What Looking in the Mirror Can Really Do for You!

How do you start the day? And more importantly, do you start it on the right foot? The morning is pivotal to our ability to thrive throughout the rest of the day, but if we do not start the day properly, it can be a chain reaction that can last throughout our entire waking day. If you do not have a morning routine, it’s important to do some light stretching, and have a good breakfast but you may also want to look at yourself in the mirror! This may sound strange, but there are many things that looking in the mirror can do for you.

You Learn About Yourself 

Many people avoid looking in the mirror for long periods of time, either because they think it’s self-absorbed, or they worry they may find something they do not like. It’s true that if you look in the mirror you could find an abundance of insecurities, but even if you find there’s something not quite right with your teeth, there are always little fixes for these things. Many dental services can sort these things easily, but the most important thing about looking at yourself in the mirror is not about hunting for imperfections, but it’s about being curious and finding out things about yourself that you have never seen before. You might be surprised to find something about yourself that you’ve never seen before. You could look in the mirror and recognize how sad you appear. And this can mean you potentially cultivating an image that is betraying who you really are.

You Can Build a New Foundation

Looking at yourself is not narcissistic, but it’s an ideal opportunity for you to understand who you are. Like many people who practice mindfulness check-in with themselves, this is just another version of sitting in silence. In fact, there is a type of meditation called a “mirror meditation” where you silently gaze into the mirror for approximately 10 minutes every day. In doing this, you can become more aware of who you are, but also how you react to the world around you.

How to Practice Mirror Meditation

Here are some simple ways to get you started: 

  • Choose the right space. Find a location where you can put a mirror that allows you to see into your eyes without straining. Set yourself a timer for 10 minutes, and have no goals other than to stay there with yourself. 
  • Be aware of your breathing. You can do this with your eyes closed, and take a few slow deep breaths. Notice any areas of tension in your body, and use the breath to melt them away. 
  • Gaze into your eyes. Look at the quality of your gaze, and try to soften it as much as possible. 
  • Observe your inner critic. If you are being overly critical, try to change your attention to focus on the person that is underneath receiving this criticism, which is who you really are. 
  • Notice where your attention goes. With meditation, you can easily become distracted. The whole point of this is to become more aware of the feelings that arise when you dart in a certain direction. You might be surprised how much your perception of yourself can change.