Travel And Maintain The Balance

Don’t you feel bored working every day and living the same life, greeting the same faces, eating the same food and all that to earn money and pile it all up and use it when you are finally forty? I am bored with this kind of lifestyle. I skipped jobs more frequently than the day changes. I see people working hard to earn and do their savings and use them later in life. I mean, how can anyone dream of that? Indian mentality is like that, they earn, they save and eventually run out of years to live like they were ever 25 or 30. And what happens to that money? It passes on to others effortlessly. So, I have planned to visit places, travel the world, go there with my unknown face and meet people with an unknown face.


What I Did?

I finally took solace from working in a mundane environment of the four wall offices of the corporate world. They bounded me to its subtle color, that never changed, and greed for money. It was hard for me to break free from the well-mastered plan of working FOR someone and making their life easier and crushing my free spirit. It was when those four walls begin to crawl upon me and tried to suffocate me that I finally decided to bid adieu to such a life.


Why I Did It?

I wanted to see more colors, so I took my soul to travel and it has been a while now. My eyes have seen what you people only could have imagined, my heart has captured those sceneries that only hang ignored on your walls, I did not capture any images -I did not feel like it, because I was travelling for my satisfaction, I did not want to share it with people in paper because what I have seen have been far more beautiful than those limited views.


Expedia & MakeMyTrip

After leaving corporate life, I began traveling and I consumed a majority of the money I had. Then soon enough I understood about the brands or the online travel aggregators which can help you travel at a much lower price. Amongst all of these numerous brands, I have had the best experience with Expedia and MakeMyTrip.


Making bookings on MakeMyTrip and Expedia is just the easiest thing to do and the most amazing part is that Expedia and MakeMyTrip offers the cheapest prices for flights and hotels. So, if you have a limited budget you can travel happily with that too.


Expedia Coupons & MakeMyTrip Flight Coupons

There have been moments when I was utterly confused about the unknown land which I was deciding to travel to, but MakeMyTrip and Expedia solved it all for me. They planned a whole vacation for me and even gave me such exclusive Expedia coupons and MakeMyTrip flight coupons which can help me buy tickets at affordable rates, make hotels bookings at reasonable prices and even book holiday packages at no extra cost.


Maintain The Balance

I wish that money wasn’t an essential thing in this world because eventually, I had to return back to work to earn money and spend it again on traveling. I understood the need for it when I was sick and I finally had to ask for money from home to get myself treated. Anyway, I am way past that. Now, I do not save money and pile it up, I earn for a month or two and then pack my bags and just lock the doors to this now not-so-boring life and open it again after I have lived and treasured moments. I understood one simple thing that everything in life is essential but all you have to do is maintain a balance.


Money was essential and traveling was too but to achieve such ecstatic bliss, I had to make a sacrifice. It is true that you cannot live your life the way you want, no matter how much you try there are things you do not have control on; you can run for one thing but the more you run for it the far you are from the other thing. You have to maintain a BALANCE.



19 thoughts on “Travel And Maintain The Balance

  1. Good post! It is true that you can never have everything in life, but to me, it sounds as if you have achieved a good balance already. Working for a while and travelling for a while is what I am planning on doing as well. I am on the road at the moment, but I already know that when I come back, I will work just long enough to earn the money for my next trip.

  2. Beautifully written ! Balance is key in life! I share some thoughts with you on what you wrote…it is only now that I’ve been able to find balance between ”life tasks” and passion. There’s a happy medium that exists, it just takes time to find it. Cheers x

  3. Very right about maintaining a balance. Travelling is amazing and necessary, but sometimes you need to stay put in reality for a while! Nice post.

  4. Thought provoking post well predicated on your background story. It’s true we all have to find what balance will make us happy and for each of us the answer is naturally different. What is right for one person won’t be right for someone else. Balance is something we all have to work out depending on our priorities and what we feel is important in life.

  5. Thanks for sharing your perspective on it. I agree it’s so difficult to find the balance, we definitely haven’t got it right yet, but it’s a work in progress!

  6. This is such a great read! I’ve been dreaming to leave my corporate life and be a full time Digital Nomads, so that I can travel to places and stay there without limits. I wanted freedom, but its so hard to achieve it for now, hopefully someday. Anyway, your post is such a great reminder for all of us, the key here is maintain life balance, which is very important.

    1. I sent my friend a link to this page, as we were just discussing this and trying to figure out the best path for us. Definitely a topic we should all be talking about more and supporting each other through it!

  7. Balance can definitely be hard to achieve with travel. We’ve met lots of people along the way who do it like you: work for a bit, travel with the money they’ve earned, rinse, repeat. I’m familiar with Expedia but have never heard of MakeMyTrip–so glad they’re helping you stretch your travel funds further!

  8. I work full time and travel as much as possible. I’m planning to gradually shift the balance over time so I can do more travel and less working but this way I get to travel in the manner that I enjoy, having enough money to be able to indulge in the things I enjoy. I guess that balance is different for everyone

  9. This was very helpful to read. I plan to leave my job next year and become a digital nomad, so saving money will be very important. It’s good to know that Expedia has excellent benefits.

  10. Congrats buddy for making your dreams come true. I have been doing the same for a year now. Thanks for telling about these coupons. Had no idea about a travel hack like this.

  11. I personally think that it is about finding something you love doing and have a reasonably good skill level at, and sticking with it. Now, travel could certainly be that something. That is a decision only you can make. My best wishes!

  12. I agree with this sentiment 100%! Balance is important and I too think that I achieve it best through travel. I use Expedia frequently but have never tried MakeMyTrip so will def look into that as another option 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  13. You are right about maintaining balance in life. Overdoing anything, even travel, can become a chore. That is why I don’t like to travel full-time.

  14. This is such an inspiring article for all those who want to travel but don’t have the courage to leave their job or go on vacation! Traveling is one of the most overwhelming experiences in life and it helps you to expand your horizon!

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