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Soda Bottle Opener Wala Launches New Menu…More Delectable Dishes to Relish..!!

We are all now aware of the authenticity of Parsi and Iranian Cafes that have been brought to Delhi by Soda Bottle Opener Wala and there would be hardly anyone who would have not tried their lip smacking food. But going forward, here people not just serve real tasty authentic food, but also keep experimenting with food and bring in new items to their menu to delight their customers even more.




I recently went to attend a bloggers meet for this newly launched menu of theirs at the Cyber Hub Outlet and it was a very pleasant visit indeed.

My culinary experience started with Adu Tedhu Baby Corn Fry, these thin slices of baby corn fried in a crispy batter, these were a real treat. Mostly I have eaten fried baby corns where in the full baby corn is fried, but in this case they have further sliced the baby corns like chips and then fried and hence the crispiness is far better. The green chutney dip and mayo dip that its served along with, are perfect companions to the fried baby corns and trust me you can’t keep your hands off this one.


I also had a warm chicken soup along with this, which too was perfect.


Next I tried Carnovire’s Bhel which was a bhel loaded with chunks of chicken and ham, which made it extremely interesting. It comes with both green chutney and saints that you can add as per your taste, mix it well and you are ready for a delectable food experience. This too is a must try.


Up next was Chicken Chilli Cheese Pav, which was scrumptious. I loved it, the pavs were so soft and buttery and the topping of chicken with loads of cheese was simply amazing. You cannot afford to miss this one.


Followed by this were the Boiled Egg Sandwiches, prepared in true Bombaiya style, they were amazing.


For the mains I tried Tarela Rainbow Trout and Bombaiya Chicken Biryani. The trout was out of this world, marinated with mixed spices, this was a real delight. This is definitely one of those things that will take me back to Soda Bottle Opener Wala, that too very soon. In contrast the biryani was mildly spiced but flavoursome.



There were Jumbo Prawns too, which I didn’t try, but they looked inviting enough for me to try them the next time.


For vegetarians, there was Paneer Sanju Baba with Malai Parantha and Khatu Meethu Pumpkin. They too looked delectable.




For drinks I settled for the Raspberry Soda, because thats been a favourite ever since I tried Soda Bottle Opener Wala the first time.


There was also a new soon to be launched cocktail that we got to try, BumSuckerWala which is mixed with vodka, frozen raspberry, and thyme and is an ode to this wonderful Parsi family from Karachi who made drinking Raspberry Soda popular there. It was refreshingly nice.


Coming to my most favourite part of the meal, desserts, there were 3 wonderful things that I tried. The Caramel Custard, White Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheese Cake and I loved all three of them. The white chocolate brownie was the most surprising, because of the simple reason that we are used to the dark chocolate brownies, so both the colour and taste were very different for this one.




To conclude, I had a wonderful experience at Soda Bottle Opener Wala as always, the new menu just made it worth while multi folds. So don’t waste time thinking, head straight to SBOW and I am sure you will have a great time. Bon Appetite !

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Beautiful Breakfast Mornings at Chatter House

Breakfast, they say is the most important meal of the day and one should never skip it. I have been though skipping it most of the days, but recently on a bright Sunday morning, my breakfast story became very very beautiful and it was really hard to skip this one. Now who can skip a breakfast when it contains variety of things like, different egg preparations, fresh fruit salad, cold cuts, sandwiches, pancakes, waffles and even paranthas and that too under one roof. At least I could not, because just reading these items on the newly launched breakfast menu of Chatter House made me hungry.


Called for a special bloggers table on a Sunday morning, gave me the chance to explore this wonderful culinary delight. We began by ordering Fresh Fruit Salad, and trust me I could just keep looking at it, it looked so so tempting and fulfilling. Well it alone was enough to fill one person’s stomach, but the advantage of a bloggers table was that we could share and enjoy more things than a person can actually finish off individually.



Next we tried the Spanish Omelette and Eggs Benedict. The Spanish Omelette that was loaded with roasted red capsicum, potatoes, paprika, olives and parmesan cheese was simply out of this world. I loved it and this is definitely one of those things in the menu that you should not miss. Eggs Benedict was another heavenly dish, poached eggs and chicken ham topped with a heavy drizzle of hollandaise sauce, made it really delectable.

Spanish Omelette
Spanish Omelette
Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict

Up next was Croque Madame with Salad, basically a classic chicken ham & cheese sandwich covered in cheese and becomes a madame when a fried egg is placed on top of it. Well the Spanish Omelette and Eggs Benedict had set my expectations pretty high and hence I found these a little disappointing. Not that they were bad, but in comparison, they ranked a little low and could have been better.


Making most of the given opportunity, we also tried the Indian Breakfast, for which we ordered Paneer Paranthas and Gobhi Paranthas. Served with curd and pickle, they were scrumptious.


Next we ordered Waffles and Pancakes and both of them were just amazing. The waffles topped with chocolate sauce, and maple syrup was worth indulging and so were the soft, supple and utterly delicious pancakes. You cannot miss them, these are the must tries.



My overall experience of this breakfast menu at Chatter House was great, the only disappointment were the smoothies which taste too curd like and I am sure after taking our feedback constructively, the chef has already worked on it and they are good by now, as I write about them.

So don’t wait, make your mornings beautiful with a beautiful and scrumptious breakfast at the Chatter House.

About Chatter House:

The Chatterhouse, headed by Mr. Swadeep Popli, is a perfect getaway from the mundane flow of life, bringing alive the very essence of the pub culture made famous by the typical pubs of Europe. Located at the posh locale of Khan Market and Nehru Place The Chatter House is a typical pub which becomes the centre of your social experiences, a place where you wind down your day, meet up with friends or just enjoy some fabulous spirits with comfort cuisine with a twist.

The Chatter House appeals across a diverse spectrum of guests from 15 year olds to 70 year old who all find something to entice, indulge and entertain them. The very USP of the place is that you can enjoy listening to your favourite tunes from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and also enjoy a spirited conversation at the same time. It enables you to enjoy your company and conversations along with our very popular gourmet food and drinks. As in keeping with the relaxed retro vibe of the pub, expect to hear some great tunes from those ‘golden years’. The music played is pub classics – this space is dedicated to several legends.



Keeping various needs of the guests in mind the place has bar stools, very famous booth style seating, high seating tables, lounge sections along with regular seating. It also has an al fresco seating with an open format wood fired oven at Epicuria and a full glass house smoking terrace area at Khan Market. The design of The Chatter House is a typical old style pub, spread across 2,500 sq ft of space. The Chatter House in Nehru Place is a Victorian era themed pub adorned with classic chandeliers, warm and welcoming wooden accents, old world flooring, wooden groin vaults, cheerful brick wall finishes and plush comfortable seating that will surely get you to sink in and relax. The one in Khan Market is a typical Irish themed pub with tan leather & dark wood interiors covered with iron and bricks, Irish rock bands music lyrics and specially Irish music wall art. The place also boasts of a 20th century piano especially sourced from London and the theme is typically music based in this outlet.

The kitchen at The Chatter House is run under the supervision of Head Chef Tara Chand Joshi who has years of experience in the hospitality industry. Chef Joshi believes in curating the food as much in detail and passion as he devotes to the drinks. Speaking of the gastronomic experience here, comfort is the keyword of the cuisine that The Chatterhouse entails – a heady mix of delectable delights from Europe, Italy and of course India. The emphasis is on “fresh” and “high quality” ingredients from the best of suppliers. They try and do “home-made” as much as possible. They bake their own breads, most of their sauces are made in-house with carefully drafted recipe. The basic principle considered while planning the entire menu at Chatter House was comfort, association, aspiration and regional. To break the monotony of normal casual pub they curate their food listings seasonally and menu changes every 3 months.

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