Mystical Mondays- Shine with Self Love, by Manoj Lekhi

“ I love myself and I will do whatever I like”. “”I love myself, whatever I do, I like.” 

There is a huge difference between the two sentences. 

First statement says that happiness comes only after you do what you like to do while the second statement explains that we are already happy and express our happiness in whatever we do. The first one falls under an impression where one’s love is dependent on outside factors and external situations while the latter expresses

Self-Love. Love yourself, don’t wait for outward happenings to feel loved.


The Majority of people, almost 99% fall under the section where they seek love through various elements in and around their surroundings. Likewise, I feel happy when I have a Coca Cola. If I get a new job or hike in my salary or a new car or bike, then I get a feeling of happiness, then I see love in my life. This way happiness is dependent on an outward situation and is always seen after an event occurs.

This happiness is not self-love this can be called as self-pleasure which we call Happiness.


This further brings us to what is that fine line between Self-Love and self pleasure? 

We often are mistaken comparing love and pleasure being on the same pitch.

Nothing is wrong with pleasure, in fact, our pleasure enhances when we are joyful, its like icing on the cake. Pleasure is achieved from outside, whereas love is derived from within. There are two phases for this, one where we go after something for fulfillment versus we are already fulfilled and expressing ourselves through that thing.

Lets say, I love a sweet; when I have that sweet I am happy, versus I am happy with or without a sweet, and if I happen to have one, it’s like cherry on the cake.


There is no harm in experiencing  happiness through different situations or elements, but then that’s temporary. It is when you have happiness from within and the love of self , that is genuine happiness and that stays permanent and forever.

One is going upstream while one is going with the stream, one is flowing against the river, one is flowing with the river. When you are already joyful, you express it through different mediums, be it dance, be it music, sports, studies or cooking. What matters is being joyful!

How to be In Self-Love and in genuine happiness ” no matter, what happens” ?

This is the science of inward journey, science of Meditation which we teach in our SSY program (SSY- SCIENCE OF SILENCE YOGA). When you start living joyfully without a reason you start expressing it through your daily behavior. The action which flows out is the beautiful example that is set in your life. Likewise, when action flows through anger, irritation and frustration it will always hamper one’s journey of discovering Self-Love and happiness.

Self-love, is a process where one dedicates one’s time for oneself, “the inward-journey”, to catch one’s thoughts, patterns, beliefs. When a person rectifies these patterns, he identifies the blocking factors and uplifting moments and draws out the negative thoughts and welcomes the positive one’s.

There are a number of practices for one to discover the path of self-love. One such practice  towards discovering the treasure of Self-Love is known as LiYA 1 HOUR where you spend one hour for yourself, every day, by cutting yourself off from the outer world and spending that joyous time in doing something you like and enjoy.

As we are trapped in outer worldly issues, we often reap fruits of depression, frustration, irritation, anger and even sometimes revenge. But when we spend our time on our Self, we reap the fruits of hopefulness, joyfulness, peacefulness, blissfulness and godliness.

Start to live life by loving Your Self!

A person who is in Self-Love is fulfilled within and life is all joy!

Rise in Self-Love and shine to a beautiful life!

About the Author

Manoj Lekhi is a truth seeker at heart and a guide to thousands Indians all over the world. At the age of 25, he met Guruji Shree Rishi Prabhakarji, creator of the Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) program. Under Guruji’s guidance and as his key disciple, Manoj Lekhi himself has blossomed into a Business and Life coach.


He is a passionate trainer in areas like management and leadership development. He has been teaching management mantras to many corporate honchos for business expansion for over a decade. In the last two years he has conducted 250 programs across 11 cities and touched the lives of 15000 fellow Indians in India and abroad. His passion for meditation and SSY has inspired him to adopt an entire village near the foothills of Pune. He has also started a school there inspired by the Gurukul structure. The Gurukul encourages community living and inspires everyone to become a contributing member of the society. The entire community stays, works, meditates, serves and plays together amongst the rustic dwellings and wide expanse of sprawling greens. Apart from this he is also the author of the books; ‘Your Child is your Parent’ and ‘ Money Wealth and Abundance’. Manoj Lekhi’s love for Silence and Solitude makes him an obvious nature-lover. He loves trekking and loves taking a walk in the mountains and forests. Apart from this he also enjoys listening to the modern day Western spiritual and professional Gurus like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer on one hand to ZigZiglar and Brian Tracy on the other.

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