Tips For Using An Epilator In The Bikini Area

Removing hair from your bikini area can be a tricky one. The skin in the area is extremely sensitive and even thinking about pulling hair out of that region can give you goosebumps. However, since many women opt for getting their bikini area hair removed we have enlisted few tips which can make epilating your bikini area a little more bearable!


Tips for epilating your bikini area


  • Ensure you are using the right head attachment

There are many different attachments available for epilators which are suited for removing hair from different body parts. Choosing the right attachment which is suited for the bikini area is very important.


  • Be relaxed and comfortable

This is important as if you are already uncomfortable or stressed you will feel even more discomfort and pain while epilating your bikini area. So choose a comfortable and cool area in your house where you can epilate peacefully.


  • Trim

Before epilating make sure to trim your hair near the bikini area if they are long. If you epilate it without trimming they can get entangled and get pulled which will cause a lot of pain. So trim using a scissor or an electric trimmer before epilating.


  • Be quick

The quicker, the better. Think of it as a band-aid. If you do it slowly it will hurt. If you move quickly the pain caused will be less. Move in swift motions and cover small areas at a time.


  • Tighten the skin

Pull and tighten the skin in the area you are epilating which will reduce the pain and remove the hair more effectively. If the skin is not tight it can pull between the tweezers and can hurt.


  • Post-care

Once you have finished epilating rub some lotion, aloe vera gel or ice in the area you epilated. Taking care after epilating is very important as it reduced the redness and soothes the skin otherwise the sensitive area skin can burn and make you very uncomfortable.


Tips for choosing the right epilator


  • Epilators which can be used in the shower or cannot be made wet are available. Epilating in the water can be less painful but some people do not like to epilate while showering. So choose the one which you prefer.
  • If your epilator comes with a higher number of tweezers it is going to be more effective and quick to get rid of your hair. Quick and effective means lesser pain!
  • Epilators with many attachments including an attachment for sensitive areas like bikini area are also available. Read the features and reviews before buying to find out about the best epilator for bikini area.

You should avoid epilating during your periods as your body is already sensitive and epilating in such a sensitive area like your bikini region can be very painful during this time.

Once you get the hang of using an epilator it becomes much easier with each try!


This article has been contributed by Linda Mcwarth, who is a passionate blogger associated as a freelancer with Outreach experts like SubmitCore. She loves penning her thoughts while promoting businesses to target audience.