Day: August 14, 2016

Chef Ranveer Brar Launches His Maiden Book “Come Into My Kitchen” At Junglee Billee

Being a foodie, exploring different cuisines becomes the most natural things to do and meeting a celebrity chef is always like a dream come true. And very recently it happened to me when one of the most popular celebrity chefs Ranveer Brar launched his maiden book “Come Into My Kitchen”. The launch was very exclusive for a selected few and I consider myself lucky to have been invited for such an event. All this happened because the venue for the launch was a very happening place in the heart of South Delhi, Junglee Billee in GK1, whose head chef Pawan Bisht is a close friend. He personally invited me for the event, and though it was a working day but I could neither ignore Pawan’s invite and nor the opportunity of meeting Chef Ranveer Brar in person.



As I reached the place, Ranveer was casually standing and interacting with those present. Instantly he came across as a very warm and down to earth person. I asked him about his book, to which he replied” This book reflects me as a person; I have shared recipes which are close to my heart and which I prepare in my kitchen. I have also shared my knowledge regarding the process of making food, for my readers to understand taste, food presentation etc. in a simple way and I hope they enjoy reading it”.


He also gave me a personalized autographed copy of his book and I just loved it.



The ambience of Junglee Billee always adds a lot of value to events and this was no different. Finger licking good food was served along with Red Wine Sangrias; the weather too was just perfect, light drizzle with cool breeze. I relished some of the delicacies prepared by Pawan, and especially loved the Prawn Canopies and Chicken Tikka. I loved the way the tikka was presented in a cutting chai glass.





IMG_4615 IMG_4619


After a hearty chat with Ranveer Brar and enjoying good food and wine, I came back home happy with the book in my hand to be shared with another chef in my home, my mom.

Both me and my mom have enjoyed reading the book, the book encapsulates Ranveer’s life from his early childhood days to becoming a celebrity chef and has collection of most amazing recipes and also as mentioned by Ranveer, an insight into the entire process of food and tasting. The images used in the book tempt you to actually get up and try making that dish there and then.





Most of the recipes are easy and can be prepared in our kitchens without worrying too much about the fancy ingredients. I am sharing one of the recipes that I personally loved and I am sure you too would try it.
Also don’t forget to get yourself a copy of this amazing book by Chef Ranveer Brar, “Come Into My Kitchen”.




Black Dog Easy Evenings with Sorabh Pant

Black Dog Sparkling Water from the house of Diageo, recently organized a fun-filled evening, what they fondly call as Black Dog Easy Evenings. As part of these easy evenings, Black Dog gets in different artists for performance across bars and restaurants and let people enjoy an evening filled with loads of fun and excitement. This time it was the Black Dog Easy Evenings with Sorabh Pant, a household name in the field of stand up comedy at a well-known & popular restrobar called Raasta in Hauz Khas Village.


The evening was truly funfilled from start to finish. From the moment Sorabh Pant climbed on the stage to the time he finally ended the show, it was like watching a live wire all through. I cannot simply explain this man and his talent in words; you have to watch him to believe the energy he has. His jokes were apt as per the audience, they were topical yet very spontaneous. I mean seriously his quick fit is truly commendable. His interaction with people and coming with crazy one-liners was something to watch out for. The whole atmosphere was filled with noises of laughter, whistles, cheering sounds and applauses as this man went on continuously for two hours cracking people up with his jokes and impromptu reactions.

Sorabh Pant brought down the house at Black Dog ‘Easy Evenings’ (2)




And the moments become more fun when you are sipping Black Dog whisky, which is so smooth and relishing some amazing food at Raasta.
I tried the Chicken Quesadillas and Herb Fried Fish Fingers. The chicken filling of the quesadillas was very good and the fish was crisp from the outside and tender inside. I loved both the dishes.



“I keep coming back to Delhi, thanks to the great vibes and the enthusiasm of the audience. In a city like this, it’s super easy to get caught up in a frenzied, hectic lifestyle and it makes me feel good to be able to give them that much-needed break. I’m glad I can give the people of Delhi a good laugh and help them unwind a little. With ‘Easy Evenings’ by Black Dog Sparkling Water, I am all geared up to show the people of Delhi how humour is the best way to unwind and enjoy a relaxed evening,” said, Sorabh Pant.

“We are delighted to give the audience in Delhi an opportunity to unwind and relax, with the finest of India’s comedic talent, Sorabh Pant. We want people to take a pause from their hectic schedules, relax and just savour these moments. Easy Evenings by Black Dog Sparkling Water is all about getting people to have a good laugh and relax. A great way to de-stress and unwind on a week day with some great comedy,” said, Nitesh Chhapru, Head of Marketing, Luxury & Premium Core Portfolio, United Spirits.

About Black Dog Sparkling Water – Easy Evenings

Black Dog Sparkling Water with its strong legacy has understood over time that achievers in their busy life deserve a pause from their daily schedule. Black Dog Sparkling Water – Easy Evenings has been presenting these go- getters with moments to relax and unwind with comedy, music and food galore. Easy Evenings is not only a platform to unwind and witness a spectacle by various artists but also for one to enjoy and let the world wait. Performances at Easy Evenings range from stand –up comedy, jazz nights, improv and food pairing sessions. So come, sit back and enjoy an experience of class and finesse.

About Sorabh Pant

Sorabh Pant is one of India’s most prolific comedians. He has done over 1200 shows in 75 cities across 14 countries. He’s also the founder of East India Comedy and the author of the almost-bestselling novel Under Delhi.

After the show, I personally interacted with Sorabh and asked him how he started all this and what made him choose stand up comedy as his career.
See here what he had to say about it..

The evening ended with a silly selfie and all I can say is that it was truly an enjoyable evening and I will definitely keep a watch on next Black Dog Easy Evenings and create more memorable moments.



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Relishing Parsi Flavours at Soda Bottle Opener Wala

Navroz is the name of the Iranian New Year, which is celebrated in the month of August by all Iranians. This Navroz, Soda Bottle Opener Wala, the very famous Iranian/Parsi Café came up with introducing the special Navroz Thali in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions.

This was my first time at trying out the Parsi cuisine and hence I was all excited to do so. I opted for the non-veg Navroz thali. I must say that the thali looked very very tempting, the way it was presented. The thali consisted of Jardaloo Chicken, Mutton Pulav, Masala Ni Dal, Rotli, Chicken Cutlet, Salad Shirazi, Kachumbar, and Brinjal Pickle.


I started with the mutton pulav and loved it instantly. A very tender and spiced mutton was sandwiched between two layers of rice and when you dig in from top to botton, you have a mouthful of balanced and perfect taste, the mildness of rice and a delectable spiced mutton.



I tried the Jardaloo Chicken with roti next, I cant say that I loved this chicken instantly, as the gravy tasted very different compared to what gravies we North Indians are used to, but a couple of bites more and it started to grow on me.


The Masala Ni Dal was the only thing in the thali that I didn’t like, may be because I still didn’t develop the full taste for Parsi Cuisine. I loved the Shirazi Salad and Kachumbar Salad as well, but the most suprising thing was the Brinjal Pickle, I simply loved it. I otherwise dislike Brinjal, but this pickle was an exception. There was a cutlet too, which had filed eggs and chicken stuffed in it, or at least it tasted like that to me. 🙂




I also tried Eggs Kejriwal, a signature dish from the menu and have to say that these eggs kejriwal were simply mind blowing. Eggs on a toast with cheese and ham inside, they were a mouth melting experience.


Next was the Chicken Cutlet Pav and like some dishes in the thali, this one also was very particular in taste. The cutlet was nowhere like the regular cutlets that we eat, it was nice but not something that I would jump for.


For drinks there was quite a variety to choose from, like Masala Pepsi, Mrs. Soda Bottle Openerwala Cold Coffee, Raspberry Soda, Shikanji Bin, Fresh Lime Soda and Iranian Tea & Coffee. I settled for Shikanji Bin and yet again it was very different as compared to the regular shikanji that we get. It was little fruity and pulp of fruit was coming in mouth with every sip. It was nice and refreshing.


For desserts there were Raspberry & White Chocolate Panacotta and Sev, both the dishes were nice, but I preferred the raspberry & white chocolate panacotta to sev. The panacotta had a slight sour punch over the top because of the raspberry sauce, but as you went down, the sweetness of chocolate could be felt.




The ambience of the place is very warm and friendly. It feels like as if you are sitting in your home, with some nice old Bollywood songs in the background like Manu Bhai Motor Chali Pom Pom Pom.. Or may be it feels as if you are enjoying some Mumbai cuisine sitting next to the Gateway of India as the whole place has a lot of Mumbai feel.











Overall had a great experience relishing the Parsi cuisine with some foodie friends and I look forward to visiting the place again with my family. I am sure you too would drop in at Soda Bottle Openerwala and enjoy a nice Parsi meal with your family and friends.



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