AHS conducts a total workout fitness for hair, mind and body – Zumba..Let your hair dance with Advanced Hair Studio!

Advanced Hair Studio (AHS), world’s largest hair replacement and re-growth company took a step ahead and supported fitness for lustrous mane. After the success of their campaign ‘Healthy Eating Healthy Hair’, AHS  conducted a Zumba session for healthy hair, mind and body. The session also witnessed an informative workshop on hair care and answered a plethora of conventional myths regarding hair care.
For someone like me who has two left feet and never danced, it was a truly enriching experience. Zumba was very high on energy and I completely forgot everything else and danced like no one was watching, and I  thoroughly enjoyed myself.

AHS in-house trichologist and a trained Zumba instructor, Dr. Nikita Sood, took an insightful session on the importance of healthy mind, body and hair post the Zumba session. AHS expert provided the details about the dance form and how it benefits in enriching the hair, mind, body & soul as a whole. The discussion also covered topics such as hair loss, its types, possible causes and the solutions including the role of specific diet with reference to hair.

While addressing the media, AHS Trichologist, said, “Hair deserves a detox too. A holistic hair care promotes nourishing and detoxing hair. Zumba, the most interesting form of aerobic dance is gaining huge popularity amongst young people these days. It stimulates the senses and releases active hormones keeping the stress away from mind and body showing positive results for hair.”

Talking about the initiative, Mr. Sanket Shah, CEO & Managing Director, Advanced Hair Studio (India Sub Continent & Middle East), said, “After the successful campaign ‘Healthy Eating Healthy Hair’, which we did last year highlighting how healthy eating results in healthy hair, we are now excited to move one step ahead with the Zumba session to rejuvenate our mind, body and hair. Most people in India do not realize the importance of a fit body. Adopting healthy diet and exercising daily not only helps maintaining the body but also reflects in improving the hair condition.”
He further added, “Stress in life can adversely affect the condition of hair. Zumba, an exciting form of Latin dance increases happy hormones (Serotonin) which in turn reduces stress, increases blood circulation and restores the scalp.”
The session was followed by a one on one interaction with a AHS consultant for a free hair health check up and also a free of cost hair cut and styling session.
The interaction with AHS consultant was very insightful and it told me a lot of aspects about my hair that I was usually ignorant about, and I highly recommend my users to definitely get a consultation done.
Considering the popular trend of achieving fit and toned physique with extreme care about healthy hair, AHS has introduced a six month hair fitness program – Advanced Fitness Program for its clients. The program is considered to be one of the best treatments in the world to benefit all those who face hair thinning or hair fall problem. It will not only maintain the hair on the scalp but will also help combat wear & tear that occurs due to weather conditions and pollution.
Presently, AHS offers a wide range of solutions for all hair loss related problems. In clinical hair procedure, AHS offers – Advanced Laser Therapy treatment (ALT) and Strand by Strand the Ultimate while in cosmetic hair procedure, AHS offers Strand by Strand (Cosmetic) and Flashpoints.
The clientele of Advanced Hair Studio includes names like Shane Warne, Gautam Gambhir, Jacque Kallis, Saurav Ganguly, Darren Gough and many more that stand as a testimony to our successful treatments.