Master Chef India is back with Season 5 – #notjustahobby

Come 1st of October and Master Chef India Season 5 takes off on Star Plus. After a successful run of four seasons this time the show comes to you with a very different perspective.This season promises to be more of a Talent Hunt show for some of the finest cooks the judges could identify . The focus theme is #notjustahobby and the judges want to see people who take cooking not just a hobby but more as a passion and turning it into a profession.

Retaining Chef Vikas Khanna, who has been part of Master Chef since season 2, Master Chef, this year brings back Chef Kunal Kapur who was seen only the first season of the show and also the new addition to the judges profile is
Zoravar Kalra the owner of many popular restaurants like the Farzi Cafe, Masala Library, Masala Bar etc;


Recently a press conference was organised at Farzi Cafe in CP, where in all the three judges shared their excitement to be a part of the show with the audience. Each one of them has been given specific tasks for their show and I am sure its gonna be really exciting to watch them bring an element of freshness.


Chef Vikas Khanna has been entrusted with the responsibility to bring in some new elements for the participants to face.
Master Chef Kunal Kapur too is busy giving the show more depth and insight.
As per Zoravar Kalra he mentioned at the press conference that this time the viewers are going to see a lot of new gadgets on the show.

Chef Vikas Khanna says that India is full of talent and their background and experience bring forth a cutting edge to the show.As Vikas says India is a land of wonders and you will get to see that in some of the amazing participants they have chosen.
Chef Kunal Kapur echoes the sentiment and said that India has treasure full of Talent which they could feel coming through in the auditions.
Master Chef Season 5 will also emphasize the fact that not only cooking is a passion but also requires a great bit of grit and determination to really bring the cooking to a form of Art.
People from all walks of life with diverse backgrounds have participated in the show making it all the more exciting.
So come October 1st switch on to Star Plus on Saturday/Sunday at 8pm and catch all the excitement! Don’t forget to tune in!