U.S. Premium Agricultural Products Supported the Mixology Competition at AAHAR 2017

As part of the several activities happening at the AAHAR, there was also a grand competition of mixology where in reputed chefs and mixologists competed for top honours with their innovative creations. They were given a fixed set of ingredients to create their drinks along with the best quality US Premium Agricultural Products such as U.S. Cranberries, California Walnuts, USA Pears, Washington Apples, and U.S. Pecans. While as attendees we got to witness the highest quality products and services from the food and beverage industry, the winners of the Culinary and Mixology competition were chosen by a panel of esteemed judges including members of the organizing committee, reputed industry & USDA representatives.

It was fun to watch some of the aspiring chefs to come forward and use their skills to create outstanding mocktails that got points on taste, but also on the presentation.

Through participation in trade shows, competitions and various engagement activities, the idea is to reach out to the influential trade personnel (i.e. importers/distributors, food/beverage manufacturers and processors, bakeries, hotels, restaurants etc.) and introduce them to the freshness and taste of U.S. premium agricultural products.