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Masala Library- Not just food, but an experience beyond words..!

Some places are not just about food, but the wholesome experience you get in terms of food, presentation, drinks, service, ambience, hospitality and everything else. I have been thinking since long of visiting Masala Library but somehow it never worked out. But recently during Shivratri holiday, me and my son headed out to ML to experience the best.

The ambience is as classy as it can be, totally top notch and a perfect fine dining place.

We decided to settle for the Chef’s tasting menu because we felt that way we would get to try a variety of things and I think it was one of the best decisions we made.

Our culinary extravaganza of 19 course meal began with Amuse Bouche, which had mango pulp with coconut water and was supposed to be gulped down in one shot, and it was really nice, but more intriguing was the way it was presented, like yolk in eggs that too on a nest.

Up next was Madur Vada with Clear Rasam, an absolute delight, both in presentation and taste, loved the miniature vada and the way rasam was supposed to be drunk. Just wonderful!

The next set of snacks included Pirada Cheese Poee, Deconstructed Samosa, Charcoal Bhajiya, Nadir Churma and Farmer’s Staple. Out of these minus the cheese, which I didn’t like too much, everything else was fantabulous. The Deconstructed Samosa went to become one of the best things I have tasted ever. Charcoal Bhajiya was great too, and because of its charcoal black colour my son ended up eating an onion bhajiya which he normally doesn’t. Nadir Chruma was another dish, which he polished off because he didn’t come to know its made of lotus stem and had a spread of hung curd with raddish. The Farmer’s Staple was a millet paratha stuffed with caramelised onions and it was truly mind blowing. Not just the taste and presentation, but the whole experience of the way these dishes are served and one of the team members comes and explains the dishes, its just amazing. It feels everytime a new cultural story is unfolding.

The next set of dishes intrigued me even more, as the presentation and textures were superlative. It included a Mushroom Chai, Galauti Kebab and Sheermal, Curry Leaf Prawns with Thayir Satham and Cubed Chicken Tikka. The Mushroom Chai was simply fabulous and so was the Curry Leaf Prawn, these both tasted awesome. The Cubed Chicken in three different textures, a chicken tikka, a chicken papad and chicken crumble was great, but the winner here was the Galauti Kebab, which didn’t look like a kebab at all, in fact it appeared as a spread of small noodles on the bed of a fluffy sheermal. This truly was an outstanding preparation.

Up next was a Lamb Champ with maple and kokum glaze and it was amazing, the sweetness of maple was perfectly balanced with sourness of kokum, which made this champ sweet, sour, tangy and extremely tasteful. After this Tawa Keema with Pickled Bitter Gourd was served, very tasty and amusing to find bitter gourd that wasn’t so bitter, but tangy.

The Sorbet which came as a refreshing palette cleanser, was like a deja vu to childhood, as it had the flavours of anardana, hajmola, kala-khatta etc., it was really nice.

Mizo Stew, followed by Tawa Boti, Curry, Breads and Fermented Pakodi Dal made for the last set of main course dishes. By the time I reached this stage I was already so full, eating bite sized foods one doesn’t even realise they would be so filling, but they indeed are. Out of this entire course I loved the stew and the tawa boti the most.


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And now an elaborate dessert menu awaited us, and it truly was a treat. Dense Dark Chocolate Mousse, Bhappa Doi, Chenna Payesh, Ashen Kulfi and Jalebi Caviar, doesn’t your mouth starts watering just reading these names.. I am sure it does.. at least mine does..No words can explain the taste of these desserts as you can only savour them and let your taste buds linger, all I can say is that each one of them was better than the other. The final touch was given with a dark chocolate truffle presented with a magnetic levitation, which was great to watch and greater to taste.

Last but not the least a candied orange tree for mouth freshener brought our amazing culinary journey to an end. It truly was the most unique fooding experience I have ever had.

A wide variety of Wine can enhance your meal experience at Masala Library as they have a full fledged Wine Cellar and an in house expert to help you with the selection of wines. As for me I gave wines a skip and settled for a Cherry Cobbler to go with my food.

It was an overwhelming experience for me and I loved it every bit. This is one of those places that has to come in anyone and everyones must visit, so please do go and give yourself a culinary treat!
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Set’z- A Fine Dining Restaurant Where Luxury Meets Affordability!

Class, opulence, elegance and a truly high class ambience is what comes to your mind the moment you enter SET’Z at DLF Emporio Mall and rightly said, what else can you expect from a restaurant being located at the most posh mall of the capital city. So SET’Z not only boasts of world class ambience but also a very carefully chosen global cuisine and it also allows its customers to customize the dishes as per their taste and choice. Recently SET’Z has also come up with an interesting regime of having a ‘customer choice menu’. So in this regime, they include some new dishes every month across different cuisines and ask their customers for a feedback, post evaluation the most popular dishes are retained in the menu and the dishes that don’t seem to connect much with the customers don’t find space in the menu. I really found this concept to be amusing and recently we visited SET’Z to review their Indian menu with addition of some new dishes.





To begin with we tried a wide variety of their kebabs in both vegetarian and non vegetarian. Khumb Shikampur, Kathal Mamra and Charoli Kebab were served first. Khumb Shikampur was a mushroom based kebab, soft and delectable. I personally loved the Kathal Mamra, a succulent kebab made out of jackfruit, though a bit spicy, but it was full of taste. But the best was the Charoli Kebab, a truly exquisite kebab made of almonds, very soft and delicious. For the non-vegetarian spread we had Murg Shole, Mulayam Murg Seekh, Set’z Seekh, Macchi Zaitoon Sarson and Raan-E-Set’z and all the dishes were good. Murg Shole was a spicy chicken tikka which was nice but nothing exceptional, the Mulayam Seekh, was basically kakori style chicken seekh, very tender and juicy, the Set’z Seekh was normal mutton seekh kebab, Macchi Zaitoon Sarson was a nicely done fish tikka and the best was the Raan-E-Set’z, a true delicacy that you must try.

img_1505 img_1514



Out of this spread I personally recommend Kathal Mamra, Charoli Kebab, Mulayam Murg Seekh and Raan-E-Set’z to definitely be a part of their regular menu.

Our next set of dishes from the coastal part of India, south India predominantly. A live crab in a glass box was brought on the table before it went on to become a delicate dish. I don’t eat shell fishes and hence just viewing the live crab was interesting enough for me and I have tasting a skip, though my fellow foodies who tried it, appreciated the preparation really well.

Jumbo Lobsters were next on the table and though they looked tempting enough I had to skip them as well.





Then there were Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian dumplings along with a Soya Bean Potato Crispy Fry and both of them were nice.




By the time we tried all these starters along with a few drinks, I was too full to try the main course, but I just thought of tasting them so that I can share with all my lovely readers on what was good and what wasn’t.

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Rather than serving entire dishes, a special Thali was arranged for us, with smaller portions of main course dishes and a variety of breads. The Thali included both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes like Vegetable Gassi, Telangana Bhindi, Gosht Dalcha, Kothmiri Tawa Chicken and Tomato based Fish Curry… and there are many more options to choose from which satiate your craving for both Indian and Coastal food. In breads also there was a lot to choose from, Lehsuni Dhaniya Lachha Parantha, Zaitoon Cheese Naan, Gilafi Kulcha, Appam, Dal Miss Roti, Methi Roti, Hyderabadi Naan and more.


The desserts too were served like a platter with a variety of sweet desires to choose from. It has Coconut Barfi, Custard Apple Payasam, Anjeer Ki Kheer, Thande Gulab Ki Kheer and Khubani Ka Meetha. I personally liked the Anjeer Ki Kheer, Coconut Barfi and Custard Apple Payasam the most out of the lot.


I liked the overall concept that one can choose the dishes that we would like to see on the menu regularly. Also the thing that I loved about SET’Z is that it has different kitchens, all live kitchens for different cuisines and one can make changes and customise dishes as per specific taste or requirements.



This place should definitely be on your list, and trust me its niche and classy in every sense but it will not burn a hole in your pocket. They have very pocket friendly prices and especially on the beverages, so don’t worry be happy and go for it..!!


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