King Khan comes to the biggest multiplex- Superplex to promote his upcoming movie- FAN @ Logix City Center, Noida

What’s first love.. People always say that you can never get over your first love, and in my case its true too. Me and Shahrukh go back a long way, it all started when I didn’t know the meaning of love, but felt extremely excited whenever I saw him on screen. From those days of DD and watching Fauji, to then becoming a heart throb with Baazigar, Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, DDLJ and so many more films, to now also giving me goosebumps whenever I see the FAN trailer on TV, he has been and will always be my first love, my favourite actor, and not just an actor, but my favourite person too.

So one can’t imagine the kind of excitement I had when I got invite for the press conference of FAN, which read WITH SUPERSTAR SHAHRUKH KHAN in bold. I nearly fainted, and the first thing I did was to immediately confirm my presence for the event.
PVR was hosting a special press meet for the baadshah of bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan and Manish Sharma to promote their latest blockbuster- FAN in North India’s biggest multiplex- Superplex at Logix City center, Noida. FAN would be released at Superplex in the most sought after 4 DX format to give the patrons a real life experience of the action sequences in the movie.
Excitedly I called up home, informed my mom and my son, who are also big SRK fans, about the event. They both too felt excited instantly and decided to accompany me for the event. None of us got sleep that night, and I was just waiting for the next day to begin, the clock to strike 3PM, and me to get a chance to finally see my love face to face.
Finally the D-day came, and after waiting, patiently, yet excitedly for around 2 hours, SRK walked in the theatre and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I just could not imagine that I was seeing him live.

His poise, his style, his charm, his wit, accompanied him as always and it was a true delight watching him speak as he answered questions asked by the Media.

I could not believe my luck, when one of the organizers walked upto me, and asked me if I would like to ask anything to King Khan. I was just dying to do that anyways.
I was nervous like hell, when he looked at me, and asked me my name. But somehow, I went ahead and asked my question. I asked him if he has ever been the same scenario as his role of Aryan Khanna, being obsessed by a male fan.. to which he very lovingly answered, “Manish has been the only guy who has been following me since 8-9 years, that’s when he came up with the idea of this movie, and since he has been constantly obsessed with me”. I asked him further, “but have you ever been obsessed by a fan, who is unknown to you, in this way?” He replied even more sweetly, making a slight drooping face, “yaar aaj tak kisi aadmi ne kuch aisa kaha nahi mujhko, sab ladkiyan hi kehti hain”. His answers always leave people in splits, its just the way he say things, the way his wit is always so so charming, that makes people fall in love with him instantly (even those who don’t like him, cannot ignore his charm)

More questions poured in and he answered each one of them patiently and with honesty. His honesty is depicted through his eyes. Especially whenever he speaks about his children, there is a twinkle in his eyes that lets you see deep in his heart, which is so true.
Mr Ajay Bijli, Chairman and Managing Director, PVR Ltd, said, “We are pleased to host the king of bollywood at our property, Superplex. I am a diehard fan of bollywood movies. The movie FAN looks very interesting.  Also, since it would be released in 4 DX format at Superplex, I am quite excited to watch it here at Superplex. I wish Shah Rukh and Maneesh best of luck for their movie.”
Mr Shakti Nath, CMD of Logix Group said, “We are pleased to host the press meet of Shahrukh Khan’s movie FAN at the FIRST SUPERPLEX by PVR today at Logix City Center, showcasing 15 screens cinema with Gold Class, Mainstream as well as one of the largest IMAX screens in Asia. It would also house the first 4DX and first Playhouse concept especially designed for kids. Well known national and international brands in fashion, food & entertainment would provide a one stop solution for all the needs of a modern lifestyle.”
While addressing the media, the king of romance Shah Rukh Khan also added, “I am a Delhi FAN since I am a Delhiite. I love to come back to the city again and again. I love the positivity and the love shown by the city for my movies. Since a major of the chunk of the movie has been shot in Delhi, I am sure people here could easily relate to the movie.
 I am thrilled to know that FAN would be released in 4 DX, all thanks to PVR Superplex and logix Group to have built such a grand property to promote movies.”

The Superplex caters to an audience of 1,544 across its 15 screens that include three Gold Class, one IMAX screen, one 4 DX screen, nine mainstreams (two screens with Dolby Atmos) and one dedicated screen with special seating arrangements for kids- Playhouse. This also marks the launch of the first IMAX in North India.
Located in the heart of Noida at Logix City Center, Superplex offers multiple formats -Gold Class, IMAX, 4 DX, Atmos and Playhouse- all under one roof. Considered as one of the most refined and well-planned formats, this 15-screen Superplex is a one- stop entertainment destination. Logix Group along with PVR Ltd. will provide a holistic, spectacular family entertainment package to the people in Noida and Delhi NCR.

 Shahrukh spent a good half an hour answering various questions poured by the media, and the public got into frenzy when he started to walk out. Everyone wanted to click a selfie with him, hug him, shake hands and just touch him, and he being the way he is, let the people touch him and shake hands. It would have been too crazy to click selfies, but he did whatever best he could.
All thanks to PVR, my day was made. I still would have wanted to click a selfie with the SRK, chat up with him and even hug him, but then there is always a next time.