Auramah Valley is becoming the preferred option by many in Himachal

Mr. Manav Singh, a business graduate from Menlo College, California always had a keen interest in real estate, IT, and infrastructure. A true ‘Himachali’ at heart and as the Chairman and Founder of Imperial group with businesses in private air charter, aircraft spare parts, air ambulance, assisted living projects and high end luxury real estate, he ensures that you live a life in style, comfort and luxury.

He has not only achieved excellence in business but is also immensely respected for his social outlook and work. At one of this real estate projects in Himachal – Auramah Valley focuses on assisted living and luxury villas. Equipped with a helipad and a complete clubhouse with plenty of activities, Auramah Valley is becoming the preferred option by many. With the project spread across 75 acres of forest and hillside, he has made sure the life of the locals are not disrupted and in-turn merged them in with the development.  Mr. Singh has built a school as an attempt to elevate education in the area. He has introduced a state of the art water harvesting system with new farming techniques, which has created plenty of scope and employment for women and the old. Always dressed in shades of dark blue and green and a towering Indian flag on the property, shows his love and affection towards his country.
Mr. Manav Singh, spends atleast 6-8 months a year in Auramah Valley, driving around in his classic Willys Jeep,  signifies how modest and homely he is. With an exceptional understanding of the need of his clients and comfort being its utmost priority, he has been defining luxury all over again as well as keeping in mind the development and growth of the not so fortunate. He is a true motivation and has been a marvelous exemplar for many.
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