Cantonese Food at Yauatcha, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj

Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, is a place that leaves you confused, and no I am not talking shopping, but I am talking restaurants, one entire floor has so much to offer that you are left confused on where to head for satiating your taste buds…
Though we were called for reviews, even then making a choice was becoming difficult; nevertheless, after a lot of mental chaos, I picked on Yauatcha.

The name Yauatcha has no literal meaning, ‘but it is made up of these words – Yau which is the surname of founder, i.e Alan Yau, and Cha means tea. Yauatcha is basically a famous dimsum teahouse hailing from London.
Aiming at authenticity in a modern setting, the chefs have taken recipes from all over China and infused them with a modern sensibility. The result..Authentic Cantonese cooking with a contemporary flair.
With a cuisine inspired by history and acknowledging the traditions of the past, one can only expect, well, the best. But sometimes, you are left a little disappointed with the overall experience because you set your expectations too high.
This is exactly what happened to my experience with Yauatcha, left me little dejected.
Though the food was good, but the service was too slow and added to a lot of frustration, in fact not just a slow service, but also a kind of negligence and ignorance in terms of the staff attending to us. They hardly ever came forward to take orders or suggest anything, after a lot of looking around, our eyes would finally meet, and someone would oblige, but nothing like the forthcoming sorts of hospitality happened here. But all the disappointment was dissolved when it comes to food.

We tried their Chicken and Prawn Sui Mai, Vegetable Shanghai Dumplings at first, and dumplings at Yauatcha can never disappoint. They truly have a class of their own and it reflects in the taste remarkably.

We ordered Orange Chilli Smoothie, Virgin Mary and Plum Cut Larissa Smoothie; the drinks were blended to perfection and had very distinct tastes.

Craving for more Cantonese delights, we ordered Chicken Cheung Fun, Crispy Spicy Vegetable Cheung Fun and Chicken Wrapped in Pakchoi. The presentation of food was as tempting as the actual taste of the food. The Chicken Wrapped in Pakchoi went to become one of my favorites. The Chicken Cheung Fun was lip smacking too.

But I guess the best part of the entire dining experience was to come in the form of desserts. They served us a platter of their special desserts, and for a long time we only kept staring it, they were mouth drooling.
Each and every item on the dessert platter is worth dying for, it included three flavors of sorbets, macaroons, milk choco praline and mango mascarpone gateaux. I personally loved the mango mascarpone gateaux and choco praline. They were delectable.

The place is definitely worth giving a try, the food is good, if they work a little on their service, I am sure one wont mind spending that kind of money to try the Cantonese delicacies.

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  1. Yauatcha has been on my list since a long time! And after looking at the pictures of those desserts,I can't wait to try it!
    Excellent review!

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