Goan Surmai Fish Fry

What a moment it is when the appetizing aroma of Goan Fish Fry mesmerizes my taste buds.
It takes me back in time, when as a kid I learnt how to savor fish fry without being poked by its bones. And yes, the only competition if I ever faced was that of my pet; Tom cat.. 

So, here’s the recipe which has been my all time favorite and Tom’s too… and I’d love to lend it for you all to cook and relish it.

Ingredients for the Fish: 
6 fillets of fish( I used Surmai fish here) 
1 lemon
1 tea spoon turmeric powder
1 tea spoon red chilly powder
2 table spoons freshly grounded ginger garlic paste
2 handfulls of Rawa/Suji
Oil for Shallow Frying

Clean the fillets of fish, and keep them in a tray. Now take all the spices, i.e. turmeric powder, salt and red chilly powder, along with ginger garlic paste, and juice of lemon and make a thick paste combining all. Now using your hands generously apply this paste on the fillets of fish and let it marinate for an hour.
After an hour, heat some oil in a pan, take your fillets of fish, one at a time, coat them completely in Rawa( you can spread the raw on a sheet of newspaper), and shallow fry the fish until golden brown from both sides. Remember not to over cook the fish, as fish gets done real quick.
Take them out on a tissue paper to drain any excess oil, and serve hot with onion rings and a slice of lemon.

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