Chocolate Chip Mousse Bites

Ohh.. this is one of the best ways I use my leftover whipped cream and chocolate ganache( Sometimes, you just whip a little extra, and make some extra ganache too) or there are times when I need to purposely make my son is just too fond of them.. they simply get vanished in a matter of few minutes.. I am sure you all will enjoy making and eating them as much as I do..and its really simple and easy to make..


200ml whipping cream
200 ml chocolate ganache
1 table spoon gelatin
2 tea spoons cold water
2 tea spoons hot water
a few chocolate chips, both dark and white
Cookie cutters


Whip the cream on high speed for about 10 minutes till stiff peaks are formed.
Using a spatula, fold in the chocolate ganache in to the cream.
Dissolve gelatin powder in cold water and let it soak for a couple of minutes, then add hot water and mix it properly.
Add this gelatine to the cream and ganache mixture.
Gently fold in a few chocolate chips into it.
Now on a baking sheet or a normal plate, arrange your cookie cutters.
Pour this mixture into the cookie cutters and fill up till the brim.
Tap it gently and garnish with a few more chocolate chips, and then let it set in fridge for about two hours.
Once it is firm and set, gently remove the cookie cutters and ta daaaah.. you have yourself mouth melting chocolate chip mousse bites..

P.S. Kindly do ignore the slightly untidy look of these bites as my son did not have the patience to let them set completely and removed them little before hand 🙂