coastal plants, a wooden crate or box, would just add the right kind of look to it. Use some general purpose compost and fine grit and top these will pebbles, shells etc. for the perfect beach look.


Its best to give the house a open feel, and hence sheer curtains work the best. While they maintain your privacy, they also let the sun shine in and give the house a very airy and breezy feel to it. Opt for pastels and neutral color palette for curtains or mix and match with 2 sheer curtains in lighter hues on the side with one dark statement curtain in the center.

Furniture Style

In costal kind of décor, simplicity and comfort are the key words. Go for low-slung furniture in natural materials. Bleached wood, cane or rustic wrought iron furniture goes well with the coastal look. Deck them up with oversized cushions in bright hues for a perfect lounging feel. A long, L- Shaped sofa, with an occasional textured statement chair could do wonders. A coffee table in concrete or whitewashed wood with raw timber dining table could add the rustic appeal to your beach house.


When it comes to coastal design, the view is key. In place of bulky cabinets, go for open and functional places. Add some funk with small kitchen garden on one of the walls and use of raw wood shelves could help achieve that rustic feel. 


To complete the coastal feel of a room, a wooden flooring works the best. If not wooden, opt for painted floors. Aqua blue or green adds to the beachy feel or a stenciled pattern could be used in order to create a more rug like feel. Today there are many options available on the market for easy to clean floor paints in various textures and colours.


Though, shells, bamboo, fishing floats, coral, and driftwood are all fine accents in a sea-inspired home, but their over use could make your home looking more like a seaside souvenir shop. Keep them minimalistic and effective; don’t go overboard with the use of such décor.


Easy to maintain, hassle free and yet pretty is the way coastal home upholstery be like. Either opt for bold pattern fabrics, which will hide away regular dust and stains like sandy feet or go for slip covers which are versatile and easy to clean, especially when opting for lighter shades.


Lamps come in really handy to complement the coastal trend. Lamps with bleached wood legs and linen shades are just perfect to create cozy corners around the room. Driftwood inspired floor lamps and pendant lights also help in creating that laidback lounge feeling.

Hope these tips would help you design or redesign your house and give it a very cool coastal vibe. Do let me know in comments if you found the article useful.