Father’s Day made special with SurpiseSomeone.in

Father’s day has always been a very special day, but this year it was made much more special with the help of Surprise Someone. Surprise Someone is an interesting site, which helps you add value to your usual style of gifting, and also offers some amazing gifting ideas.

My first pick from the site was a very very interesting DIY Surprise Box. Me and my son has already bought a few gifts for my father, but this box made us present those gifts to him in a completely innovative and creative manner, which made the entire experience much more special. My father enjoyed receiving it as much as we enjoyed creating it for him.





The box comes with certain decorative materials like ribbons, motifs, cut outs etc. with essentials like glue stick, tape and scissors, and then all you need to do is let your creative horses run wild and make the box as interesting as you want.

We also picked up an interesting hand made photo frame from the site, which was covered in cloth material. It added a lot to that personal touch we wanted while giving the gift.


We also found very bright and vibrant hand made paper bags and guess they completed our presentation of gift in a very nice way.

Its an amazing amazing site and I am sure you gonna love their products, I am not going to stop my shopping with just this, I love making people around me feel special and surprise them and with Surprise Someone, Its gonna be a lot more easy and a lot more fun.

I am really glad to have discovered this site, as it made our father’s day very special and full of surprise elements.

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