Restaurant Review- IC’s Hotel, Jamia Nagar

“Never Judge A Book By Its Cover” a very famous saying that sometimes really holds true in practical aspects of life. I recently went to this eatery called IC’s Hotel and no other phrase can describe this place better. It’s a small hotel situated in the hustling bustling street of Jamia Nagar and may be just because of the location and the surroundings you will end up giving it a skip, but I assure you, once you open the door and enter the property, you will be very pleasantly surprised. Its chic, classy and very appropriate to take the entire family out for relishing a authentic mughlai cuisine. There is no dirth of outlets/restaurants serving authentic Mughlai Cuisine in Jamia, but there are not many places where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the meals with entire family, most other restaurants don’t have appropriate sitting space and environment, but this place is definitely different.

Now coming to food, this place does serve finger licking good food and you will crave for more.
Tandoori Chicken- Succulent and perfectly spiced, this dish is delectable and a must try.
Mutton Seekh Kebab- Authentic Mughlai, these were delicious and all meat lovers will really admire the taste.
Hara Bhara Kebab- Tender and mild, these kebabs are perfect for the vegetarians.
Paneer Tikka- Appropriately spiced, diced pieces of cottage cheese certainly make for a delightful dish for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. I have hardly come across a person who doesn’t love Paneer Tikka.
Main Course:
Chicken Korma- This is one of their signature dishes, but its nothing like the usual Chicken Korma we get at other restaurants. Its chef’s own version and creation and I think it should be called chef’s special rather than Chicken Korma, because for those who are looking to savour authentic mughlai chicken korma, this might be a little disappointing in terms of expectations vs reality, though the chicken in itself was delicious.
Dal Makhani- Perfect creamy texture, the dal makhani was a perfect accompaniment.
Kadhai Paneer- Very creamy and mildly spciced, again kadhai paneer was not like the usual kadhai paneer we are used to having. It was really nice and I am sure all vegetarians will love it.
Kadhai Vegetable- Though the gravy of kadhai paneer and kadhai vegetables were very similar, its surely one of the best dishes they have, especially in veg option. One must try it.
This was the best part of the entire meal, we had gulab jamuns and they were simply mouth melting. This is definitely something that everyone should try.

My overall experience at the place was great and I truly feel that sometimes we end up overlooking a nice place just because of the surroundings, but I request my readers to give it a try and you wont be disappointed.