Holiday Nightmares: The Dangers Of Travelling Abroad

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Imagine the scene: you have saved up your money to go on holiday. Excitement is bubbling over, and you cannot wait to leave your home town and jet off abroad to whatever country you have chosen. Sun, sea, rest, and relaxation await. Oh, the fun you will have, the memories you will bring back with you, the stress you will feel slide away from your tired mind…unless you are caught up in one of the following holiday nightmares and those memories will be dark ones and the idea of fun will slip away, being replaced with the stress you thought you had left behind. Gulp!



Nightmare #1: You have an accident or injury


Your home may be a child-proofed fortress, but your health and safety know-how needs to be adapted for a holiday abroad. There are many dangers, from slipping over at the hotel poolside to hurting yourself on unsafe roads. Not every country adheres to the safety requirements you practice in your country, so you need to be prepared.


Tip: Pack a first-aid kit with you before you leave and carry it with you everywhere you go. From bee sting creams to a maritime tourniquet, carry something for every eventuality, keeping you and your travelling companions safe from added harm should an injury take place.


Nightmare #2: You have a stomach upset


We told you in a previous article that travelling is good for your health. It is, but when travelling in a foreign clime, you need to be careful. Stomach upsets are common, especially if you drink from contaminated water sources or eat foods that are unfamiliar to your delicate stomachs.


Tip: Bring plenty of bottled water with you, or buy store-bought water while abroad, rather than drinking from the tap or any other water source. Be careful what you eat too – while it’s good to be adventurous with your food options when abroad, be mindful of what your stomach can normally stand and only eat in reputable food eateries.


Nightmare #3: You get mugged


Tourists stand out like the proverbial sore thumb, taking snaps with their smartphones, and dressing in clothing that is clearly alien to local custom. The chances of a tourist getting pickpocketed (or worse) are high.


Tip: Stop looking like a tourist! Wear clothing that helps you blend into the country, and don’t do anything that gives your tourist credentials away – standing in the middle of the street with a giant map is a big no-no for starters. Try and travel in groups as well, and don’t go anywhere unpopulated alone at night. You need to keep yourself safe, as well as your precious belongings.


Nightmare #4: You end up in a war zone


This is the biggest nightmare of them all, and something we all need to be aware of. Every day we hear of terrorist attacks in foreign and neighbouring countries, and some countries are prone to political unrest. Your life could be on the line.


Tip: Keep an eye on the news. If you discover your holiday destination is potentially unsafe, don’t take the risk unless your holiday operator tells you otherwise. Check out this list of dangerous countries too – with the risk of terrorist attack and tourist kidnappings; these are definitely places to avoid, no matter how much of a risk taker you think you are.




We have given you a whistle-stop tour of some of the holiday nightmares that await you. Still, we aren’t trying to put you off travelling abroad. Most of you will have a fantastic time. However, it pays to take precautions, so whatever you do this year, take care of yourself and those around you when making your holiday plans.







15 thoughts on “Holiday Nightmares: The Dangers Of Travelling Abroad

  1. Every time I travel I’m afraid of getting hurt in any way and I can’t access health care or the hospitals aren’t sanitary. I’ll take your advice from now on and bring a first-aid kit and avoid as much as possible getting injured. Amazing post!

  2. I often seem to have tummy upsets when travelling, probably because I eat a lot more spicy food than I would back home! Taking a first aid kit is definitely a good idea

  3. Similar to nightmare #2 would be getting sick! Hate it when you have planned all these fun things to do but all of a sudden you’re bed-ridden and the only view you get is through your hotel window.

  4. Very practical information for scenarios that are unfortunately all too common. It’s good to have a plan like this so you can feel confident traveling.

  5. These all sound really unpleasant! I’ve never been in any of these situations, but I was in Munich when there was a gunman on the loose and the whole city was put under lockdown. It was very scary but I ended up being okay. I think when people take precautions and use their head, most things will end up fine.

  6. We got mugged in Athens and they got all our money and cards. Terrible experience at the same time lesson learned. We’re still very thankful that somehow my husband and I found ways to survive in the city we don’t know anyone.

    We blogged about our bad experience in Athens and you may find it in my blog site.

  7. I loved how you have taken all nightmares into consideration and giving suggestions to overcome them. Dressing like locals and not showing off with precious things is the most important one.

  8. All these are practical information here so it is quite an informative and useful post. However, I would not be thinking about any possible unpleasant experiences but I would still take preventive measure beforehand.

  9. I’ve had nightmares whenever I get to travel, most especially the experience of having a stomach ache and headache as well. The good thing is, I have not experienced an injury whenever I travel. Thank you for writing this one cause it is a reminder to all of us to really take good care of ourselves whenever we travel.

  10. That’s an interesting view. Stomach upset is still ok…. I’ve gone through smaller troubles when traveling, but to have a war begin where you are or getting your passport and cards mugged would be indeed nightmares! I hope no one goes through these!

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